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How To Control Cicada KillersCicada Killer

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If you live in the southern states where its warmer much of the time, you may have noticed what looks like an oversized wasp flying about while you are gardening or enjoying your leisure time in your yard. These creepy things are known as Cicada Killers and can plague your garden or yard and can make themselves at home on your turf and make for an unpleasant time outdoors.

Encountering a cicada killer can be frightening and for good reason--those things are huge! Cicada killers can grow to as big as three inches and length. They stand out not only in size but also in their menacing appearance with most cicada killers having a red body and a bright yellow stripe around the abdomen. Cicada killers are also known as Ground Digger Wasps because of their tendency to live in holes they make in the ground, where they live and nest.

Cicada killers are called as such because they like to hunt down and kill cicadas and locusts, paralyzing them with their stingers and carrying their bodies down to their underground holes to feast upon. Though not as aggressive as wasps and hornets, cicada killers will sting as a last resort out of self-defense if disturbed. Combine their large scary size, their ability to sting, and their habit of digging unsightly holes in yards to nest, this pest can be quite troublesome to deal with.

If you have cicada killers residing on your property, it’s time to break out the big guns. Solutions Pest and Lawn can equip you with everything you need to take care of these pests the right way.

How To Get Rid of Cicada Killers: 3 Step Solution

Approaching cicada killer control (or any control program involving stinging insects) is usually not the most comfortable thing. Knowing that the insect stings and will go on the defensive and attack you if you’re trying to spray down their home or eliminate them can be an intimidating task. If you are up to the job, it’s best to gear up and have protective clothing and gear on to keep you safe from potential harm. Below we have laid out some helpful steps in addressing the cicada killers in your yard.

Step 1: First, you will need to perform a detailed inspection of your yard to locate the cicada killers nest. If there are only a small number of cicada killers about and a couple of holes found, this should be a relatively easy job as you will need a spray with a good knockdown like Wasp Freeze which you can spray into the hole and any of the cicada killers that enter or exit the hole. After that you can then seal the hole up with mulch or dirt.

Step 2: For bigger cicada killer problems, you may need to use a stronger insecticide concentrate. The concentrates we carry not only can effectively kill cicada killers but can also provide a good residual for long term prevention. You can either use a pump sprayer or hose-end sprayer to spray down the hole or do a drench method where you poor a water/concentrate solution down the cicada killer’s nesting hole.

Step 3:  Another excellent option for treating cicada killers is dusting and can generally bring you the fastest results. We would recommend to use a duster and treat at night when all the nest occupants are sure to be inside. Deliver 3 or 4 heavy puffs to the cicada killer nest will be sure to kill all the cicada killers sleeping inside. If not, there may be some repeat treatments you may need to do to kill off the rest of the population.

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