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How To Get Rid of Frogs

Not all frogs turn into a prince, some will still remain green and ugly!

Frogs may look great in their own natural habitat, jumping on lilly pads and ribbiting their little hearts out, but not in the backyard!

The most irritating part of having frogs around is their loud croaking right outside your bedroom, that makes you compromise on your good night’s sleep.

Ever wonder why frogs keep on croaking all night long?

Well, croaking is basically used by male frogs to attract female frogs. And each species has a distinctive croak. Their vocal sacs are powerful and help amplify the sound for almost a mile away!

Before we dig deep into getting these creatures out of our backyards, let’s first have a close look at some of their distinctive features.

About Frogs!

Frogs are found everywhere in the world except Antarctica. There are more than 4,700 species of frogs around the world. They come in all shades and this variety of colors aids them in fighting off predators as it indicates their poisonous nature.

Yes! Some of the frogs are poisonous too!

Also, while the frogs outside your house never seem to hibernate, typically, frog goes into hibernation every year to get a new layer of bones.

In any case, if you are one of those who face this croaking creature every night, here are some practical suggestions for you. These suggestions are proven methods to get rid of these noisy jumping creatures and are also smart ways to keep them away from your hearing range!

Ways to Get Rid of Frogs

Here are some simple and effective ways to keep these creatures at a distance!

Keep the environment less welcoming

The most effective and logical way to get rid of these creatures is to deprive them of their habitat. Frogs are amphibians and that makes them livable on both water and land. Hence, if your backyard has some pool or pond, that is basically the main attraction for frogs. Try draining the water feature for just a few days and feel the difference. With that, you must also trim the nearby plants, including weeds.

If you have already tried adding chlorine in the water, adding a rubber snake or getting a dog or cat, chances are you are still struggling with the croaking. Hence, your best bet is to avoid leaving water in the backyard for some days as this will be a complete turn off for the frogs and they will be forced to find a new home.

Make them starve

Like every other creature, frogs need food to survive. In addition to water in your backyards, there is something more that is keeping them here, i.e. the easy supply of food! Hence, if you cut off their food source, it will make them hop away.

For this, turn off the backyard lights at night as light attracts the bugs and bugs appeal to frogs. You may also use mild insecticides to kill the bugs that frogs like to eat. Moreover, some frogs can also survive on pet food so if your pet dish is outside, bring it in right away.

Since there is no such thing as a “frog bait” to control local populations of frogs, the best way to keep frogs away is to take away their food. Get rid of all those bugs that frogs enjoy with a broad spectrum insecticide such as Reclaim IT. Add 1 oz per gallon of water and use it to spray up to 1000 sq/ft of surface area.

You could also try granules such as Bifen granules to eliminate bugs around your lawn or garden.

The caffeine solution

Early research believes in the effectiveness of caffeiene in killing these little creatures. To your surprise, 2% of a caffeience solution helps in killing 100% of the exposed frogs. Caffeiene creates irregular heart beat in frogs and make them suffer from a heart attack. If you are left with some more solution, you can use it for deterring other frogs. While this may not kill them, it will definitely scare them off.

Create a border line

To your astonishment, some frogs can jump 20% higher than their height whearas some frog species such as the American Bullfrog may only hop about two feet maximum. Hence, you have a good chance to build a barrier and keep them away from entering your backyard. For this, you may set up a mesh or plastic fencing around the yard with small holes and do secure the posts that hold the fence, to avoid tipping it over.

Use physical force

Once you are done with the above shared measures, it’s time to get rid of them with physical force. Use this method for the ones that may still be hiding in the backyard and have escaped the above listed ideas. Try scooping them up and out from your pond or pool using a net. Moreover, you may start a frog hunt at night when they are most active. Take a flashlight and shine it into their eyes. This makes it easier to stun them and catch them eventually. And did we tell you that frogs cannot turn their heads and look away to avoid light?

Getting rid of frogs can be a daunting task. As much as you would like to keep their croaking away, some species are, however, protected by the law. Therefore, before you pick a frog gig or advance spear, check the species you are actually dealing with and check your state laws before you make a move towards killing them!


Frogs hopping around your home or even making their way inside your home is not very fun. By following the steps we have laid out above, you won’t hear their annoying ribbiting any longer.

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