Solutions Humane Live Animal Trap
Solutions Humane Live Animal Trap Solutions Humane Live Animal Trap

Solutions Humane Live Animal Trap


Solutions Humane Live Animal Trap

The Solutions Humane Live Animal Trap is a box trap used to trap various types of animals without causing physical harm. Squirrels, cats, dogs, and more can be safely trapped and removed from undesirable areas, to be released in a safer place. Solutions Live Traps are a safe and great alternative for efficient animal control and come in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large.
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Solutions Live Animal Traps, manufactured by Solutions Pest & Lawn, provide a safe way to relocate various types of animals.

The box style traps come in various sizes and can trap a wide range of animals. Solutions Live Traps are ideal to use in public areas or around the home to trap possums, dogs, feral cats, and more. The traps are also ideal to capture pets that have escaped and difficult to catch.

Solutions Live Traps are safe, convenient, and simple to use for a wide variety of trapping needs.

Tools Needed

Tools are not needed to set a Solutions Live Trap. However, a food attractant to lure the animal in the trap is needed.

Small, Medium, Large Live Trap together

How to Use

Arming live trap

  • Step 1: Choose the right size trap for type of animal that needs to be removed.
  • Step 2: Place the trap in your desired area. Make sure it is on a flat surface. You may need to put a weight on top of the trap in case the pest animal tries to knock the cage over.
  • Step 3: Bait and set the trap. Be sure the bait is near the back of the trap to ensure that the animal will need to step on the trigger plate in order to reach the food. Set the trap by pushing on the door lock and lifting the door plate. Keep the door plate lifted while pulling the trigger arm forward to set it. You will know it is set when the trigger arm's hook catches the door. 
  • Step 4: Check the trap once in the morning and once in the evening. Any non-target animals should be released immediately. Once you have captured your desired animal, check your local authorities to make sure you are correctly relocating the animal. Place a towel over the cage to avoid frightening the animal. You can read more about releasing an animal from a live trap here.

Where to Use

Live Trap at Property Edge

Solutions Live Traps can be used in all types of locations. It can be used on residential, commercial, or industrial areas. Solutions Live Traps are ideal to use to relocate animals from construction sites, parks, residential areas, and other places where stray animals are found.

The Solutions Live Trap can also be used in garages, attics, basements, and other indoor areas where animals get in.

When to Use

Solutions Live Traps can be used when an animal needs to be relocated safely. They can also be used to capture pets that have accidentally escaped from indoor areas.


Safety Information

Solutions Live Traps are safe to use around children and pets when used according to the instructions. Always wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when setting up the trap and especially when releasing the animal.

If a Solutions Live Trap is used to trap wild animals, contact your local authorities to be sure the animal is being released properly in a safe location.

Special Considerations

Solutions Live Traps come in different sizes. Be sure to use the correct size trap for the targeted animal.

*We do not accept returns on equipment or electronics, all sales are final. We do this to ensure that the products we send out are brand new, never opened, and fully operational for our customers to ensure the packages are covered by their respected manufacturer's warranties.

The dimensions are as follows:

Small Live Trap - 17 in x 7 in  x 7 in

Medium Live Trap - 32 in x 10 in x 12 in

Large Live Trap - 42 in x 15 in x 15 in

AvailabilityIn Stores, Online
Restricted UseNo
Shipping RestrictionsNo Restrictions
Keith's Pro Tips"Food attractants may not work for all animals. It is beneficial to research the types of food targeted animals are naturally drawn to. Rodents are more likely to feed on nuts or seed, while skunks and possums are more likely to feed on vegetables."
Product DrawbacksSolutions Live Traps with 1 door can only trap 1 animal at a time. For larger populations, more than one trap may be needed.
Target PestsThe large model is 42" x 15" x 15" and is used for trapping the following: armadillos, beavers, bobcats, cats, dogs, foxes, groundhogs, opossums, and raccoons. The medium model is 32" x 10 x 12" and is used for trapping the following: muskrats, skunks, cats/stray cats, armadillos, groundhogs, and raccoons. The small model is 17" x 7" x 7" and is used for trapping the following: chipmunks, rabbits, rats, squirrels, and weasels.
Application EquipmentGloves
Application MethodsTrapping
Active IngredientN/A
Product TypeEquipment
FormulationLive Trap
Application RateN/A
Shelf LifeN/A
Use SitesIndoors, Outdoors
Time to KillSolutions Live Traps do not kill animals that are captured.
Comparable ProductsTomahawk Single Door Live Traps, Havahart Live Animal Trap
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Works most of the time, but the bait is bait plate should have some kind of holding devise. Bait simply slides of or very easy to steal without triggering the trap. I use a bent paper clip to hold it more firm
Works most of the time.
Trigger plate wont hold bait, like seeds.
Brea Buchmeier
Verified Buyer
Trap is not tripping
I was really hoping this trap would be the "suburban" solution to reducing the number of rabbits living under my deck & eating my landscaping. After loading the trap as described & leaving it out overnight, we have woken up 3 mornings in a row to find the food gone inside the trap but the trap not tripped. If I put my hand inside the cage & trigger the trap myself, it flips the door. It does feel like I have to give it some real pressure to get it to snap. Apparently it is not sensitive enough to trip when a small animal is inside snacking on carrots (?). Either that or we have super sneaky critters! Disappointed.
Sherry Dalton
Verified Buyer
Simple and effective.
I live in a heavily wooded, isolated area of Central Texas. Raccoons (and Coyotes) rule the night out here. This trap easily holds a 40lb raccoon with room for it to turn around, sit up or lie down until released. It is well made, very sturdy and easy to set. The only negative is that it weighs 25lbs empty. That weight plus an adult raccoon makes it somewhat awkward to carry with the single wire handle in the middle of top on outside of the trap. I wld recommend this humane, live animal trap.
Allan Crane
Verified Buyer
Pleasantly surprised
After using a competitive brand of trap that had to be assembled and was a challenge to set, I was pleasantly surprised by the greater ease of setting this already assembled trap and its flawless functioning; I can recommend this product without reservation.
Jane Brodeur
Verified Buyer
The trap was and is easy to set. I can put food in easily and feel safe when I let the critters go. It is easy to clean.
Deborah Phelps
Verified Buyer
It worked - California Gray Tree Squirrel
It worked to catch California Gray Tree Squirrels. 1 down - 20+ to go!
Dale Baker
Verified Buyer
Great live traps.
These live traps appear to be made by havahart for Solutions and are readily available and priced very competitively. They work well.
Ronald Capp
Verified Buyer
Did not work properly.
The rod connecting to the tray at the bottom of the cage seemed to be too long. When set, the tray was practically at the bottom of cage (nearly horizontal), and pressure on the tray did not set off the trap. I probably should have sent this back, but I kept it and tried to fix it by shortening the connecting rod. It worked a little better, but haven't caught a squirrel yet, and overall I'm very dissatisfied with the trap.
antonio d.
Verified Buyer
very solid cage
very well built cage. i bought more than one size. the only thing about the large is it is heavy. so heavy i thought, wow if i do catch anything in it i wont be able to lift it myself. not a bad thing, but when u live alone it is. very solid cages. highly reccomend.
Odette C.
Verified Buyer
Not Yet
Haven't set it yet because its a little stiff. I want to use it on a squirrel. I think I can file it down. I don't want to use lubricant because of the smell. Great size and price.
More Information
Restricted Use No
Availability In Stores, Online
Keith's Pro Tip "Food attractants may not work for all animals. It is beneficial to research the types of food targeted animals are naturally drawn to. Rodents are more likely to feed on nuts or seed, while skunks and possums are more likely to feed on vegetables."
Target Pests Multi Rats, Armadillos, Beavers, Bobcats, Cats, Chipmunks, Dogs, Fox, Groundhogs, Opossums, Rabbits, Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels, Weasels
Time to Kill Solutions Live Traps do not kill animals that are captured.
Chemical Type Equipment
Formulation Live Trap
Application Methods Trapping
Product Drawbacks Solutions Live Traps with 1 door can only trap 1 animal at a time. For larger populations, more than one trap may be needed.
Active Ingredient N/A
Application Equipment Gloves
Mix Rate N/A
Use Sites Indoors, Outdoors
Yield N/A
Shelf Life N/A
Comparable Products Tomahawk Single Door Live Traps, Havahart Live Animal Trap
Children or pets? No
Property Characteristics None
Questions and Answers
  1. Q:I tried to purchase a medium-sized trap and received a pop-up message that said the minimum purchase is 10 units. Really???
    A:If you are trying to order the Solutions Humane Live Animal Trap, then it would be best to speak directly with our customer service team for ease of purchase and to gain professional advice on how to better control your pest. 800-479-6583

    Amanda Chavez

    Certified Buyer
  2. Q:What size are beavers?
    A:We recommend the large size to trap beavers on land.

    Amanda Chavez

    Certified Buyer
  3. Q:How to order repl parts?
    A:Speak with our customer service team at 800-479-6583 in regards to the warranty plan for this product.

    Amanda Chavez

    Certified Buyer
  4. Q:What Country is this trap made?

    BEN porterjamil

    Certified Buyer
  5. Q:Is the small trap good for gophers? I just got a squirrel in a gopher trap and now I feel like a killer! Help please
    A:Gophers spend most of their time underground in their self-created tunnel systems, these fast-moving rodents can be difficult to control or capture. A humane trap can be used, but for the previous reasons will prove to be ineffective without additional underground baiting. We recommend following the tips and products suggested throughout our Gopher control DIY guide.

    Amanda Chavez

    Certified Buyer
  6. Q:What is the right size trap for raccoons? I have a family of five living in my garage, Momma and 4 kids. Can I catch more than one at a time?
    A:I purchased the large live trap for a fox problem w had and it worked well to trap both the male and female fox. I would use the large trap size for raccoons as well. These traps appear to be made by Havahart for Solutions and the large trap is the same as the extra large Havahart live trap.

    Dale Baker

    Certified Buyer
  7. Q:what is the weight of large trap?
    A:Solutions Humane Live Animal Trap weighs around 70 lbs.

    Amanda Chavez

    Certified Buyer
  8. Q:Trapped possums escape from my activated trap?
  9. Q:What is the wire gauge?
    A:i would call the manufacturer on that one.i say it is very thick. i bought the large and it is a very solid cage. but gauge size, ? not sure. sorry

    michele dow

    Certified Buyer
  10. Q:How do you set this trap?
    A:Just be sure the trip plate is all the way up when you set the hook in the door. I had to bend the hook end a bit to get it to get it where it needed to be to release when the plate is all the way up. Push the double bar in and raise the door with the handle, hold it up while gripping the trip wire on the outside of the side of the trap, make sure the hook on end of trip wire catches the latch point on the door.

    Jim Schoeberl

    Certified Buyer
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