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Ultra Low Volume 

Fogging is one of the best methods of eliminating large infestations of pesky flying insects but have you ever wondered how fogging works?  Studies have shown that the droplets generated from ULV or Ultra-low volume technology are ideal to tackle pathogens and vector carriers such as mosquitoes.

At Solutions Pest & Lawn we carry a broad selection of professional ultra-low volume fogging equipment. On this page, we will briefly explain what the ultra-low volume technique is, the benefits of using ULV products and equipment and how to apply them properly. You can also use this page to exclusively shop our top expert recommended ULV equipment and products.

What is Ultra-Low Volume?

Ultra-low volume refers to a method of spray application where the concentrate may approach 100 percent active ingredient. They are designed to be used “as is” or to be diluted with only small quantities of a specified carrier.. These special purpose formulations can be used indoor, but are primarily  used in outdoor applications, such as agricultural, forestry, ornamental, and mosquito control programs.

The ULV spraying technique was initially developed in the 1950s specifically to control desert locusts in its traditional habitats (less dry areas within arid zones). It is now considered the most efficient, economical and environmentally viable technique of spraying flying insects. 

Pesticide formulations are best applied using special ULV equipment which produce very small droplets, thus ensuring even coverage with low volumes. The equipment is based on aerosol, air-shear (mistblowers, exhaust gas sprayers) or better still, rotary nozzle techniques. An electrostatic charge may be applied to the droplets to aid their distribution and impaction (on earthed targets), but commercial equipment is rare at present.

A ULV fogger is a cold fogger type and operates via cold fogging techniques. To produce fog into small droplets, foggers are equipped with motors that produce a high power, low pressure air stream.The ULV fogging solution is stored into a tank and when the fogger is operating the fogging liquid gets pumped out of the tank. 

This ULV solution then gets pumped into a special nozzle that is construed in such a way to give the air flow a swirling motion. A high air pressure produced by the motor helps to spray the fogging liquid through the nozzle separating it into tiny particles. The liquid solution gets sprayed out of the nozzle in form of a fog or a fine mist.

ULV foggers mostly work on electricity, which is needed to power an electrical motor. The particle sizes the ULV fogger produces can be adjusted to output a precise sized particles, which allows to use the fogger in different applications. Also, because ULV foggers use cold fogging techniques and do not get heated to high temperatures, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Ideal Conditions for Using Ultra-Low Volume Pesticides


ULV Fogging works by compressing pesticides or disinfectants through a specially designed nozzle, producing a fine cold mist or aerosol. Electric portable versions are particularly ideal for indoor applications as they don’t produce exhaust gases and are less noisy. These machines can apply both oil and water based solutions.


ULV formulations are best used when there is a significant insect issue that is needing to be addressed and eradicated quickly. ULV fogging machines are used in a variety of different industries. Some application examples are: mosquito control, bird control, agricultural applications such as grain storage, disinfectant purposes, such as hospitals and laboratories, mold control and surface decontamination.


When you want to use a ULV application as opposed to a different application, such as a thermal fogger application, using a ULV solution and fogger is ideal for the following conditions:

- In any indoor place. As mentioned earlier, ULV foggers use cold fogging techniques, which makes them safe to use indoors

- To control odors or disinfect. ULV formulations are often used to disinfectant houses and large warehouses as well as control unpleasant odors in such areas. Most ULV foggers can be set to operate automatically and does not require a person to operate it at all times.

- To get rid of molds.
ULV foggers are also used with special chemicals to get rid of molds in indoor areas.

- On plants and greenhouses.
Due to ULV foggers having the capability to allow to adjust particle size, they can also be used outdoors or in greenhouses to spray different solution on plants.

- Indoor and outdoor pest control.
ULV foggers are the best pest control method for indoor areas, however, they are also used outdoors, for example to control mosquitoes. Although ULV foggers cannot produce such small particles as thermal foggers, some ULV foggers can produce particles from 5-20 micron range, which is effective for mosquito control. One disadvantage with using ULV foggers outdoors is that they produce almost invisible fog, so it is going to be harder to control the direction of the fog.


Benefits of Using Ultra-low volume formulations


ULV formulations come ready to use with no mixing necessary. No mixing means also less exposure to chemicals: applicators simply just have to fill the tank; there is also less risk of spilling and splashing and of related soil contamination. This also further reduces the insecticide evaporation which is already low because of oil-based formulation.


ULV applications leave little to no residue on surfaces and there is little risk of the ULV concentrate damaging equipment or plugging up screens and nozzles. 

Drawbacks of the formulation? (When should it NOT be used)

ULV spraying may be a more expensive option compared to other methods of pesticide applications because they require special ULV equipment to achieve the desired droplet rate in the air. 


ULV concentrate may be harder to clean than most other insecticide formulations since ULV concentrates are mainly oil-based. Other disadvantages of using ULV formulations is that since you have to use special ULV machines this may include longer application times, wind drift, high concentrations of active ingredients causing environmental hazards, and the requirement of higher technical skills for calibration of the machines.

Popular Ultra Low Volume Products We Have In Stock

Flex 10 10- Flex 10-10 is a multi use insecticide containing permethrin and PBO. This product will kill and control bed bugs and eliminate any bed bug infestation when applied with our bed bug kit. Flex 10-10 can be applied inside and outside with compressed air sprayers, ULV machines, or automatic mosquito misting machines. It is the best chemical for mosquito misting systems and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This product can be found in our 100% Guaranteed Bed Bug Kit


Stryker 100- Stryker Pyrethrum Insecticide (compare to Riptide) is a pyrethrum misting concentrate for quick knockdown of mosquitoes and other flying insects. Stryker is used in automatic misting systems around homes and commercial buildings. Stryker works great as a commodity fogging chemical and can be used for agriculture. Stryker is comparable to Riptide and is the more economical choice.


CSI 4 4 - CSI 4-4 Insecticide is a ready to use mosquito fogging solution with 4.6% Permethrin and 4.6% Piperonyl Butoxide. CSI 4-4 is used as a thermal fogging solution in any thermal fogger for control of mosquitoes and other flying insects. It is primarily used by cities, municipalities, and pest control companies in truck mounted thermal foggers for control of flying insects over a large area. It is also for use on deer farms and game preserves for biting midge control.


We also have a wide selection of professional ULV Foggers in stock.

How to use the ULV formulation.


1. Gather your ULV fogger or other piece of ULV equipment. Make sure the fogger is connected to a power source

2. Pour ULV concentrate in the piece of ULV equipment liquid tank according to the label and based on the insect and area size. You can do this either by opening the seal to the liquid tank or unscrewing the liquid tank depending of which model of ULV fogger you own.

3. Turn the ULV equipment on and apply the formulation either outdoors or indoors with the liquid of your choice. Make sure you calibrate the fogger before you turn it ON because if you do it in reverse you are risking getting either sprayed in face or in an area you didn’t want to spray.

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