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How to Get Rid of Armadillos

How to Get Rid of Armadillos

You are on the way home when you notice something that scurries past you…look, it’s an armadillo.

You know that they would keep all those nasty pests and insects from your garden in control so you just let it be. Your neighbor was having trouble with one; so maybe he managed to get rid of it and it found a way into your territory. Therefore, you just let it feast on the ants that God knows how they get into your house in swarms.

But wait, you have been warned about armadillo burrows and diseases such as leprosy that armadillos are notorious for. Thus, it would be better to take action just in time before you find yourself dealing with a whole group of them. Also, armadillos multiply quickly, so prevention is easier than the cure.

If you are a resident of Florida or Texas, you should consult an animal control agency first about the legal ways to get rid of an armadillo. Here are some of the non-lethal methods that could be appropriate for you.  

Build a fence

The first step is to keep the armadillos out and it’s not just any ordinary fence. Build a fence that goes at least 12 inches underground as well because armadillos are able to burrow their way from beneath. Do not settle if you haven’t encountered many armadillos yet. You want to keep armadillos out in the future. Also, it would cost you more to deal with a damaged garden every time.

Cover those burrows

If you find burrows in your garden, get up and fill them. Don’t let them settle on your property because they are looking for food and within a few days, you could find your garden completely rampaged. Use stones, leaves and mud to cover the burrows. This would prevent them from digging deeper.

Install lights

Being nocturnal creatures, armadillos prefer to hunt for food in the dark. Therefore, you could install bright lights in a few areas to scare away the animals. However, this may get heavy on your wallet.

Clean your outdoors every day

If you have been coming across armadillos lately, it is possible that they have discovered a food source on your territory. Clean your outdoors regularly so that the pests stay away. Eliminate anything that is likely to attract the dillos and prevent them from digging or burrowing.

Parasitic worms

Getting parasitic worms that eat other insects in your gardenhas worked for people in keeping the dillos at bay. The main thing you want to do is to remove their food source so if they don’t find anything in your garden to feed on, they are most likely to relocate.

Trim the plants

Armadillos tend to find shelter underneathbranches, shrubs and bushesso trim the grass and plants, mow the lawn regularly to prevent them from settling on your property.

Cage trap

If you have been unable to get rid of them so far, go for a cage trap if they are allowed in your state. These cage traps have customized apparatus for armadillos so that you don’t end up trapping smaller animals – such as kittens, puppies or mice. The apparatus is turned to a high setting that is adjusted for the weight of the armadillo so that when it gets inside on the floor, it activates the apparatus. The cages also come with smooth edges so there is no risk of the animals injuring themselves with sharp metal.

Place bricks above the trap so that it does not roll over. Place food inside to lure the animal. You could place earthworms in a bag or fruits to attract them.

When you manage to trap one, use heavy gloves when picking up the cage to avoid getting scratches. Drop it off several miles from your home or hand it over to an animal control agency.  

Check for entry spaces

If you discover armadillos in your home, you may want to identify the passageways around the house that they have been using to get in. for a quick solution, cover the holes with cardboards, newspapers and chart papers. However, this is a temporary solution as they tend to wear out over time. Consider fixing the entries with concrete or cement to save you the trouble of long-term, costly damage.

Kick out the Pest

Consider keeping the outside of the house neat and clean every day. If you let food particles, crumbs, leftovers and pet food lying around, you would be dealing with a swarm of ants around the house – all the more reason for the dillos to kick in. So use good-quality, lab approved and tested insecticides or repellents once in awhile to keep the insects out and hence, the armadillos.   Grubs in the yard?  It is time to apply a residual insecticide or Imidacloprid granules to get rid the the all night buffet.

You can become the professional

If the rest of the efforts have been futile, it might be time to trap  and you can  to handle your problem on your own with the right trap and advice. This will take some work, but once trapped you can have him relocated.  You will have to create something that slowly guides them into the trap.  Nothing will make him go in, no bait is know to lure them/  Start with the location, and build some sides to help guide them into the trap.  Find more information here.

Make sure your Havahart  trap is the correct size and you will should have success.  Remember you can eliminate armadillos in your yard or under you home.  First try to eliminate the food source, and then if this is still an issue you can proceed to trapping and relocating.


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