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Mosquito Misting Systems

Are you ready to get serious about mosquito control? Then look no further than trying a mosquito misting system. Mosquitoes can get out of hand pretty fast on a property and it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Aside from being blood-sucking irritants, they can become a hazard to our lives by carrying viruses like Zika and West Nile. Solutions carries various mosquito misting systems that are used by professionals to treat for mosquitoes. Now you can do-it-yourself and reclaim your yard so you can enjoy your backyard, patio, or pool without worrying about mosquitoes ruining things.

Mosquito misting systems like the MISTAWAY GEN 1.3 SYSTEM or Mistaway Gen III Plus make it easy to control pestering mosquitoes on your property because they work on a timed system, dispensing a controlled amount of insecticide concentrate for a selected duration. Mosquito misting systems are perfect for very large yards and properties and Solutions Pest and Lawn has everything you need to set up, use and maintain a mosquito misting system yourself.


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Why Buy These Products

Why Mosquito Misting Systems are so Effective


A mosquito misting system typically consists of a multi-gallon tank which houses your preferred insecticide product, which we recommend a pyrethrin concentrate like Stryker 5-25. Rubber tubing runs along from the reservoir tank to nozzles that you can place wherever necessary, such as along the perimeter or fencing of your backyard and any other area known to have heavy mosquito activity. A timer can be set on your mosquito misting system which allows the mister to run on its own and be applied anytime you desire to control mosquitos. 


How to Apply a Mosquito Misting System

Mosquito Misting Systems can be very simple to apply to get rid of your mosquito problems but it is very important to know how to approach using the system and avoid making mistakes. Here are some steps to keep in mind so your mosquito misting system can be used effectively and safely on your property.


Step 1: Take note of the optimum times the mosquito population is active in your area. Knowing the key hours that mosquitoes are present will help you to determine the best time to apply your mister so the mosquito misting system achieves the maximum control.


Step 2: Install the misting system of your choosing to your home according to the instructions provided with the product. Read the labels carefully.


Step 3: Schedule a mist. Our misting systems are controlled by a digital timer with a remote control. These digital timers are very easy to use, highly reliable, and include a backup battery in case of power failure. When using the remote control, you are able to initiate an unscheduled mist, turn the system on, and turn the system off.

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Mist Away Pesky Mosquitoes With Our Mosquito Misting SystemsMisting Systems


Instead of letting the bloodsuckers run you back inside when you’re trying to enjoy fresh air out in your yard, how about getting rid of mosquitoes for good? The latest in technology has new homeowners installing mosquito misting system which repel mosquitoes right in their yard.


You put a lot of time and money into your yard and a yard is meant to be enjoyed. So it’s especially frustrating when mosquitoes have to rain on your parade, covering you and your family in itchy bites and making a good time absolutely miserable.


If you have a swimming pool, a fountain or live near a lake, your outdoor fun would be drastically limited because all of these perks turn into nightmares since they make the perfect mosquito breeding ground, that is, until you take a serious measure to address the swarms with the installation of an automatic mosquito misting system.


Mosquito Misting Systems, make it so you place misting nozzles all around your home which will spray misting repellent and insecticide to kill off those mosquitoes and keep them away, especially during those times you want to have a get together in your yard, swim in the pool or eat dinner. The dozens of nozzles placed around the yard are connected to a timer which releases the mosquito misting insecticide multiple times a day whenever you choose to program them to release.


The misting chemicals used by mosquito misting systems mainly are based with pyrethrin, a safe and natural chemical used as an insecticide for many decades in the pest control industry and gives off a natural flowery smell. The result? A yard free of mosquitoes and a homeowner eager to venture outside.


The insecticide isn’t harmful to your family or your plants, only to the mosquitoes it’s targeted to kill. You can even feel comfortable letting your dog run out in the yard.


While some may complain that installing a mosquito misting system in your yard is quite expensive, you can’t really put a price on vanishing the blood sucking mosquitoes from your yard for as long as you have the system.


The Answer For Mosquito Control In The Summertime


In the summer when the weather starts getting nice and people actually want to go out on their porches and patios in the evening unfortunately have to deal with fighting off mosquitoes and as you already know, citronella candles, torches and similar cheap fixes often do not work especially in warmer and more humid areas where mosquitoes are a major problem.


Fortunately, the number one answer to such an tremendously agitating summer issue is mosquito misting systems,  hands down.

 Cost of a Mosquito Misting System

Mosquito misting systems are the best solution to eliminate swaths of bloodthirsty mosquitoes who are infamous for messing up picnics, barbecues and various other family fun gatherings in the summer season.  So it’s practically a no-brainer that we here at Solutions Pest & Lawn not only carry such a product but offer it with our highest recommendations to anyone who wants to have a summer free of mosquito bites.


Whatever area around your home that you would like to be a mosquito free zone, simply installing an automatic mosquito misting system can have you experiencing bite free living whenever you are outdoors and enjoying your yard.


Mosquito Misting Systems Are A Great Alternative To Using DEET

As you may know, the threat of mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus has been in headlines and has a lot of people concerned. Especially in areas where it rains often and there are flash flood warnings, the Zika virus tends to be a bigger problem in such areas as a result of the abundance of water, which is the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes  As such, citizens have a great worry that mosquitoes are spreading this virus and don’t want to take chances against mosquito infestations around their residences or businesses.


Due to this growing epidemic, many are looking to address the issue by heading to their local stores to buy mosquito repellents to keep mosquitoes away and are performing do-it-yourself mosquito control. However, the methods that are used, such as candles and repellent sprays are not only not an effective solution, they can also be harmful to your body because of toxic chemicals.


The most prevalent and most toxic ingredient when it comes to insect repellents is known as DEET. DEET is a brand of diethyltoluamide, a colorless oily liquid with a mild odor, used as an insect repellent. While it can keep mosquitoes away for some without any problem, for some people, namely young children, it has the potential to be harmful and present troublesome side effects.


There has to be a safer solution then slathering your body and your clothes with chemicals that your skin may not react well to and mosquito misting systems is by far, from our own humble opinion, the best solution when it comes to safety in addressing mosquito infestations.


We have had a lot of experience with mosquito misting systems and our experts state that if you really want to take on a mosquito problem, this is the best way to do so without having to carry out labor intensive DIY mosquito control programs. Simply set up a mosquito misting system, program it to your preferences and specific times you’d like it to mist, and that’s really all there is to it.


Misting setup on fenceThe Pluses of Having a Mosquito Misting System

Mosquito Misting Systems were originally made for farms and agricultural sites to protect livestock from pesky flies and mosquitoes which liked to feast on cattle and horses but in recent years they’ve become a popular item for residential homeowners who want the convenience of enjoying their yard without the threat of mosquito bites.

Mosquito Misting Systems are a great form of mosquito control because they don’t involve much work on the part of the owner of the system after installation. Mosquito control for a homeowner usually would entail the hiring of exterminators who would charge high dollar amounts to spray around the home or would be labor intensive for a DIYer who would have to manually spray chemicals around on a regular basis whenever they wanted to spend time outdoors.


The biggest advantage of a mosquito misting system is that you can operate it remotely and schedule times when the misting system would spray mosquito insecticides in the area. Outside of making the homeowner’s yard more enjoyable, mosquito misting systems main value comes from protecting a homeowner, the homeowner’s family and guests from:


  1. The number of harmful viruses and diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, like Zika, West Nile etc.

  2. Harmful mosquito control pesticides which leave a strong unpleasant odor and unsightly residue.


Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to carry some of the best mosquito misting systems on the market, and while you could find the misting systems we offer from another dealer, there is a reason why buying a automatic mosquito system from us is the best option to take because we offer some outstanding perks you won’t find anywhere else:

  • We have the extensive knowledge and experience required to put together a mosquito system that is fine tailored to your property.

  • We have the industry expertise and training about the various misting insecticides and concentrates that can be used for mosquito misting systems and can determine which product can be the best for your situation.

  • We can deliver to you expert DIY advice and instructions so you can operate, manage and maintain the mosquito misting system yourself and not have any issues.


What Does a Mosquito Misting System Comprise Of?

Mosquito misting systems are primarily comprised of a reservoir for insecticide concentrates, a motor and pump assembly, a timer which comes with a remote, tubing so the misting concentrate can travel and and a number of misting nozzles which you can strategically place around your property--be it around your garden, along a fence, or under your eaves.


With the help of a remote control transmitter, you can set up and schedule when you want the mosquito misting system to operate. When the mosquito misting system is in action,  the set up misting nozzles will apply a fine “mist” of your selected pesticide which will eliminate mosquitoes, spiders, flies or any other insect that can be targeted by the concentrate and is unlucky enough to come into contact with said mist.

How Does A Mosquito Misting System Work To Control Mosquitoes?

Mosquito misting systems work by sending a mist of evaporating water and chemical mixture into the air. The water goes through a high pressure pump with tubing through either a stainless steel or brass mosquito misting nozzles that are small and inconspicuous at about 5 micrometers long. The small hole from the nozzle produces a mist as liquid solution comes through it.


The mosquito mist systems we carry are often filled with  non-toxic insecticides that have natural ingredients which mixes with the water to knock down flying pests such as mosquitoes who are hovering around your outdoor area and keeps them from venturing inside of your home or business structure.


The mosquito misting systems are either tank-less or drum based and can even be activated by remote control or be placed on a programed timer to spray the misting concentrate solution multiple times a day based on your choosing and preference.

The active ingredient used in mosquito misting systems such as Sector Mosquito Misting System Chemical or Stryker 5-25 Misting Concentrate is a chemical by the name of pyrethrin. Pyrethrin is environmentally friendly and safe chemical which can be sprayed around adults, young children, babies and pets because it is extracted from the chrysanthemum flower.


When we install your mosquito misting system, the tank-less system has the ability for you to change the amount of insecticide that’s being used to spray.


The drum based mosquito misting system is made out of plastic and comes with a waterproof cover. When the drum based mosquito misting system is installed and turned on, it cycles the solution of insecticide and water to ensure the misting is distributed evenly for the best possible results in eliminating mosquitoes and flying pests from your home or residence.


Our Misting System Manufacturers

Solutions Pest & Lawn carries two different types of mosquito misting systems. One is the Coastal Mister manufactured by Coastal Mosquito in Houston, Texas. The second is the MistAway Mosquito Misting System by MistAway Systems, also located in Houston, Texas.  Both of these great systems feature digital timers that are simple to set up and conveniently easy to operate. The setup to install either of these items are also very easily and do not take a lot of time. You can be up and running with your misting system in a few short hours.


Mosquito Misting System Nozzlesmisting nozzle

For your convenience, Solutions Pest and Lawn also carries different nozzle sections as well as multiple tubing colors which you can customize and get a color that matches and blends with your home. When it comes to nozzles, we offer both hago nozzles and slim-line nozzles. However, at Solutions Pest & Lawn we are quite partial to the slimline nozzles over the Hago nozzles because they are smaller and more subtle and shoot their mist out with better flow. Slimline nozzles can be concealed better behind fencing and eaves.


Either way, we offer both nozzles and different tubing varieties so you can customize your mosquito misting system accessories to your preference.


Are you enticed enough yet? Browse our variety of Mosquito Misting Systems on this page and order yourself a mosquito misting system for your home today.


For more information about our mosquito misting systems and how they can be a great fixture for your home, give us a call or contact us online via live chat or email. We would be more than happy to help you with your mosquito misting system needs.


For more informative resources in regards to mosquito control, please check out our residential mosquito control page.

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