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How To Control Rustlawn rust

Turf grasses are prey to numerous pest and disease problems. If you’re a lawn owner, no matter how well you feel you are maintaining your lawn, you can surely be humbled by the presence of a lawn disease that will have you wondering what went wrong. One such disease you may find brushed onto your shoes by walking through your lawn. This lawn disease is known as rust.

Rust is a fungal disease that occurs on turf grasses when their growth is slowed. Don’t let the name fool you, lawn rust is not the same as rust that appears on metals but merely is a name that was given because of the color of the lawn fungus resembling that of metallic rust. This lawn disease usually makes its presence felt in the late summer or early fall, during periods of dry weather or when the grass is low on nitrogen. Rust can also occur when there is an excessive amount of moisture or dew present.

Fortunately, lawn rust is largely a cosmetic issue that doesn’t harm your grass. The orangish powder spores which characterize this fungus appear directly on grass blades and can easily come off on shoes, clothing, lawn mowers or anything that touches it. This mode of transportation allows for the fungi to spread to other areas if not treated.

While it is an eyesore, you shouldn’t leave rust alone and hope it goes away. Lawn rust can weaken the strength of the grass and make it vulnerable to other diseases and turf problems. If you have this problem on your lawn, Solutions Pest & Lawn can help with high-quality DIY products and expert advice.

How To Get Rid of Rust: 3 Step Solution

Lawn rust is usually a sign of a stressed, ill-maintained lawn and by just improving your lawn maintenance practices, rust will leave. However if the problem is particularly major and is not leaving easily with changes in weather conditions, fungicide should be used as a last resort to eradicate the issue. Solutions Pest and Lawn has a number of effective fungicides which can easily wipe out lawn rust. However, just spraying fungicide without the proper approach will not get you desired results. Take a look at our basic three step plan to remove lawn rust for good.

Step 1: Every effective control plan should start with an inspection of the disease and correct identification. Fortunately, rust fungus is quite easy to identify on turf. It looks like an orangish brown powder that is caked onto grass blades and leaves. If you walk over your lawn, you usually will have the rust fungi come off onto your shoes. However, if you’re not completely sure you can send us a photo of your lawn with close-ups of the disease to identification@solutionsstores.com and we will help you to identify the disease properly and any other diseases your lawn may have as well as provide product recommendations.

Step 2: As we mentioned earlier, by implementing proper care to your lawn, rust may go away naturally. However, there are cases when you need to use fungicides such as to prevent rust spores from forming or spreading. We have a number of different fungicides which can effectively treat and remove rust (our recommendations are found below). What’s most important when applying any fungicide you select is timing and attacking the disease in its early stages. Spray the affected areas immediately with your fungicide of choice. You may need to reapply the application after a period of 7-14 days to ensure the rust is totally gone.

Step 3: Once the rust is gone, you will have to work to keep it gone by giving your lawn some much needed TLC. Mow your lawn at the proper height, aerate your lawn occasionally to reduce soil compaction and watering infrequently can help to keep rust and other lawn diseases off of your turf.

Browse our rust control products below and feel free to contact us via email, phone or live chat if you ever have any questions or concerns.

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