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How To Control PigeonsPigeon

You thought rodents were trouble, but what if you put wings on them. There is a reason why they call pigeons winged rats. Rats are a perfect comparison to pigeons: they have adapted to our human environments, preferring to live close to us and our homes. Also just like rats, pigeons love to hang out around our buildings and structures. Pigeons also like to eat practically anything they could find like those chronically gnawing rats. Even the damage Pigeons do to humans is similar to rats. They leave feces everywhere for us to discover (especially on our cars) and they present a serious health concern.

If you have pigeons anywhere near where you live, they can be an extremely annoying pest. If you’re willing to conduct some DIY control, Solutions Pest and Lawn can share with you our tips and recommended products made to get rid of your pigeon problem once and for all.

Pigeon Background Information

The pigeon, also known as the domestic pigeon (Columba livia domestica) is a pigeon that is comes from the rock pigeon, which is known as the world’s oldest domesticated bird. They are found throughout the world and especially throughout the U.S and have adapted to enjoy living around industrialized areas rather than the wilderness.

The color of pigeons varies but they are typically gray with a whitish backside. They also usually have two black bars on wing feathers and a broad black band on the tail as well as red feet. They can grow to be up to 11 inches and weigh up to about 13 ounces.

Pigeons, are a monogamous animal and will lay one to two eggs which hatch within eighteen days. Pigeon young are fed "pigeon milk" which is food regurgitated from both adult male and females. While mating occurs all year round, the peak times in which pigeons mate are spring and fall.

Pigeons depend upon us humans to provide them with food and for shelter. They are commonly found around agricultural areas like warehouses and grain elevators as well as in city areas around parks, buildings, bridges, and any other structures that have inhospitable areas.

Pigeons are rather filthy birds which can spread disease and cause damage. They are notorious for their annoying droppings which can cause humans to slip and fall as well as cause cosmetic damage to structures and statues. This makes it imperative to get rid of pigeons in places where their is high traffic.  Pigeons can be a significant health hazard by carrying diseases such as cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, food poisoning, and more. Also, their feces may result in the growth of fungus, which causes histoplasmosis.

Solutions Recommended Products for Pigeon Control

The best methods to get rid of pigeons is exclusion, traps and repellants. Here at Solutions, we carry a variety of each method to ensure that pigeons will no longer be a problem where you live.

Pigeon Traps

Pigeon traps are probably the best of all the ways to catch and get rid of pesky pigeons. We highly recommend Kage-All Pigeon Trap. Simply lay out some bait in the trap which will attract the pigeons and they will be lured in through a one way door. It’s also smart to leave some pigeons in the trap as a decoy to get other birds to join in and get caught as well. are a highly recommended control strategy. Once the offending pigeons are caught, dispose of them however you like, preferably by handing them over to an animal professional.

Pigeon Exclusion

For exclusion we recommend Bird Flite Bird Control Spikes. They are easy to install and inexpensive. Pigeons will make sure to keep away from your roof or building when there are sharp spikes around.

Pigeon Repellent

We recommend Avitrol which works excellently to repel pigeons from your site. Avitrol is used as a chemical frightening agent to remove pest birds from a given location. Birds who eat the bait will be affected in a way that will cause distress and worry from other pigeons who will then flee the area to avoid suffering the same fate. Some of the effects of the repellent include flying erratically, vocalizing, trembling, dilation of the pupils and other symptoms indicative of loss of motor control.

You can use any or all of these products for pigeon control and save a bundle from having a professional come out and handle the problem. Browse our products in full detail below and if you have any questions, chat with us online or give us a call, we’ll be happy to assist you with any concerns or lend you helpful DIY advice, free of charge!


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