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How to Control Asian CockroachesAsian cockroach

Asian cockroaches may have originated in Asia (reportedly Japan), as their name obviously suggests, but these insects are becoming more and more commonly seen in the United States, especially since the 1980’s when they were first discovered in Florida. While performing an inspection in 1986, a pest control operator saw a cockroach which appeared to resemble a German cockroach. When he collected them and observed their behavior, however, he found that they didn’t act quite like German cockroaches, because they flew. The pest control servicemen later learned that they were, in fact, Asian cockroaches.

Asian cockroaches can often be confused with German cockroaches because they look almost identical to one another. However, Asian cockroaches are a slightly lighter brown color than German cockroaches and have slightly longer and narrower wings. Perhaps what most separates the Asian cockroach from the German cockroach is it’s ability to fly whenever they are disturbed which German cockroaches rarely ever do.

Asian cockroaches actually prefer to live outdoors and on human properties, they are reported to be regularly found out on your lawn or garden, especially in in shaded mulched or composted areas. When they come into the house it’s usually via accident because they are attracted to our home lights at night.  Asian cockroaches, like most cockroaches, will eat just about anything but particularly enjoy garden plants like flowers and vegetation, pet food laid outdoors and even organic waste.

Asian cockroaches are notorious for breeding and multiplying at rapid rates and also for spreading germs and carrying disease which can be contracted by humans if they contaminate food. If you have an Asian cockroach problem on your property, you’ve come to the right place because Solutions Pest & Lawn has the products and helpful DIY tips to help you overcome these pesky pests.

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Asian cockroaches are a little trickier to control than indoor cockroaches because they since they are primarily an outdoor pest, many of the indoor pesticides will not be effective in killing them. What works is using a combination of environmental modification methods to make your outdoor area less appealing for Asian cockroaches to hang around as well as pesticides that are better for outdoor use. We have laid out an easy to follow series of steps below which if you carry out accordingly, will eliminate your Asian cockroach problem and keep them from coming back.


Step One: To start, it is important to do a cleanup of your yard and make some modifications to lessen the likelihood of Asian cockroach encounters. Asian cockroaches like shady areas where they have plenty of food options so what you want to do is to cut grass low and do your best to rake up and dispose of all possible leaf litter and cut down on mulch. Since Asian cockroaches are attracted to light, so try your best to limit outdoor lighting at night or change to less attractive light such as Sodium vapor lamps for security lighting and yellow incandescent bulbs for porch lighting are both less attractive to adults. This initial cleanup and modifications can greatly reduce the Asian cockroach population if done right.


Step Two: Once step one’s sanitation and environmental modifcation is complete, you can begin control measures. We suggest starting outdoors using a combination of insecticide concentrates and granules. Use a concentrate such as Demon Max Insecticide or  Spectre 2 SC with either a hose-end sprayer or a handheld sprayer and treat your garden and mulch areas, ground covers, grass and soil around the perimeter of the building. The best time do this is in the late evening because this is when the Asian cockroach population is out and at their most active.  We recommend also using a granular bait such as Niban Granular Bait or Bifen LP Granules. Scatter this granular bait on your lawn.


Step Three: For the cockroaches that made their way indoors you can kill them on contact with Pyrid Aerosol or a concentrate like Reclaim IT which you can also use to create a barrier treatment around your home. Once the cockroaches are dead you can seal up as many points of entry as you can to make it harder for roaches or other bugs to get into your home.


Step Four: Once the Asian roach population has been eliminated, you should work to discourage those flying pests from returning through preventative measures. Regularly inspect your home and yard for roach activity and maintain a regular cleaning routine (daily, weekly and monthly) to make sure the place is properly sanitized and unwelcoming to roaches.  Spray the exterior perimeter of the house with an insecticide like Reclaim IT to create a barrier that keeps roaches out. We also recommend using those granules and spreading them across your yard as these roaches like to hang around outdoors.


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