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Naprovit Pro Plus Natural Misting Chemical

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Unlike most other insect control products which contain highly toxic products that are harmful to humans and pets, all of Natural Misting Solutions products are produced from natural ingredients and have been shown by independent lab tests to be non-toxic.

Target Pests

All-natural Naprovit PRO Plus™ controls mosquitoes spiders wasps hornets midges (No-see-ums) gnats and many other types of small flying insects on contact. Unlike traditional insecticides which contain dangerous carcinogens and toxins

For Use In

Indoor or outdoor areas.


Dilute the entire 64 ounce bottle with 54.5 gallons of water. Place mixture in a sprayer. Spray desired surface.

Time to Kill

kills flying insects on contact, easily controlling the pest population in any area

Active Ingredient

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - 8.0% , Soybean Oil - 2.0% , Corn Oil - 1.0%

Naprovit Pro Plus Natural Misting Chemical

What People are Saying:


“I put Naprovit in my misting tank and immediately noticed a difference. It worked better than the toxic insecticide I was previously using and also noticed less clogged nozzles. Recommended.” – Cort W


“We’ve been using the product for two months and very impressed with the results!” – Tommy M




When it comes to pest control, prevention is the best policy. Many homeowners already know that the secret to preventing infestation of insects, whether it is a mosquito or cockroach infestation, is to always be prepared for the season when these pests will start to target your home. 


Thankfully, at Solutions Pest and Lawn, we offer all the professional products used by pesticide companies for a fraction of the price that they charge, from IGRs that give long residual control, to perimeter treatments that stop these pests from entering your home, in our store you can find all the product you need to stop an insect infestation before it happens.


Many homeowners have smartly equipped their homes with outdoor misting equipment that provide residual control and automatic treatment of pests such as mosquitoes outdoors on a daily basis and during the seasons when they are most active.


If you happen to own an outdoor mosquito misting system and are looking for safe to use concentrate to use alongside this equipment Naprovit Pro Plus is an excellent choice that is safe to use around pets, humans, and aquatic wildlife.




 • Created by Natural Misting Solutions, you get a product that has been expertly created to give you the highest quality available with all-natural ingredients that do   not have possible carcinogens or dangerous toxins.


 • Compromised of 8% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, 2% Soybean oil, and 1% Corn oil, all these natural active ingredients provide a different mode of action that interrupts the respiratory system of insects ultimately suffocating them without the use of toxins.


 • This completely odorless product is also non-staining, non-combustible, non-fuming, non-corrosive, and non-flammable; giving you a completely safe product to use around your family and your pets.


 • This product being a non-toxic biodegradable misting compound is a minimum risk pesticide and all ingredients are compliant with the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) FIFRA 25(b) exemption from being registered as a pesticide.


 • Even though it does not contain potent chemicals, it still has an amazing success rate when it comes to mosquitoes, an investigation showed that misting systems that used this product generated a mortality rate of 77% against female mosquitoes in commercial and residential misting systems.


 • This product is a time-saver in that because it does not has harmful toxins, maintenance of your mosquito misting system is simple, using this product you do not need to clean or rinse your tank, you do not need to change your filter, and there is no need to flush your line.


 • Plus when this product is applied it leaves no stickiness on eaves or windows, no residue on the tank, and does not clog your nozzles, and it can even remove oxidation from your misting equipment.


 • This product comes in a 64-ounce bottle that should yield for numerous applications with any residential or commercial misting equipment.


Purchase Naprovit Pro Plus Natural Misting Chemical Today and get Free Shipping! Perfect to use Outdoors and Indoors with misting equipment!

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This product is labeled to be used outdoors near structures, livestock, ponds, shrubs, fruit trees, shade trees, homes, barns, stables, vehicles, amphitheaters, backyards, circuses, corrals, dog houses, gardens, kennels, parks, stables, animal shelters, barns, compost heaps, country clubs, dumpsters, gazebos, landfills, patios, stadiums, amusement parks, boardwalks, concession stands, day care facilities, fairgrounds, golf courses, manure piles, playgrounds, tool sheds, athletic fields, campgrounds, construction sites, docks, feedlots, gun ranges, marinas, restaurants, and zoos.


This product can be used indoors in animal shelters, boat houses, daycare, fruit packing, kitchens, mobile homes, ship holds, attics, cafeterias, dog houses, garages, locker rooms, poultry houses, stables, bakeries, canneries, factories, grain elevators, meat packing, restaurants, tool sheds, barns, concession stands, food processing plants, kennels, mess halls, schools, and warehouses.




This product is labeled to target mosquitoes, lice, crickets, fruit flies, fleas, gnats, midges, moths, wasps, hornets, spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches, silverfish, palmetto bugs, and yellow jackets.




Remember that’s the law that you read the whole label including instructions, precautions, and warnings before using or applying this product and remember that it is mandatory that you wear the appropriate personal protective equipment stated on the label (click here to buy personal protective equipment).


Remember that you will need a mosquito misting system to use this product (click here to browse our misting systems).


This product can also be used with a handheld sprayer. If using with a handheld sprayer mix at a rate of 1.2 ounces of product per each gallon of water.


To use this product with misting system mix at a rate of 64 ounces of this product with 54.5 gallons of fresh water for distribution through a misting system.


As this product is non-toxic to humans, pets, or aquatic life there is no need to remove people or animals prior to application from treated areas. Food processing plants also do not need to interrupted when applying this product. There is also no precaution in spraying where there is food or drink, however direct application in this manner should be avoided. 


An automatic misting system dilution table is found on the label depending on the tank size of your misting equipment. The following sizes and mixed rates are the following:


For a 20-gallon size tank mix at a rate of 23 ounces of the product per 20 gallons of water.


For a 35-gallon size tank mix at a rate of 41 ounces of the product per 35 gallons of water.


For a 55-gallon size tank mix at a rate of 64 ounces of the product per 55 gallons of water.


For 125-gallon size tank mix at a rate of 145 ounces of the product per 125 gallons of water.


For partial tank refills add 1.2 ounces of the product per each gallon of water added to the tank. Fill the tank with water first, then add the product to minimize foaming.


This is product gives the following recommended misting patterns to treat for mosquitoes and flying insects in your property. 


• Minimum 5 times per day in the evening.

• Minimum 30 seconds misting.

• 45 minutes between mists.

• Start cycle 30 minutes before dusk.


This product also has no special precautions when misting indoors as it is both safe for humans and pets.




This powerful biodegradable non-toxic misting compound created by Natural Misting Solutions will provide excellent mosquito control with independent studies yielding 77% mortality rates of mosquitoes when used in commercial and residential misting equipment.


This product is safe to use around humans, pets, aquatic life, and plants and is non-staining, non-combustible, non-fuming, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and non-flammable. 


If you’re looking for an all-natural misting compound to use alongside your misting equipment, this is the product that will get the job done.


Purchase Naprovit Pro Plus Today and Get Free Shipping! Perfect to use indoors and outdoors with misting equipment!

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Product Q & A

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Browse 4 questions Browse 4 questions and 4 answers
Does this product have residual properties?
A shopper on May 10, 2018
BEST ANSWER: No, Naprovit will kill what it comes in contact with and then it is completely gone.
Where and what are you supposed to spray? I have very big yard and need to get rid of mosquitos. Is it like an invisible barrier?
A shopper on Jun 2, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Naprovit is meant to be used in a Mosquito Misting System.

If you want to spray a natural product for mosquito control, then you can apply Essentria IC3.

Is this product effective in backpack blowers and tank sprayers.?
A shopper on May 23, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The Naprovit can be mixed at a rate of 1.2 oz of product per gallon of water, however, the product is not used in a ULV fogger system or evaporative cooling systems.
Was wondering if this is considered all natural and if I can use this in New York, nothing else is allowed.
Asheley on May 24, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, due to its organic makeup it would be allowed in the state of New York.

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My thoughts about Naprovit
We’ been using the product for two months and very impressed with the results!
January 5, 2018
1 year ago
Killed Mosquitos
Worked pretty well in my misting system, because we are concerned about misting any other chemical I am cool with a little less control with this product.
May 24, 2017
Great Product
I put Naprovit in my misting tank and immediately noticed a difference. It worked better than the toxic insecticide I was previously using and also noticed less clogged nozzles. Recommended.
November 20, 2012

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