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How To Control Necrotic Ring Spotnecrotic ring spot

You may be thinking that as long as you water your lawn, you are doing a great job in lawn maintenance but when diseases such as necrotic ring spot creeps onto your lawn, it may lead you to rethinking your lawn care regimen. This unsightly lawn disease appears in the form of small, patches light green in color which grow and turn reddish brown in color, appearing in streaks and circular patterns around a center of relatively healthy green grass.

Necrotic ring spot infests lawns across the country, particular during cool weather and wet weather and creeps up more often in places that are not well-fertilized. There are various reasons that necrotic ring spot may appear on your lawn but for the most part, it usually occurs through over watering or poor mowing practices.

If left untreated, necrotic ring spot can begin to spread through spores and can overtake a lawn. Common types of grass that can be severely affected by necrotic ring spot includes kentucky bluegrass and bentgrass as well as ryegrass, red fescue, tall fescue and Chewings fescue

If you have discovered necrotic ring spot on your lawn, this is a definite cause for concern and moving forward with a treatment program is essential. At Solutions Pest and Lawn we have not only products which can effectively take care of this troublesome lawn disease, but we can also equip you with the correct treatment approach so you can easily remove this problem from your lawn.

How To Get Rid of Necrotic Ring Spot: 3 Step Solution

Unlike some of the more common lawn disease, necrotic ring spot can be a very difficult disease to control. That’s why it is better to put into place preventative measures so necrotic ring spot doesn’t appear on your lawn to begin with. However if necrotic ring spot is on your lawn you either have to dig out the infection and reseed or fight the disease with the help of fungicides. Here we have laid out three basic steps to tackle this troublesome lawn disease.

Step One: Before proceeding with control, it is important to correctly identify the lawn disease and be certain that it is necrotic ring spot. Correctly ID’ing the disease can then help you to choose the right fungicide that is specifically designed to treat the disease. Necrotic ring spot develops symptoms which resemble another lawn disease such as summer patch blight which may result in confusion over which disease your lawn has.  

If you are not certain what lawn disease you have, we can help. Take a photo of the diseased area of your lawn and send it along to identification@solutionsstores.com and we will respond back with a correct ID of the fungus and recommend you products and tips to treat the disease correctly.

Step Two: Once the disease is properly ID’d as necrotic ring spot, you can move on to control. We have a number of different fungicides which can effectively treat and remove necrotic ring spot (our recommendations are found below), the preference of what fungicide you choose is up to you. The most important factor when treating this lawn disease is to act quickly. Spray the affected areas immediately with your fungicide of choice. You may have to re-apply fungicides a few times to provide continuous control of necrotic ring spot. Retreat if you begin to see symptoms again.

We also suggest wearing the proper safety equipment for the job to prevent chemicals from coming in contact with your eyes or skin. Gloves, safety goggles and long sleeved clothing should suffice.

Step Three: Once the necrotic ring spot has been wiped out from your lawn, you must work to keep it from coming back by practicing organic control measures and routine maintenance. One of the main reasons this disease creeps up is overwater. Maintain your soil moisture levels by not watering too much too often. Keeping plants healthy by providing proper light and feeding your lawn with fertilizer will strengthen the plant’s ability to ward off a fungus attack.

Browse our necrotic ring spot control products below. If you have any questions or concerns, send them our way via email, phone, or online live chat and we will be happy to assist you.

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