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How To Control Mosquitoes

Mosquitos are among the most hated pests that we come in contact with and for good reason, they bite and love to suck our blood. Outdoor activities and gathering can quickly turn sour if there are a lot of hungry mosquitos around ready to pierce into our skin. Aside from being a pesky annoyance, mosquitoes can also be terribly dangerous with how easily they can spread disease.

Solutions Pest & Lawn wants to help you make it possible to savor those warm days and cool nights. Take back your backyard and start enjoying fresh air without having to worry about these nuisances ruining your fun.
The products we carry are the best mosquito killers on the market and should be considered if you’re serious about eliminating your mosquito problem. Pest control professionals who are hired to exterminate mosquitoes don’t use your average department store mosquito killer spray. They use the professional-grade products we have in stock like mosqutio spray for yards such as Reclaim and Flex 10-10 as well as larvicides Altosid Pro-G. These mosquito killer products are easy-to-use and apply, so why not save money and do it yourself?


How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes (4 Step Guide)

Whether you have a small mosquito problem or a heavy infestation, we recommend a simple to execute 4-Step Solution:


mosquito identification

Knowing what a mosquito looks like and being sure that what you are dealing with is actually a mosquito infestation and not some other type of biting insect is important before proceeding with a control program. Mosquitoes are between 1/8 to 1/4th of an inch and can vary in color. They are a bloodsucking insect and often can be most easily identified by their annoying bite.


standing water

Mosquitoes need areas of standing water to breed so when conducting an inspection, you will need to look around for stagnant water as these are usually where mosquitoes will be hanging around. These include rain gutters, buckets, potted plants, bird baths, and areas in the yard that are susceptible to puddling.

applying larvicide to standing waterStep 3:
CONTROL Before getting into using chemical mosquito killer products, it’s best to lessen the appeal of your home to mosquitoes by eliminating what mosquitos love most: standing water. This is where mosquitos gather and where they lay eggs. Eliminate areas where water accumulates around your home and reduce unnecessary clutter. 

Apply larvacide like 
Altoside Pro G to areas where you cannot control standing water. Larvicide is a sort of growth control that prevents larvae from maturing into adult mosquitoes. Common places to apply larvicide are places where water doesn’t freely flow, including containerized ponds, animal watering troughs, flowering pots, etc.

Use an insecticide mosquito spray for yards, such as 
Reclaim IT, as well as an insect growth regulator (such as Pivot IGR) to spray around your yard using a hose end sprayer or backpack sprayer. For more serious infestations, use a misting system or a mist blower to spray on your lawn and your outdoor foliage.

For really heavy mosquito infestation, it may be best to treat them with an automatic mosquito misting system.
Misting systems are the ultimate mosquito killer and mosquito spray for yards. They are really convenient because they can be programmed remote control and you can set misting times and they will spray mosquito insecticide concentrate at those set times. We recommend using Flex 10-10 in mosquito misting systems.
repeat applications are recommended for preventionStep 4: PREVENTION  Be diligent about removing water sources around your home and structure. Conduct regular repeat sprayings around every 10-14 days to keep mosquitos away and reduce their population. These steps make your property less appealing for mosquitoes to gather at and build up a repelling effect overtime, so that you spray less often. We suggest making preventative applications in the beginning of spring, summer and fall to get year round control.


Why Buy from Solutions?

Solutions Pest & Lawn cares about you and your family having a comfortable and insect-free home.  We want to empower you with the tools to take care of your mosquito problem and that’s why we have created easy to follow how-to guides and helpful instructional videos to assist you in applying mosquito killers and handle mosquito yard sprays. We also have on-call experts, who have over 80+ years of mosquito killing experience, ready to deliver professional tips and advice. 

Professional Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are some of the most bothersome pests there are. During the warm summer months, mosquitoes can change the way in which you plan events and enjoy the great outdoors. While summer is ideal for getting together with friends and family, you might be hesitant to entertain when night comes around for fear that they will be bitten beyond compare. Besides that, you can never enjoy your backyard when you have mosquito populations around your home. Nobody wants to worry about their children getting bitten every time they go outside to play, but they also don’t want to keep them cooped up inside the house. Mosquitos can take over any party and ruin any moment.

Their bites are painful, itchy, and can scab over and leave scars. Some species of mosquitoes can also spread diseases like West Nile Virus and Yellow Fever, which isn’t just irritating, but also deadly. None of that sounds like a good time, and it’s important that mosquitoes aren’t near your home during the summer months to prevent all of these problems.

Over 2,500 types of mosquitoes exist throughout the world, and their development occurs in a four-stage life cycle. While some mosquito species are harmless, and can even be useful, many are just a nuisance. In appearance, mosquitoes resemble small gnats or flies, and only the female mosquitoes are ones who bite and suck the blood of their hosts. During the active season, a female can live for over a month and alternatively seek meals and sites fit to lay eggs. At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we can help you find the best mosquito control products and mosquito killers to help eliminate mosquitoes from your home and yard completely, so that you can enjoy your summer outdoors.


Mosquitoes are attracted to humans for a variety of reasons—heat, sweat, and even the color of your clothes—but as far as your backyard is concerned, the biggest culprit of breeding mosquitoes is standing water. This can be anything from a pipe not draining correctly to a pet’s water bowl. By removing or draining the pools of stagnant water around your home, you are already reducing the risk of mosquitoes on your property.

However, sometimes we can’t get away from the water. For those of us who live in swampy marshes or near lakes and streams, there’s no way to effectively rid yourself of the standing water around your home. Luckily, there are alternatives to getting rid of these mosquitoes that won’t harm the environment or your wallet.


Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn, we understand all too well your frustration with your mosquito infestation so, we have a variety of mosquito control products and mosquito killers geared towards ridding you of them once and for all. We sell everything from foggers to misting systems to destroy the mosquito population growing in your backyard. We also sell insecticides and mosquito spray for yards which you can use for specific spot control. However, as a general rule, we recommend using a combination of mosquito killer solutions to ensure that the mosquitoes infesting your backyard never return. The high-quality products we sell will be sure to get the job done and done right the first time, so you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes for the entire summer season.


Effective mosquito control is an ongoing, extensive process that involves planning and monitoring to reduce and eliminate mosquito populations on your property. The best mosquito control programs combine repellants with mosqutio killer insecticides and larvicides for the elimination of adult and developing mosquitos.

For professional exterminators who may want to invest in a proven method of eliminating mosquitoes, a Mosquito Fogger may be just the product for you. These foggers are perfect for forcing mosquitoes out of an outdoor area. In addition to the mosquito killer products, we also offer aerosol sprays, dusts, and granules that also work to eliminate mosquito populations around homes. All of our solutions pair well together, which works perfectly, since it is recommended that multiple control methods be employed when in the process of exterminating mosquitoes. No matter what you’re looking for, the variety of mosquito control products and mosquito killers offered by Solutions Pest & Lawn will ensure that you are not only provided with the right product, but that it also doesn’t break the bank. Our products fit every budget and lifestyle. Doing pest control yourself has never been easier when you have top-notch solutions all in one store that you can conveniently order from the comfort of your home.


The first step in mosquito control is knowing where to target your insecticide. Begin by inspecting to identify potential breeding sites on your property, and start mosquito control at the source. As we’ve mentioned, mosquitoes love standing water sources, and they are the preferred sites by females to lay their eggs. Therefore, ditches, creeks, ponds, pools, and sewers are all areas where you should begin checking for your mosquito infestation. If feasible, drain and clear out the standing water, because even in cases of seemingly small water collection, it can still be a breeding site that will attract mosquitoes and make your home a breeding ground.

If you believe that mosquitoes are breeding on your property, larvicide may be a product to invest in. Traditional mosquito control programs will only address the adult population, which leaves the developing eggs and larvae undisrupted for future re-infestations. A larvicide will stop the reproductive process and kill future populations of mosquitoes before they’re born. If breeding sites (standing water areas) are limited and controlled, a larvicide may not be necessary and combining adulticides and traps may be an effective means of control.

After you use one method of mosquito control, it’s best to use a second one. Mosquitoes are resilient pests, and many times need two methods of control to be fully exterminated in any given area. Repellents, liquid and aerosol insecticides, traps, and fogging systems can be used alone and in combination to effectively promote continued mosquito elimination in your backyard.

Initial and ongoing monitoring of the infested area is another critical element of mosquito control, as populations can quickly replenish, and mosquitos may travel up to a mile to feed and breed. Determine the extensiveness of an infestation by using light traps, dip counts and landing counts. If you find that after one treatment your mosquito problem is still persisting, you may want to try a different product line or type. Mosquitoes all respond differently to different extermination products, and some solutions that work well for one situation may not work as well for another. However, you should not get discouraged. At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we provide an array of control solutions for DIY mosquito treatments, as well as many bulk products for professional exterminators.


The best way to prevent mosquitoes in the future is to make your home as unattractive as possible—well, at least unattractive to mosquitoes. As the summer season
begins, you may also consider spraying your home with an insecticide or mosquito spray for yards for good measure. This will make your home virtually uninhabitable for mosquitoes. If you are able to prevent mosquitoes from even beginning an infestation in your home before the summer season even starts, you won’t have to deal with them the entire summer. By taking these steps, mosquitoes should steer clear of your house. However, if you do run into another mosquito infestation, Solutions Pest & Lawn will be right by your side to direct you to the products that fit your situation specifically and will get rid of every mosquito around. This way, you can fully enjoy your home’s yard without worrying about being bitten every time you step outside.


Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn, we know our products inside and out, and we can point you in the right direction to get exactly what you need. Whether you are planning an extravagant outdoor barbeque and don’t want guests to go home with an itch or you simply enjoy sitting outside and kicking back a beer with family on the porch, Solutions Pest & Lawn has all the products to make your mosquito nightmare vanish. Check out the solutions we have listed here, and be sure to give us a phone call and have our team of experts find the product that fits your needs exactly. No matter the situation, we will be able to find the perfect solution for your home.


Effective mosquito control is an ongoing, extensive process that involves planning and monitoring to reduce and eliminate mosquito populations on your property. The best mosquito control programs combine repellants with insecticides and larvicides for the elimination of adult and developing mosquitos. Over 2,500 types of mosquitos exist throughout the world, and development occurs in a four-stage life cycle. During the active season, a female can live for over a month and alternately seek meals and sites fit to lay eggs.

Begin by inspecting to Identify potential breeding sites on your property, and start mosquito control at the source. Ditches, creeks, ponds, pools, sewers and other standing water sources are the preferred sites sought by the females to lay their eggs. If feasible, drain and clear out the standing water, even in cases of seemingly small water collection, it can still be a breeding site. Traditional mosquito control programs will only address the adult population, which leaves the developing eggs and larvae undisrupted for future re-infestations. A larvicide will stop the reproductive process. Initial and ongoing monitoring is another critical element of mosquito control, as populations can quickly replenish, and mosquitos travel up to a mile to feed and breed. Determine the extensiveness of an infestation by using light traps, dip counts and landing counts.

Select a combination of mosquito control products based upon the circumstances of your infestation. If breeding sites are limited and controlled, a larvicide may not be necessary and combining mosquito spray for yards and traps may be an effective means of control. At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we provide an array of control products for DIY mosquito treatments. Repellents, liquid and mosquito killer aerosol insecticides, traps and fogging systems can be used alone and in combination to effectively promote continued mosquito elimination.


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The Solutions 4 Step Process In Detail

Identification: How To Identify Mosquitoes

While they are the most common flying pest that delivers an itchy bite, mosquitoes are not the only ones that do this. That is why when it comes to tackling a mosquito problem, it is best that you know what a mosquito looks like before proceeding with a solid control program. By studying your enemy, you will learn what it takes to destroy them.


In the US alone there are more than 170 different species of mosquitoes. While there are some variations in appearance, all mosquitoes have one irritating thing in common: the female mosquito requires a blood meal for the purpose of breeding and laying eggs.


Mosquito bites themselves where they take blood are actually not the source of the irritation but it is actually the saliva left behind when mosquitoes are taking blood that can be highly irritating and itchy. Couple this with the fact that mosquitoes are carriers of disease and parasite makes it all the more hazardous to encounter this flying pests and makes it imperative to do what you can to keep mosquitoes off of your property so you and your loved ones aren’t put at risk.


Most adult mosquitoes vary in size from a quarter of an inch to one-half of an inch. Mosquitoes have two wings and have hair-like scales which cover the entirety of their bodies. Despite being a flying insect, mosquitoes are terrible fliers compared to other flying insects. Some species of mosquitoes fly slowly and clumsily making them easily prone to being squashed.


Mosquitoes also are distinguishable via their long proboscis. The proboscis is designed in such a may to make it easy for mosquitoes to pierce skin and suck up blood.

Conducting a Mosquito Inspection

A mosquito inspection is usually not very tough since mosquitoes are usually out and about at prime activity times (typically in the late afternoon, early evenings). They are not hard to find at these times since they’ll be on the hunt for blood meals which as you may already know, is you. Aside from the active adult mosquitoes that are thirsty for blood, immature mosquitoes should be worried about.

Mosquitoes need water to breed and lay eggs. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in groups known as rafts or individually on the surface of the water. After the eggs hatch, the immature mosquito larvae start to swim down into the water. For this part of the mosquito life cycle they live aquatically until they are ready to transition into adulthood.

Female mosquitoes lay eggs after they’ve had their fill of blood and often do so in areas where there is stagnant water. The eggs watch in the water and the larvae pops out and soon enough you’ll be dealing with a new generation of annoying biters. By locating and either removing the areas of standing water or applying product to these areas you can significantly lessen the mosquito population on your property.

What many homeowners may not know is that their yard and area around their home could be a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially in places where rainwater settles, puddles get created and water accumulates.  By conducting a thorough inspection of your property, you can pinpoint the areas where water gets built up and stagnates which makes it a target for mosquito breeding. Some prime examples of mosquito breeding grounds where water can be left stagnated includes:

  • Bird baths

  • Flowering pots

  • Ponds or fountains

  • Debris filled gutters

  • Rain barrels

  • Dips in the yard where water can gather

  • Standing puddles

  • Doggie dishes

  • Shallow ponds

  • Abandoned or neglected swimming pools or hot tubs

  • Deep hollows in trees

  • Any item that can hold water for extended periods of time

Performing Mosquito Control

Eliminating mosquitoes during the peak times of the year where they are most active usually involves a combination of sanitation measures, eliminating areas of standing water and the use of mosquito control insecticide to be applied monthly or quarterly. Carrying out a consistent treatment plan will significantly reduce (but not totally eliminate) the presence of mosquitoes and will make it so you can enjoy your outdoor areas without the looming threat of mosquito bites.

While it is not feasible to expect 100% control of all mosquitoes with even the most diligent control measures, you can expect to see a drastic reduction of the mosquito population where their presence will be minimal at best and easily manageable  Below you can find out in detail the various phases of the control step.

Removing All Areas Where There Is Standing Water

If the mosquito inspection in step two was done properly, you will have found a number of ares around you home where there is standing water for potential for stagnant water, for instance, after rainfall (which is usually when mosquito presence is at its highest). As we mentioned earlier, these are all places where mosquitoes like to gather and breed.

If possible, it is highly recommended to remove standing water which has accumulated on items such as flowering pots, pet dishes, rain gutters, bird baths, etc. The water should be drained frequently on items such as these to prevent mosquitoes from selecting the area for breeding.

Adult mosquitoes are known to hide on the underside of leaves on trees and bushes. As a result, it is also recommended that trees and bushes should be trimmed and grass should be cut short to make the area less appealing to adult mosquitoes and reduce their hiding spaces.

Removing leaf litter in your yard is also important as they can gather moisture and be ideal places of mosquitoes to congregate and hide.

Address Mosquito Larvae by Using Mosquito Larvicide

Unfortunately, there are areas around the home where you may not be able to clear up the accumulated water. In these cases there is an alternative measure you can implement: mosquito larvicides. Larvicides work to as a form of birth control and hinder the development of immature mosquito larvae, preventing them from maturing into pesky blood-sucking adults.

Some areas which are good for applying larvicides include containerized ponds, animal watering troughs, flower pots and other areas that do not have flowing water. Water which can seep into the lawn and there is poor drainage or other bodies of water can also be treated with larvicides.

How often the larvicide should be applied will largely depend upon the larvicide product you have chosen and how much it has rained in your area. Solutions Pest & Lawn carries a number of different larvicide products which have different modes of action. One type is an insect growth regulator which attacks the growing larva with a juvenile growth hormone mimic which keeps the larva from developing into a mature adult. The second type of larvicide contains a special bacteria that affects the larva's ability to feed itself, thus causing starvation.

Larvicides also come in different formulations. You can use solid mosquito dunks or bricks, water soluble packets or granules. Which larvicide you choose will be based on the areas you are treating so it is important to read the product label prior to purchasing the product.

Controlling Mosquitoes In the Yard with Liquid Insecticide

Regular mosquito liquid sprayings and the usage of mosquito yard sprays should be conducted in the yard in order to significantly lower the number of biting adult mosquitoes. Solutions Pest & Lawn carries a wide variety of mosquito control insecticides so it is important to select one that is ideal for the parts of your property that you wish to treat.

For best possible results, you have to consider the optimal times of when to spray mosquito control applications. This can be done by observing the prime times when mosquitoes are most active around your home.

You may have observed more mosquito activity in the morning, early afternoon and in the evening time just as the sun is beginning to set while seeing less of a presence of mosquitoes during the middle of the day. This is largely due to the fact that adult mosquitoes tend to go into hiding during the parts of the day when the sun is beating the most to avoid the intense heat.

As we mentioned earlier, mosquitoes like to hide on the undersides of leaves on trees and bushes, in dense brush, tall grasses,under the overhangs on structures, under decks and in other moist shady areas during these hot times. By focusing your mosquito killer spray applications to these areas you will improve the effectiveness of your treatment efforts since you are armed with the knowledge that adult mosquitoes like to hang around these areas.

Again we must stress that when applying a mosquito spray in your yard, that you make sure you spray the underside of the leaves on the foliage you are treating. Simply spraying the tops of the leaves won’t do the trick.

If you live in a region of the country where the mosquito population is particularly high we strongly recommend you combine your mosquito spray yard insecticide with an insect growth regulator to form a serious mosquito killer. Insect growth regulators help to sterilize the mosquitoes and make it so mosquito eggs are unable to hatch and mature into an adult. The addition of the insect growth regulator can also help to reduce how often you need to re-treat your yard due to the reproduction cycle of the surrounding mosquitoes will have been disturbed.

Another suggestion for heavy mosquito infestations or if you do not have the time or wish to exert the effort in conducting regular mosquito treatments by hand, you can enlist the help of a automatic mosquito system to do the grunt work for you. Mosquito misting systems are a convenient item which you can set up around your home and program to mist out mosquito insecticide and your selected times to keep your home free of mosquito during those peak times you wish to spend outdoors.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has put together a convenient mosquito control kit which can save you time and make it easy for you to have all the right mosquito killer products you need for a full mosquito control program. Best of all, our mosquito kits come with a special guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied we will help you in some other way to make sure you get the mosquito control results you want.

Preventive Measures To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Once you have reduced the presence of mosquitoes and put a stop to the development of their dangerous infestations you can’t just sit idly by and get complacent. Preventative action must be taken to ensure they don’t make a full blown comeback. Here are some of our suggestions.

Maintain a regular sanitation routine. This will make your yard less conducive to mosquitoes who are looking for a place to gather, breed and feed. You can do this by making sure to cut your grass short on a routine basis, trim the trees and bushes to eliminate areas of shade.

Whenever it rains, make sure to empty any outdoor containers which fill up with rainwater and stay consistent with removing any yard debris and leaf litter whenever it gets built up. As mentioned in the control section, if any areas gather water that you cannot safely and easily remove, place larvicides in the bodies of water.

When mosquito season comes back around after winter make sure to spray a preventative mosquito killer treatment of your selected mosquito insecticide before your outdoor areas get overwhelmed with swarms of mosquitoes. We recommend applying a mosquito spray for yards quarterly for year-round control.

Make sure to keep all screen doors in good repair. Check all windows and door frames for gaps and openings then seal them if possible. If you are spending time outside for an extended amount of time, make sure to put on a mosquito repellent such as those containing DEET or permethrin.

By following all of these tips you will be able to properly protect your home, kill those terrible mosquitoes and be mosquito-free all year round! If you are in need of more drastic measures for mosquito control, consider using a mosquito fogger or an automatic misting system.


Don’t Waste Money On Ineffective Mosquito Controlsave money

In this day and age, there are a wide variety of options available to the homeowner for mosquito control. Just type “mosquito control” into google and you will get hundreds upon thousands of results for quick fixes. However, that doesn’t mean that everything you see will work.


Bug zappers and ultrasonic pest devices are both popular devices used for pest control around the home or business, but the results they deliver are often very disappointing and when looking at how much they cost, they aren’t worth the money spent on them.


While bug zappers can successfully zap some female mosquitoes that come into contact with these products, the majority of bugs attracted and killed by zappers are moths, beetles and other beneficial insects. Killing these bugs affects the food population for birds and other small animals that depend on these insects for survival.

Bug zappers have also proven to be unsafe inside homes because of the potential fire hazard created by a zapped bug. This is one of the main reasons why we at Solutions Pest & Lawn don’t carry bug zappers in our inventory.

Mosquito Control Solutions: The Various Options Available 

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a wide assortment of effective mosquito control products to help rid mosquitoes from around your property so you and your family can enjoy your yard for outdoor activities.

The solutions we carry have been tested and approved by longtime pest control experts and entomologists. If a product doesn’t work, we don’t carry it. While some treatment methods work via trapping and killing mosquitoes, other mosquito killer products target mosquito larvae and put a stop to the development. And even moresp there are mosquito sprays for yard which are used as a barrier treatment to keep mosquitoes away from the vicinity. 

When choosing what mosquito control option you should use for your home, here are some things you should consider:

*The size of the area needing treatment

*The budget you have to spend

*How the solution you choose affects the environment

To put together a solid DIY mosquito control program, the cost may run you a little bit over a hundred dollars at a minimum or it can be higher depending on the products or system you select. Either way, the cost will be significantly less than hiring an exterminator or pest control company to deal with the mosquito problem. 

We can assure you that whatever you do spend is a worthwhile investment as our products are guaranteed to deliver exception long term mosquito control if you follow our application instructions properly.

We carry several solid mosquito control solutions that can assist you in taking back control over your yard. These mosquito killer products can do wonders for you for the price, because your family will be able to enjoy quality time together without the threat of mosquito bites. Here are a few of the options available to you:


Mosquito Larvicides

Mosquitoes don’t become the blood-sucking pests we love to hate until they reach adulthood. With the help of mosquito larvicides, you can make sure mosquito eggs and larvae never mature to bite you.

Homes with ornamental ponds and other forms of stagnant water can turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can create an unsavory infestation in your yard. Since mosquitoes lay their eggs in water and the mosquito larvae stay in the water during their larval stage, inputting larvicides in those standing water areas is an excellent way of dealing with the mosquito population to come

Before inputting larvicides such as
Altosid Pro G Mosquito Larvacide or BTI Mosquito Briquettes Into stagnant water area, you should first see if you can just eliminate the stagnant water areas as this can make it so mosquitoes have less places to breed.

Larvicide should be used for areas or stagnant water which is difficult to remove or can’t be removed such as If you live near ditches with water that doesn’t flow properly, or if you have a pond, fountain or other outdoor water features.

These disks or briquettes contain Bacillus thuringiensis Israelensis (BTI), which is a natural insecticide specific to mosquito larvae and certain types of semi-aquatic flies, but is safe to use around other aquatic organisms and in bird baths. One briquette or disk can effectively control about a 100-foot square area for about 30 days. When replaced monthly,, these floating disks can assist you in depleting the mosquito population around your home.


Solutions Pest & Lawn carries a variety of mosquito misting systems for residential use. We carry both drum-based and tankless systems which use misting insecticides to kill and get rid of mosquitoes that dare to fly around your property

Drum-based mosquito misting systems contain an agitation cycle which keeps the insecticide mixed, while tankless mosquito misters mix the insecticide formula when activated. These mosquito misting systems spray a fine mist of insecticide that kills mosquitoes and other outdoor pests and are really convenient for those who would rather not put in the grunt work to keep mosquitoes away.

Some mosquito misters are programmed via using a switch, while others are operated using a remote control. Most include spray nozzles that can be mounted around the yard on fences or other outdoor areas.

Misting systems often use pyrethrin or permethrin in the misting concentrates. Pyrethrin is a non-toxic insecticide made from certain varieties of chrysanthemums so it’s a safe natural insecticide that won’t harm you or your pets.

Permethrin is a synthetic, low-toxicity insecticide made from pyrethrin botanicals. Humans and pets may come into contact with these products by touching plants in the treated area or inhaling the mist, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers them a low risk. 

While mosquito misting systems are on the expensive size, if you can afford it, they are well worth the investment as they will make it so much easier to keep mosquitoes away from your property so you can enjoy what your yard has to offer in leisure.


IPM Is a Big Part Of Successful Mosquito Control

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an approach that is both environmentally-conscious and reduces the use of utilizing too much pesticides for mosquito control. 

The idea behind IPM is to control pests like mosquitoes and keep them at a tolerable level without completely eradicating the pests. To practice IPM, you can start by using the simplest and least intrusive measures of control to control the mosquito populations such as reducing stagnant water areas like we mentioned earlier.
IPM only calls for using mosquito killing insecticides when it’s absolutely necessary and keeps it to a minimum. While chemical insecticides may quickly put a stop to mosquito infestations, they can also potentially kill beneficial insects, harm the environment, and pose a toxic hazard to your family.

Bats and birds feed on mosquitoes, so building bat houses and placing bird feeders around your home can be a great non-toxic way of dealing with an infestation by attracting these animals to your home. A single bat can devour up to 1,000 mosquitoes in an hour! While some people may be creeped out by the idea of bats in their yard, they are actually quite beneficial creatures.

Mosquitoes are an essential part of the Ecosystemmosquito essential

You may believe mosquitoes to be just a hazardous and dangerous pest which carries no value, but they actually do. While it is important to control mosquitoes to reduce the spread of the viruses they may carry, like all creatures, mosquitoes have a place in the ecosystem.

For instance, mosquito larvae and adults are an essential part of the food chain for animals. Because mosquitoes lay eggs in water, their larvae makes for a tasty treat for fishes, frogs and other aquatic creatures.

Adult mosquitoes are among the main foods in the diets for bats, spiders, dragonflies, and birds. Their role on the bottom of the food chain makes them essential to wildlife survival.

As much as you hate mosquitoes, them being completely wiped off the face of the earth would cause a detrimental effect on the world’s ecosystem. After learning this, we’re sure you want them to have a place in the world, just not in your yard!

A combination of Mosquito Control Options Works Best

To achieve the best possible results in achieve mosquito control around your home, it is recommended to use a combination of control methods, because relying on a single product or mosquito killer method does not usually work in keeping mosquito populations under control.

A good mixture of mosquito control methods include using larvicide control methods for ponds, keeping weed growth and grass growth down around the property, eliminating areas of standing water, and using a solid mosquito control insecticide solution around the home.


Thankfully we carry a good mixture of mosquito control products in our solutions mosquito control kit. This kit not only has everything you need to carry out an excellent mosquito control program on your property, it also comes with our Solutions Guarantee. If you don’t see the desired results after using our products according to our instructions, we will present you another option for free or give you your money back!

Achieving mosquito control makes it so you and your family can enjoy your yard with peace of mind, knowing your family is safe from the threat and annoyance of mosquitoes

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we have all the mosquito control options you need to help you make your backyard disease and mosquito-free. Shop our online store now for mosquito trap options, or contact our team to learn more about the best ways to control mosquitoes and other problem pests around your home.

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