Asian Cockroach Control

Asian Cockroach Control

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"When doing a barrier treatment of Supreme IT, the best time do this is in the late evening because this is when the Asian cockroach population is out and at their most active."

Asian Cockroach Control: How To Get Rid of Asian Cockroaches

This page is a general Asian Cockroach control guide. Using the products and methods suggested you will get control of Asian Cockroaches. Follow this guide and use the recommended products and we guarantee 100% control of Asian Cockroaches.

This species of Cockroach is relatively new to the United States, more information will be added as research and literature becomes available. The following products are effective against similar Cockroach species and may also provide control for Asian Cockroaches.

Asian cockroaches may have originated from Asia (reportedly Japan), as their name suggests, but these insects are becoming more and more commonly seen in the United States, especially since the 1980’s when they were first discovered in Florida.

Asian cockroaches prefer to live outdoors. On human properties, they are reported to be regularly found around lawns or gardens, especially in shaded mulched or composted areas. When they come into the house it’s usually by accident because they are attracted to our home lights at night.  Asian cockroaches, like most cockroaches, will eat just about anything but particularly enjoy garden plants like flowers and vegetation, pet food laid outdoors and even organic waste.

Asian cockroaches are notorious for breeding and multiplying at rapid rates and also for spreading germs and carrying disease which can be contracted by humans if they contaminate food. If you have an Asian cockroach problem on your property, our DIY guide below provides expert advice and professional product recommendations to eliminate the infestation quickly and affordably.


Before you can carry out a treatment program, you need to make sure you're for certain dealing with Asian Cockroaches. Misidentification can lead to using the wrong treatment products, which can end up wasting your time and money. Below, we have shared some characteristics of what Asian Cockroaches look like for easy identification.

  • Asian cockroaches are 1/2 an inch long and can often be confused with German cockroaches because they look almost identical to one another. However, Asian cockroaches are a slightly lighter brown color than German cockroaches and have slightly longer and narrower wings.
  • Perhaps what most separates the Asian cockroach from the German cockroach is their ability to fly whenever they are disturbed which German cockroaches rarely ever do. Adult Asian Cockroaches can fly up to 120 feet at a time. Unlike most cockroaches, they are attracted to light and will be found in areas that are well lit.

Use the image and description above to properly identify Asian Cockroaches on your property. If you are unsure and need assistance, contact us and we will try to help with identification.


inspection asian cockroaches

Once you are certain that you are dealing with Asian Cockroaches, you need to know the areas where Asian Cockroaches will be found. During the inspection, you will focus on finding these problem areas where they are most commonly located to know where you have to apply control.

Where To Inspect

Asian Cockroaches are mainly found outdoors near grassy areas and near mulch beds and compost. Although they may come inside, they are generally found outdoors, especially in yards and lawns that offer them a lot of harborage areas like leaf litter, yard debris, logs, rocks, and general clutter.

Although they will mainly reside in your yard and lawn, sometimes they can venture indoors due to their attraction to lights inside the home.

What To Look For

You're looking for Asian Cockroaches or evidence of their activity. Search in all the places mentioned above, in the yard debris, in leaf litter, in woodpiles, and under logs, rocks, and stones. Inspect around nightfall when they will be most active.


Once you have confirmed Asian Cockroach activity you can proceed with treatment. Remember to read all product labels and follow the application instructions on these labels and stay safe by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

It's rare that you have an Asian Cockroach infestation indoors, so the main focus will be treating outdoors via baiting and barrier treatment with Supreme IT and Ficam Insect Bait. If Asian Cockroaches are indoors, use Apex Cockroach Gel Bait to kill the ones lingering and put a stop to population growth.

Step 1 - Outdoor Barrier Treatment with Supreme IT Insecticide

reclaim it application asian cockroaches

Supreme IT is an effective residual insecticide that will both kill Asian Cockroaches and repel them away from your structure. It also has a residual (or long-term effect) that will last for up to 90 days.

Determine how much Supreme IT you will need by calculating the square footage of the perimeter. To do this, measure and multiply the area length times the width (length x width = square footage). 1 ounce of Supreme IT can treat 1,000 sq. ft. So for example, if you calculated 2,500 sq. ft., you would need 2.5 oz. of Supreme IT mixed in 2.5 gallons of water.

Mix the appropriate measured amount of Supreme IT with the correct amount of water inside a pump sprayer.  Perform the perimeter treatment by spraying 3 feet up and 3 feet out from the foundation of your home while also spraying windows, doors, garages, eaves, soffits, rain gutters, cracks and crevices, and electrical/plumbing penetrations.

Step 2 - Apply Ficam Insect Bait

ficam application asian cockroaches

Continue outdoor treatment by putting down Ficam Insect Bait. Ficam is an attractive bait that is palatable to Asian Cockroaches. They will gladly feast on the bait, which contains a slow-killing active ingredient. It is also moisture resistant and perfect to apply outdoors. You can even use it indoors if you're facing an infestation indoors.

You can apply this product by shaking it out of the container or using a hand-held spreader. Apply Ficam by creating a 2 to 4 feet band 10 feet away from the foundation of your structure at the rate of 6 ounces per 100 square feet. You can also apply Ficam around trees, flower beds, in mulch beds, and near yard debris.

Apply this product as a perimeter treatment, but do not place it where you applied the Supreme IT. Supreme IT is a repellent that will drive away cockroaches from your home, so if you apply Ficam where you applied Supreme IT, the roaches will not go near the Ficam.

When conducting the perimeter treatment of Ficam, make sure to do it 10 feet away (or even further) from the Supreme IT application. You want the roaches to be repelled back and away from your structure by the Supreme IT application so they can move to where the Ficam application will be waiting. 

Step 3 - Indoor Treatment with Apex Roach Gel Bait

apex application treatment smoky brown roaches

Apex Roach Gel Bait is an effective bait that contains food attractants roaches cannot resist and is combined with a slow-killing active ingredient. Because it works slowly, the roaches will ingest the product become contaminated and will carry it back to the nest where further elimination of the population will occur.

Before applying this product make sure to eliminate food and water sources. Clean your whole home, making sure not to use cleaning chemicals. Use only soapy water. Wipe and clean countertops, vacuum and mop kitchen floors, and take out the garbage. Do your best to clean your home and reduce competing food sources.

To use Apex, simply apply a pea-sized drop of the gel bait every 12 to 18 inches. Place them in cabinets, shelves, drawers, cracks and crevices, and around plumbing entry points. You can even place Apex under appliances by using a business card and applying a drop to the business card and then sliding it underneath appliances.

Remember not to disturb or kill the roaches that come in contact with the product, and remember not to use cleaning chemicals or other insecticides in the places where you applied Apex for at least 5 days. Let 5 days go by and let the roaches feed on the product undisturbed, and do not use cleaning supplies or products for this period of time.

Step 4 - Indoor Application of Ficam Bait

Ficam Insect Applications indoors

You can also apply Ficam Bait indoors as well in your attics, crawl spaces, and basements. Apply at the rate of 4 pounds per 1,000 square feet. Make sure to apply in areas of attics, basements, and crawl spaces where you have noticed Asian roaches.


yard debris prevention Asian cockroaches

Once you have successfully eliminated Asian Cockroaches, you will need to make sure that they do not make a comeback. After treatment, you should work to discourage those flying pests from returning through preventative measures. 

  • Yard debris, like woodpiles, logs, stones, leaf litter, stones, and general clutter will create harborage areas for these Cockroaches. So getting rid of yard debris is essential to prevent future infestations. Also, seal and close off cracks and crevices both inside and outside of your structure.
  • Regularly inspect your home and yard for roach activity and maintain a regular cleaning routine (daily, weekly and monthly) to make sure the place is properly sanitized and unwelcoming to roaches. 
  • Continue spraying the exterior perimeter of the house with Supreme IT to create a barrier that keeps Asian cockroaches out. We also recommend using Ficam Insect Bait granules preventatively and spreading them across your yard as these roaches like to hang around outdoors.
  • Apply Supreme IT and Ficam every 90 days on the exterior of your property for continued protection throughout the year.

Key Takeaways

What are Asian Cockroaches?

  • Asian Cockroaches are cockroaches that look similar to German Cockroaches but have the ability to fly. They commonly infest properties outdoors and may occasionally venture indoors

How to Get Rid of Asian Cockroaches

  • Our top recommendations to eliminate Asian Cockroaches are barrier treatments of Supreme IT and Ficam Insect Bait. Indoors, apply Apex Cockroach Gel Bait and Ficam Insect Bait.

Preventing Asian Cockroach Reinfestation

  • Prevent future potential Asian Cockroach infestations by clearing yard debris, sealing points of entry and preventative treatments of Supreme IT Insecticide and Ficam Insect Bait.
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