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How To Control Paper Waspspaper wasp conrol

There are some insects which can be beneficial to the environment by removing pesky bugs which may invade our yard and home, like the paper wasp. For instance, their primary source of food caterpillars, beetle larvae and other bugs of that nature which like to eat from crops and gardens.

However, because the paper wasp has a tendency to live near human dwellings they could be a problem because of their aggressive behavior and ability to deliver painful stings. It is for this reason that a control program should be put into place, especially if paper wasps have set up a nest near your home because it very well may get bigger (along with the population) if left untreated.

Paper Waspsare most commonly dark brown in color, with black wings and yellow markings that may mistake them for yellow jackets sometimes. They get their name from the type of material they use to make their nests which is a mixture of plant material and their saliva which looks and feels like paper. These nests do not have an outer shell like most nests so the inner compartments are clearly visible showing the wasps moving in and out and laying eggs.

If you have paper wasps invading your yard and setting up their nests, it’s imperative to get on the attack before they start attacking you. At Solutions Pest and Lawn, we have all the tools you need to take out those wasps and make it safe to enjoy the outdoors again.

How To Get Rid of Paper Wasps: 3 Step Solution

Trying to take out paper wasps on your property can be a dangerous job because once they are disturbed or their nests are tampered with, they will become very aggressive and will be relentless in their attack of you which can result in some painful stings. Not only will they sting multiple times, wasps can alert other fellow wasps with pheromones which deliver chemical messages that tell other wasps to help defend the nest from a threat.

As intimidating as this sounds, if you approach the situation wisely and are well-prepared with the right equipment and products, you can eliminate the wasp problem. We have laid out easy-to-follow steps in treating your wasp invasion below.

Step 1: Before carrying out any form of paper wasp control, make sure you have on protective gear. This can be achieve by wearing either thick long-sleeved clothing, or to guarantee the highest possible safety, a professional bee suit, which we also carry in stock. Make sure to cover up as much exposed skin as possible as this will not only help to prevent stings, but will also keep you from being overexposed to chemical pesticides that will be sprayed to control paper wasps and their nests. Thick gloves and safety glasses are also a wise choice to put on prior to treatment.

Step 2:  Next, you will need to perform a detailed inspection of your yard to locate the paper wasp nest and determine whether there is more than one point of entry into the nest. This will be important to note when carrying out the actual application treatment as a nest with multiple openings may come with the possibility that the paper wasps inside the nest will escape out of different opening than the one you shoot into and will go on a stinging spree in retaliation for spraying their home. It is also best to time your spraying at night when wasps are usually all inside their nest and resting up.

Step 3:  Finally, it is time to carry out the pesticide treatment. We carry a variety of effective sprays that can treat paper wasps such as Wasp Freeze or Nuvan aerosol spray. Sprays such as these work great because they provide an instant knockdown and even come with attachments which can allow you to spray from a distance. Spray the nest thoroughly and if any paper wasps come out from the nest, spray them quickly and they will be done before you know it. A helpful alternative method of control is setting a trap to capture any spare paper wasps that you were not in the nest at the time.

Browse below for your recommended paper wasp control products. If you have any questions or concerns or would like recommendations on orders or control advice, call us, shoot us an email or contact us via live chat!

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