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After successfully eliminating a pest problem, usually what’s left as a reminder that you used to have a pests rooting around is the often awful odor. This may usually be because of the rotting carcass of a dead rodent or droppings that have been left behind. Whatever it may be, it can be frustrating to have around even when you have cleaned everything up. This is where Earth Care Products comes in handy with it’s variety of odor removal products.

Having a good odor removal product is an essential part of a DIY Pest Control program. High-quality odor eliminating products play an important role in getting rid of the foul and off-putting smells that often accompany rodents who have left droppings behind or have been killed by rodenticides.

On top of the pest control reasons for having odor eliminators, these type of products are also great to remove lingering stenches brought upon by pets, such as cats and dogs, as well as the odors that can be created by mold after a flood, a basement which reeks of mildew, cigarette smoke and human waste, just to name a few.

Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to carry a number of odor eliminating products from Earth Earth Care Products, a premier manufacturer and distributor of odor eliminating products that are so effective that they were recognized by ABC’s Good Morning America for their amazing assortment of odor removal products.

Earth Care odor control products are effective tools which will suck up the bad odors of anything--from pet and rodent odors to mold, smoke and waste products. Our odor spray products will also remove human urine odor.

View our selection of odor eliminating products from Earth Care Products below. For any questions or advice, please contact us by phone at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.

Why Buy These Products

How Earth Care Deals With Common Household Odors

Among the common odors found in the home is urine odor, usually from cats, dogs and small children. When there is an infestation around such as that of rats, roaches and other pests which can emit foul odors from their activities and droppings, there can also be really bad odors. These odors may likely stick around even after removing the infestation that can give the home a very unpleasant smell that may also be hazardous to those who have allergies or asthma problems.


Earth Care Products can be used to eliminate these odors by simply placing an Earth Care product near the odor’s source or where it is the heaviest. Earth Care Products come in numerous forms, for one, there is an odor eliminating bag which can be utilized simply by removing the shrink wrap from the bag and placing the bag near the odor. There are also granule products which can remove distracting smells which are also easy to use by simply sprinkling granules over or near the soiled areas. The amazing thing about Earth Care Products is that the product does not need to come into direct contact with the thing that is producing the odor because it has the capacity to pull the odors from an entire room.


Earth Care Products are negatively charged as opposed to odoriferous gasses which are primarily positively charged particles. Because of this negative and positive attraction, Earth Care can suck up unpleasant odors the same way a powerful magnet would pull metal. The odors are absorbed and neutralized without any cover ups or fragrances.


The molecular structure of Earth Care Products consists of billions of microscopic pores, which gives it a large surface area (which can be as large as a football field). This enables Earth Care to absorb phenomenal amounts of odors and eliminate them from the home.


Contrary to other odor fighting products or air fresheners, Earth Care products do not cover up odors, rather they literally clear up the air, leaving the air fresh and clean.  Earth Care is fragrance free.


Earth Care Products Are Perfect For Eliminating Odors From Pest Infestations

There are a number of pests which can be notorious for the odors they leave behind. If you have encountered an infestation of bugs such as roaches or stink bugs in the home, aside from equipping yourself with control products to eliminate the infestation, you would also be wise to add alongside to your cart some odor removal items from Earth Care Products.


Another common pest issue that results in some foul unbearable odors are when an errant rodent them may have taken a rodenticide bait dies in your ventilation or your wall void or some other part of the house that is very hard or nearly impossible to get to. While you may be glad the rodent is finally dead, you certainly wouldn’t be happy with the odor left behind from its rotting and decomposing carcass. Eventually the rodent will become dust and bones but that smell will linger and that is why and odor eliminator would be useful to suck up all that bad stench.


Earth Care Products can help you deal with those pest odor issues as it will be a very important item to use when you are cleaning and disinfecting an area after a pest problem has been eliminated. Earth Care’s amazing odor eliminating formulations will leave the part of your home that is suffering from the smell with absolutely no odor that it would almost seem as if the infestation never happened.


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Earth Care odor eliminator products are not just for pest related issues, they are useful for any kind of odor problem you have in your home. If you’re fed up with aerosol sprays and air fresheners, then this is the product for you.

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