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How to Get Rid of Dermestid Beetles 

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There are some pest infestations that are not just annoying and inconvenient but they also cause damages as well. One such infestation is of dermestid beetles. These coleopteran pest are notorious for the damage they can cause to all type of fabric and clothing items.

Signs of dermestid beetle infestation

Since dermestid beetles can cause a lot of fabric and fixture damage in your house. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the indications pointing out towards the fact that you are facing the problem of dermestid beetle infestation.  

Even though fecal pellets of dermestid beetles are not larger than salt grain but at the place of infestation, there is an accumulation of it. Likewise, cast skin will also be present in such spaces. If you find any of these on your carpets or furniture upholstery, then you should confirm the presence of dermestid beetles. Do this by inspecting them for small chewed patches or if there are cocoons or tubes present then it is confirmed that the place is infested with beetles.

Appearance of dermestid beetles

Dermestid beetles are few millimeter long with oval shape. They have dot and striations of different colors on their body. Usually you will see black, brown or yellow pattern on their exoskeleton. Larvae of dermestid beetles are more notorious for damaging fabrics and have hair protrusions on end of their bodies.  

Once you are confirmed of dermestid infestation by the above discussed signs, also look for their nurseries in cupboards, wardrobes and air ducts. Even though the beetle eggs are not visible to the naked eye but these places should be treated with insecticides.

Damages caused by dermestid beetles

Dermestid beetles have natural tendency to feed on fabric items making them a troublesome insect for households. Following is the list of some of the fabric items in the house that can be damaged by the infestation of dermestid beetles.  


Carpets are the most vulnerable fabric product to get damaged by dermestid beetles due to their extreme proximity to the floor. Also they cover large area making it easier for beetles to infest them without getting noticed.

Woolen items

From woolen upholstery to woolen outfits, every such product is very much susceptible to the damage of dermestid beetles if they are not in frequent use.

Miscellaneous damages

Dermestid beetles can nearly damage every product that has used fabric in one form or the other. Therefore nearly every household item is prone to their damage. Mattresses, traditional furniture fillings and curtains, all are exposed to this pest damage.

Things to do before using the insecticide treatment

Before you start to do your own insecticide treatment for the house, do these basic measures to make the treatment effective.

Vacuum the whole space

First thing you have to do after you come to know about dermestid beetles in your house is to vacuum all the spaces. Vacuum all the carpeting in the house because they might be the primary source of this infestation. Upholstery that is difficult to launder should also be vacuumed through special extensions. Apply boric acid for overnight on these places before vacuuming for better results.

Discard severely infested fabric items

It would be heavy on heart but it is necessary to get rid of all those clothing items that are badly infested with dermestid beetles. Heavily infested cloths are usually no longer suitable for use anyway.  

Launder all the clothing

It will be an arduous task but if you want to protect your clothes from beetle bites then dry clean all the clothing items that are stored in open closets and places reachable to dermestid beetles. Cloths that seem clean and unaffected might be hosting beetle egg therefore, it is necessary to wash them. Using hot water with detergent can help in getting rid of any traces of dermestid beetles on your unspoiled colthes.

Insecticide products to get rid of dermestid beetles

  • Chlorpyriphos

Chlorpyriphos-based products insecticides can be used to spray the infested areas. Chlorpyriphos inhibits the activity of major enzymes in the insect body resulting in their death. However, they are very harmful for humans and animals alike and should be used with extreme care.  A chlorpyriphos product we have in stock is PyroFos 1.5 ULV.

  • Aerosols

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a wide selection of aerosols which can successfully eliminate a dermestid beetle problem. We highly recommend Pyrid Aerosol, Cy-Kick Aerosol Insecticide or Microcare Insecticide Aerosol.

Use all these insecticide products for broad and spot treatments both.

Supplement your insecticide with insect growth regulator

No matter which insecticide product you are going to use for the treatment, add insect growth regulator in it to prevent the rebounding of dermestid beetles infestation. Insect growth regulators disrupt the molting process of beetles which stops the larvae beetles to grow into adults. This mixture will simultaneously kill beetles and stop their reproduction. Insect growth regulators are easily available on any good insecticide store.

If the source of infestation is from outdoors then you should also treat the parameter of your house with liquid insecticide products. Put special focus on all the openings such as doors, vents, windows, pipes that can become the entry routes for dermestid beetles. Remember that you can save your valuable household items from these fabric-munching pests and by using effective insecticide products.

Solutions has a great variety of insect growth regulator such as Gentrol.


Deremestid beetles are a beneficial creature but if they are infesting your home, they can be annoying. We hope our tips will help you to keep them under control. For more information and DIY advice contact us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us on our website.

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