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"You can use pesticides all you want but when it comes to eliminating a Fungus Gnat issue, the most important step is to reduce the soil moisture of your house plants. You may be overwatering or do not have good drainage that is causing the Fungus Gnat infestation."

Fungus Gnat Control: How To Get Rid of Fungus Gnats

This page is a general Fungus Gnat control guide. Using the products and methods suggested you will get control of Fungus Gnats. Follow this guide and use the recommended products and we guarantee 100% control of Fungus Gnats.

If you enjoy having plants indoors to liven up the place, one annoying drawback may be encountering Fungus Gnats. You may have had Fungus Gnats flying around your potted plants indoors or see them gathered outside your window aching to get in. These nuisances not only are irritating to remove from your home, they can also damage plants if measures are not taken to control them.

Fungus Gnats are attracted to fungi and decaying matter. The potted plants inside our home, especially ones that have moist soil from overwatering, provide Fungus Gnats with the perfect environment where they can thrive.

Plants can be damaged by Fungus Gnats via their habit of laying eggs on the plant and eating the decaying organic matter and fungus growing in the soil (hence their name) but they will also eat plant roots. Fungus gnats thrive in indoor environments and grow their populations to large amounts mainly due to the moisture levels being ideal indoors.

If you are dealing with pesky Fungus Gnats in or around your house, our DIY guide below will tell you a little about this pest and how to get rid of them quickly and affordably using expert advice and professional product recommendations.


Fungus Gnat on White Background

Start by making sure the pest you are dealing with are, in fact, Fungus Gnats. Misidentification can lead to using the wrong treatment products that will be ineffective and wastes time and money.

  • Fungus Gnats are generally very small, around a 1/8th of an inch long, with dark brown to black bodies, long legs and long thin wings, similar to that of a mosquito.
  • The key difference which distinguishes them from mosquitoes is fungus gnats do not bite. 
  • The areas where you find the insect most active can also help you to differentiate from mosquitoes as Fungus Gnats will frequent areas where there is soil or potted plants.
  • Gnat eggs are so small they can hardly be seen by the naked eye but are smooth and range between clear to white in appearance.
  • During the larvae stage, gnats have worm-like bodies with shiny black heads and can be up to a 1/4th of an inch long.

Use the description and image above to help you to identify Fungus Gnats on your property. If you need assistance, contact us and we will help you with proper identification.


fungus gnats inspection

Once you have identified Fungus Gnats, you can move forward with an inspection. During the inspection, you will focus on finding areas where Fungus Gnats are most prevalent, and where they are breeding, to know exactly where you need to apply control.

Where To Inspect

Most Fungus Gnats infestations occur indoors, so search inside your home. Inspect all your potted plants and vegetation inside the home. Inspect the soil, and other places where fungus and moisture are created, so also inspect underneath sinks and near leaking pipes.

What To Look For

You're looking for adult Fungus Gnats and their larvae. As mentioned before, Fungus Gnat larvae will look like small white worms with shiny black heads. Inspect the soil of the potted plants inside your home and where moisture is created. 


Once you have confirmed Fungus Gnat activity it is time to begin treatment. Remember to read all product labels and follow the application instructions on these labels and stay safe by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

To get complete control of Fungus Gnats, remove moisture around your home and then apply a combination of Supreme IT Insecticide, Pyrid Aerosol and utilize Musca-Stik traps to eliminate active infestations indoors.

Step 1 - Preliminary Cleanup and Moisture Reduction

fungus gnats preparation

Before applying products, you need to prepare the areas for treatment. To do this you will remove the moisture around your home and in your potted plants. Make sure to repair or fix leaky faucets or plumbing inside your home.

If you have found Fungus Gnats around plants this means you are overwatering your potted plants. Minimize how often you water your potted plants by using a spray bottle instead of pouring a glass of water. You can even place a raw potato in the soil to suck up some of the moisture, but remember to remove it.

If left alone, this raw potato will invite more pests into your home. Only water the plants when the top 1 to 3 inches of soil in your plants is completely dried.

For plants outside, improve the drainage in these areas, and do not water them as often.

Step 2 - Indoor Treatment

Begin treatment indoors. You will use three products Supreme IT, Musca-Stik, and Pyrid.

  • Musca-Stik is a fly trap that uses visual attractants and pheromone attractants to lure unsuspecting Fungus Gnats toward the trap.
  • Supreme IT is a powerful insecticide that treats over 75+ insect pests and both repels and kills Fungus Gnats. It is perfect to use on your outdoor and indoor potted plants. 
  • Pyrid Aerosol will be used as a contact spray for quick kills of any Fungus Gnats you're able to find after treatment.

Musca-Stik Fly Traps

Musca-Stik being hung to catch Fungus Gnats

Musca-Stik is a fly trap that uses pheromones to attract Fungus Gnats. This is perfect to use indoors near potted plants.

Musca Stik is easy to use. Simply pour the pheromones at the base of the stick and place them on a hook close to the areas where Fungus Gnats have been observed. The Musca-Stik will quickly attract adult Fungus Gnats and trap them. 

Supreme IT

Reclaim on potted Plants

Determine how much Supreme IT you will need to mix by calculating the square footage of your selected treatment area. To do this measure (in feet) the area length and width and multiply the two values (length x width = square footage). 1 ounce of Supreme IT with a gallon of water can treat 1,000 sq. ft.

Mix the appropriate amount of Supreme IT based on your calculations inside your pump sprayer with water. You will take all your potted plants from inside and take them outside, you will then spray them with Supreme IT.

Spray a light mist over all the plants and in the soil. If you have plants outside where you have observed Fungus Gnats use Supreme IT on these plants as well and around your yard as an extra measure.

Pyrid Aerosol

Plants being sprayed with Pyrid Aerosol

If you are still seeing Fungus Gnats lingering around your home, use Pyrid Aerosol. It comes in an aerosol spray can that you can simply point and spray wherever you see Fungus Gnats flying in your property or on the plants they are frequenting.


reclaim IT treatment fungus gnats

Prevention is the final step in control. Without modifying your environment and enacting preventative measures you might deal with another infestation. To prevent Fungus Gnats:

  • Start by reducing moisture around your home. Address leaky pipes, faucets, or faulty plumbing.
  • Repair poor drainage in the yard. Remember not to overwater your potted plants and use a spray bottle to apply a light mist.
  • Finally, remember to apply Supreme IT every 3 months on the outside of your structure to repel and kill Fungus Gnats that might try to get inside your home.

Key Takeaways

What are Fungus Gnats?

  • Fungus Gnats are annoying flying pests that frequent soil and indoor potted plants and are usually a sign of moisture issues that need to be addressed.
  • The worst part of Fungus Gnats is their larvae phase, which is when they are the most damaging to vegetation in and around the home.

How To Get Rid of Fungus Gnats Indoors and Outdoors

  • Treat Fungus Gnat infestations in your home using Supreme IT Insecticide, Musca-Stik traps, and Pyrid Aerosol.
  • Supreme IT should be applied to your potted plants and over your yard plants and ornamentals.
  • Pyrid Aerosol can be used to directly knockdown and kill active Fungus Gnats on contact.
  • Musca-Stik can be hung up to capture any lingering Fungus Gnats flying around inside the house.

Preventing Fungus Gnat Reinfestation

  • To prevent reinfestation of Fungus Gnats, reduce moisture around your home, do not overwater indoor potted plants and apply Supreme IT as a preventative measure every 3 months. 
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