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How To Control WoodpeckersWoodpecker

As a child you may have thought woodpeckers were adorable little birds with a funny laugh. However, woodpeckers outside of the cartoon world can be rather annoying if you are unlucky enough to have them on your property. If left unchecked, woodpeckers can quickly become a problem due to their trademark of pecking holes.

Woodpeckers mainly peck holes in trees, which can be a little irritating due to the amount of noise it creates. However, they can be especially troublesome if they begin pecking over the wood elements of your home, ruining wooden trim and making unsightly marks. Why do they like to peck so much? Two reasons, either they are pecking to search for food or pecking to mark their territory.

It can be tricky to control the woodpecker, mainly because it is a protected species by the federal government and if controlled by lethal means, it would likely result in heavy fines. However, woodpecker control is not impossible.

Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn, we have the technical know-how and the right products to help you in eliminating those hairy annoying woodpeckers and keeping them away from your property and by following our easy-to-execute advice, you’ll be able to clear out woodpeckers from your property all by yourself! Follow our steps below and you won’t have to worry about woodpeckers anymore.


How To Get Rid of Woodpeckers: Solutions 4 Step Guide

At Solutions Pest and Lawn, we have skilled pest control professionals and entomologists on staff who can point you in the right direction when it comes to techniques and products which are not only proven to work but are also humane and doesn’t put the woodpecker in any harm. To ward off woodpeckers, we suggest a control program which combines repellents and deterrents for best results.

Step 1: To get started on woodpecker control, you need to examine woodpecker behavior and do a little bird watching. By observing the woodpecker closely and getting an idea of their tendencies such as their flight patterns, how they enter and exit, what times are they most active and their other feeding and nesting habits, you can then go about manipulating the environment to make it unappealing to sparrows.

Step 2: Put into place some exclusion and preventative measures by sealing off points of entry and making the environment less welcome to woodpeckers. This can be achieved by doing things like trimming and pruning tree branches which is a common area where woodpeckers like to gather. Sanitation is also effective.  

Step 3: Repellants are likely the best method to keep sparrows away from your property. We have multiple repellent products like 4 The Birds Liquid Repellent which can be placed in areas where woodpeckers have been the most active. These products will make residing in the area uncomfortable and unsavory to woodpeckers or any other bird. Typical places to apply these products include window sills, roof ridges, gutters, ledges and on any tree you want to protect from their pecks.

Step 4: A few other repellent options which are effective include sound devices like BirdXPeller PRO Audio Bird Deterrent which contains recorded bird distress calls which will scare woodpeckers away from the area. You can also use a visual deterrent like Terror Eyes Bird Repellent. Just hang this bad boy up and woodpeckers will not want to come anywhere near your property.

By following these simple steps, your home or place of business will become free of those noisy and destructive woodpeckers. Browse our woodpecker control products below and if you have any questions or concerns about your order or you need advice on control from a live expert, feel free to reach out to us via email or phone. We are standing by!

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