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Solutions Pest & Lawn is glad to carry products manufactured by Createch USA, in particular, their innovative brand of pest control foggers. The Commander Tri Jet Fogger is an excellent unit for handling a variety of pest control needs. The unit can apply both water and oil based insecticides and fumigants and is commonly used in residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial settings. We also have other foggers available from Createch which are effective in eliminating any problem pest you may encounter. Shop our array of products from this innovative company below and also learn a little bit about the manufacturer.

About Createch USA

Createch USA Inc. is a leading manufacturer and industry expert within the fogging and atomizing machine industry.  Their products are designed for versatility and have been proven reliable for a variety of applications within industrial, commercial, municipal, agricultural, environmental and residential sites. With over 30 years in the industry the quality of their products is unrivaled within the industry, which enables us to provide a standard five year warranty for many of our products. All of their products are UL rated and made here in the U.S.A. Createch USA is a FAMILY owned and operated company.  



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