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Diatomaceous Earthdiatomaceous earth

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we’re all about providing pest control Solutions for our customers. Often our customers would like a more natural means of controlling problem pests, so we offer more “green pest control” options in our inventory. Among the best natural means of pest control is diatomaceous earth.

This active ingredient is not only effective but it is naturally produced and will not harm humans, animals or the environment, just the insects that are being targeted. Learn more about this wonderful natural method of pest control and shop our diatomaceous earth contained products exclusively on this page.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth (also known as DE in shorthand) is actually a sedimentary rock that is soft and can be easily crumbled down into a fine white powder. Diatomaceous earth are made from the fossilized remains of sea organisms (marine phytoplankton) known as diatoms. These diatoms are made of a natural substance called silica.

When crushed and turned into powder, the diatomaceous earth acts as an abrasive that can affect the exoskeleton of various insects like bed bugs, ants or fleas. The first pesticide products containing silicon dioxide (diatomaceous earth) were registered in 1960 to kill insects and mites.

The chemical composition which makes up the diatomaceous earth is as follows: 86% silica, 5% sodium, 3% magnesium, and 2 % iron.

Aside from pest control, diatomaceous earth has a variety of different other uses, which demonstrates its versatility. It can be used as a filtering agent, most notably for swimming pools. It’s abrasive nature makes it perfect to be used as an absorbent for liquids, cat litter, a component of dynamite, and a thermal insulator. What may surprise most is that it can safely be eaten by humans and is regularly eaten by us. It’s placed in a lot of grain-based foods in order to protect the grains from insects!

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Work?

While harmless to humans and animals, diatomaceous is lethal against bugs like cockroaches, bed bugs, mites and ants. Under a microscope, diatomaceous earth particles look like sharp shards of glass. When sprinkled onto a surface that an insect comes into contact with or if sprinkled onto a bug itself, the DE particles stick to an insect and get lodged between its exoskeleton joints. As the insects goes about its usual routine, it exoskeleton shell gets sliced up. As a result, the affected insect begin to dry out and suffocates due to dehydration because the DE absorbs all of its moisture (from fats and oils) of the insect. In other words, the insect is dried out to beef jerky, thanks to the effects of diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth is so popular because of how quickly it can kill insects in this way and how it is non-toxic. There is no chemical killing of insects involved, the target pests are being physically harmed by the product, not chemically harmed.

Featured Products Which Contain Diatomaceous Earth

  • Alpine Dust Insecticide -  provides long lasting and broad-spectrum control of various crawling and flying insects. Is the industry's first and only reduced risk non repellent dust.

  • J.T. Eaton Kills Bedbugs Powder - kills bed bugs by attaching itself to the outer shell of the bed bug where it dehydrates and kills the bed bug. What's great about the powder is there are no resistant strains of bed bugs to this treatment and it's all natural. Another great feature is unlike other powders it will continue to kill indefinitely unless it become wet.

Browse and shop our diatomaceous earth active ingredient products below. For more information about diatomaceous earth or other active ingredients in our pesticides, please call us with your questions at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com

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Common Ways To Use Diatomaceous Earth

The best way to use diatomaceous earth is by dusting or sprinkling it in areas where insects frequent. We would like to note that diatomaceous earth will not work as a bait as insects will not be lured by it.

Sprinkle DE in cabinets, window sills, garbage cans, around baseboards, beneath refrigerators or stoves, on pet beds, and many other areas. You could also dust DE lightly into cracks and crevices for effective control of various problem pests.


Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe To Use?

Yes, diatomaceous earth is completely safe to use and you do not need to worry about any harm being done to yourself, pets, animals or children. You can rub it on your skin and in your hair and it won’t do anything to you.  The only issue which may occur from diatomaceous earth is accidentally breathing it in. Even then, the issues which arise from that are minor such as irritation of the nasal passages and dryness.


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