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Granular Baits

Granular baits are one of the most versatile pesticide formulations in the pest control industry. You can use granular baits to treat all kinds of pests that are found on your residential or commercial property. Granular baits are especially good because it kills irritating pests before they even get a chance to try and make their way indoors.

For outdoor pest control treatments, especially for lawn pests like ants and other pests which forage around on your grass, we highly recommend granular baits as an effective form of control. On this page we will touch on the benefits of granular baits, how they are formulated, and how to properly apply these products to achieve the best possible results. You can also shop the granular bait formulations we carry in stock here at Solutions Pest & Lawn.

What is a Insecticide Granular Bait?

Granular bait formulations are insecticide products which are manufactured in a solid granule form as opposed to liquid or another formulation. Granule bait consists of a solid particle which contains an insecticide impregnated into the granule as well as attractants and food particles for the target insects.

The type of insecticide inside a granule bait can vary, from more natural ingredients such as boric acid or diatomaceous earth to synthetic or man-made insecticide materials such as synthetic pyrethroids and neonicotinoids.

With just a little bit of preparation bait insecticides can be the safest way for you to eliminate many pests in your lawn and garden.

granular bait screenshot 1Ideal Conditions For Using Granular Bait Insecticides 

Granular insecticide baits are usually used to spot treat for ants or other pests such as on your lawn or garden or as preventative treatments around structures.  However, for best possible results it is wise to spread the granule bait over an entire area where the insects forage for food. The most effective way to apply the granules to your yard is to use a granule spreader. 


Once the granules have been spread out over the targeted areas it is advisable to leave the insects be and not to disturb the insects as you want them to gather the bait and bring it back to their nest. You need the insects to go about their regular foraging routine and not attack them when they are seen and let the natural process of taking the insecticide bait (which they believe to be their next meal) play out.


Ants and other insect pests which come into contact with the particles will be poisoned, but insects that do not find them or eat them. will not be affected. Insecticide bait granules are slower acting than most pesticides because they require the insects to bring them back to the nest for best results. Because of that we typically say insecticide baits can take up to 2 weeks to completely eliminate an infestation.


Benefits of Using Insecticide Granulesgranular bait screenshot

Insecticide granules come ready to use with no mixing required. The granular formulation is very safe to use and typical personal protective equipment requirements are less necessary with them where only gloves are necessary as opposed to a mask and other PPE.


Granular baits are extremely versatile as they can eliminate a variety of different outdoor pests. Most granular baits are labeled to kill cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, ants as well as slugs and snails.


Another great thing about granular baits is that they are mostly weather resistant. No matter the conditions outside, they will keep working great. Granular baits can be used in a hot wet environment outside and be fine. If you’ve recently gone through 4 inches of rain the stuff stays solid and it's not going anywhere. If you put granular baits into cracks and crevices, it’s going to be there for a long long time so when insects to get introduced this materials going to handle it with no problem whatsoever.


You can use this through dusting machines, you can put it in cracks and crevices,you can spread it on the ground according to the label, you can even use granular bait inside of bait stations that are being produced now in order to give perimeter control of the structures. Granular bait material is not going to lose efficacy if it gets exposed to environment inside or outside.


Finally, granules are an effective way to eliminate insects because the poison drops through the foliage to the ground below where the insects are and are brought back to the nest for complete colony control..


Granular Bait Drawbacks (When should it NOT be used)

Granules are typically more expensive than liquid treatments for similar area treated. They also are much slower to act than other formulations. Granules require different application equipment than liquids.


Granular baits are typically not recommended to be used indoors. Indoor baits are usually reserved for gel baits and powder baits especially to eliminate ants and cockroaches which have infested the home.


Popular Granular Bait Products That We Have In Stock

Ficam Insect Bait - Ficam is a granular insect bait for the control of many crawling pests. It is specially formulated for weather resistance and can be applied as a broadcast granular bait around the home or in bait stations inside the home. It is effective against roaches, crickets, silverfish, and other listed insects.


Niban Granular Bait - This is the #1 selling granular bait in the United States right now and rightfully so. Niban Pesticide Granular Bait is a highly effective granular bait used against ants and other pests. It stands alone and ants do not come back after coming into contact with this product. These baits are also durable and long-lasting against moisture with no spillage.

how to use granular baitHow to use the formulation.

1. Gather the necessary materials to apply the granular bait. This includes a granule spreader, safety gloves and the insecticide.

2. Read the label on the insecticide bait to determine the proper usage and placement.

3. Locate the source of the infestation to determine where to apply the granules.

4. Apply the granules to the target area. There are two methods for applying granular insecticide baits. You can create a continuous barrier around the structure as a preventative or you can apply the granular directly to the infestation area (broadcast or targeted in bait stations).

5. Do not disturb the insects from collecting and eating the granules for up to a week after application.

6. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS DO NOT SPRAY INSECTICIDES OVER THE GRANULAR BAIT OR THE INSECTS WILL NOT EAT IT. It would be like someone spraying your dinner with insecticide, you wouldn't eat it either.


Tips to Achieve Best Results With Granular Baithow to use granular bait

  • Eliminate all other food resources for the pests. With fewer food sources available your insecticide granular bait will be more attractive to the pest. Be sure to cover any garbage cans with airtight lids and remove all pet food dishes before applying any insecticide.

  • There are two primary ways to distribute granular bait insecticide outdoors. The first is to manually place smaller portions of granular bait in hidden spots where the pest will find them. Pests like ants will take the bait back to the colony to distribute to other ants and eliminate the entire colony. You can use bait insecticide granules to mark a perimeter around your home which will provide an added layer of prevention along with curtailing your current infestation.

  • Another method is the use of an insect bait station that contains the granular bait and allows the insect pests to enter to feed but hides the granular bait from pets and other animals. Outdoor bait stations are most effective when the temperature is warmer. At night time, a low temperature around 70 degrees or higher will work and on days where the temperature is 90 degrees or higher.

  • Avoid placing the bait or bait stations on areas with wet grass. The moisture will make the bait less appealing for the insects. When you're finished store the unused bait in the method detailed on the instructional label.

We hope this page was helpful for to learn about one of the top formulations and methods of pest control, granular baits. Shop our insecticide granular bait products now and if you have any questions or concerns direct them to our phone number at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or initiate a live chat with us on the Solutions website and we will have a representative assist you.

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