Rapid Growth

Franchise with a wide-reaching company with no plans of slowing down.
Rapid Growth

Rapid Growth

Over the years, Solutions Pest & Lawn has grown from a local Houston supplier to a multi-retail state retailer and distributor with nation-wide reach. We have expanded to manufacturing our own proprietary products and servicing retail locations across the country. It is because of our investments in our supply chain, locations, marketing, and people that we are able to provide our franchisees the opportunity to grow alongside the company.

Opening More Stores

In just eight years, Solutions has expanded from four stores located in Houston, Texas to 18 retail, distribution, and manufacturing locations across the country.

Our stores are strategically located to minimize travel time for our customers in the cities which we service. Because of this, your store will be more convenient than the competition and see steady traffic of retail and wholesale customers who have pest and lawn control needs. Protected territories mean you will not have to compete with nearby locations, because each store will be positioned to target specific regional markets.

Secure ROI

Solutions Pest & Lawn and our franchise partners have the unique advantage of serving both the retail and professional wholesale market. As a result, Solutions regularly sees steady revenue growth.

Through our manufacturer direct model, we provide high margin, unique and in-demand products at a lower cost than the competition to our customers. Even as revenue continues to grow, operating costs for our franchisees will remain essentially the same.

Manufacturing & Distribution Center

Our 350,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility is located in Thomaston, Georgia. Being centrally located close to a major shipping hub allows us to fulfill and deliver most customer orders with a couple of days. You can be confident that your customers’ needs will be met with the convenience they have come to expect of 2 day shipping.

Our facility is continuously expanding, adding people, new formulations through our lab, new packaging capabilities, equipment and logistics support every year. We invest in growth for our company, our franchisees, and for the industry as a whole through our contract manufacturing division.

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