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How To Control Leaf SpotLeaf Spot

Have you noticed that your once beautiful looking lawn is plagued by grass blades which have unsightly spots on them? This is the symptom which occurs from a disease-causing fungus known as Helminthosporium. However, the common (and much more pronounceable) name is referred to as leaf spot.

Leaf spot is a fungal disease characterized by grass blades having small oval spots with straw-colored centers and maroon borders. These infected areas start to turn yellow and die before long and gives the appearance that your water is not being watered enough. However, you shouldn’t be fooled, as water won’t fix this issue which, if left untreated can spread and damage your lawn considerably.

Leaf spot typically occurs in the spring or the fall season. There is another lawn disease that is associated with leaf spot called “melting out” and they practically go hand in hand as the leaf spot disease is usually the precursor for melting out which happens in the summer where the spots turn to rot or death of the roots.

If your yard’s turf comes down with leaf spot, it’d be wise to act quickly to eradicate it before it takes over and kills your lawn. At Solutions Pest and Lawn we have all the products you need to overcome your leaf spot problem.

How To Get Rid of Leaf Spot: 3 Step Solution

Treating a lawn disease like leaf spot can be quite difficult to treat without the proper application products and treatment approach to combat the disease. However, even if you buy quality products to treat leaf spot, merely spraying a fungicide around on the turf is not enough to alleviate the problem. The most important factor in treating a lawn disease is timing. Identifying and treating a fungus like leaf spot early can save your lawn and garden. Below we have outlined 3 basic steps to follow to successfully conduct a DIY treatment to neutralize leaf spot.

Step 1: To begin with you first need to be sure that the disease is for certain leaf spot.  We’ve described how it looks above but if you are not entirely sure that you have leaf spot, you can get in touch with us and take a photo of the grass and send to identification@solutionsstores.com and we will respond back with a correct ID of the fungus and recommend you products and tips to treat the disease correctly.

Step 2: Once you are for certain you are dealing with leaf spot, you can then equip yourself with the right fungicides to eliminate it. We have a number of different concentrates which we carry in stock which can effectively remove leaf spot from your lawn. The key is to act fast. Equip yourself with a hand-pump sprayer and mix the concentrate according to the label. Spray liberally over the infected plants and check back to see if the product is working. You may have to re-apply fungicides a few times to provide continuous control of anthracnose. Retreat if you begin to see symptoms again. We also suggest wearing the proper safety equipment for the job to prevent chemicals from coming in contact with your eyes or skin. Gloves, safety goggles and long sleeved clothing should suffice.

Step 3: Once the leaf spot has been cleared from your lawn, you must work to keep the disease from returning by establishing a regular lawn maintenance routine. Keeping plants healthy by providing proper light, water and fertilizer will strengthen the plant’s ability to ward off lawn disease

Browse our leaf spot control products below. If you need help making an order or would like DIY advice or any questions answered, send them our way via email, phone, or online live chat and we will be happy to assist you.

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