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How to Get Rid of Dead Animal Smells

Finding a dead animal inside your home isn’t a situation anyone would want to get into. However, every homeowner has to face this problem at some point. Small animals often enter your home through inlets in the house structure, such as attic or basement, in search of shelter and food. However, they can become a nuisance if they die inside your home premises.

If you notice a dead animal inside your house, throw it away without delay. Small animals such as rodents, possums and raccoons prefer to hide underneath your house or behind different objects. Therefore, you can’t notice them easily. However, the following signs can indicate there is a dead animal inside your house.

  • A strong stench inside and outside your house

  • Stains on floor or walls

  • Swarms of flies in a particular area

If you don’t want to put your health at risk, disposing off the carcass should be your top priority. The most common method is to bury them in your backyard. You can keep dead animals in sealed plastic bags and throw them in the garbage bin. You can also contact professional animal control services to get rid of them. Get in touch with the local authorities to know about the legal ways of discarding dead animals.

Methods to Get Rid of Dead Animal Smell

Even after you’ve thrown away the dead animal, the terrible smell may linger for long. Here are some remedies that can help you with the removal of this nauseating smell.

  • Allow Fresh Air

Allow fresh air to enter the space after throwing away the carcass. Open doors and windows and turn the fans on to increase ventilation and air flow. Use multiple fans to quickly take away the airborne odor molecules. These fans will bring fresh air inside the home and direct stale air out in no time.

Humidity also causes the smell to stay in the air for longer. Aside from increasing the airflow, a dehumidifier will also benefit you in this regard. It controls humidity and significantly reduces the irritating smell.

  • Thoroughly Wash the Space

Once you’ve gotten rid of the dead animal, you should thoroughly wash the space. It improves hygiene conditions and allows you to remove the lingering smell. Use a garden hose to clean the indoor or outdoor area, if it is paved.

  • Use Vinegar

Vinegar does wonders when it comes to getting rid of the irritating smell from a dead animal. Take a large amount of white vinegar and combine it with equal parts water. Pour the mixture on the affected area and leave it for some time. Now pat it dry with the help of a clean cloth. You can use the liquid on any surface such as carpets, attic or upholstery. However, refrain from applying it on certain natural stones, such as marble, to keep it intact.

Vinegar is an effective disinfectant that removes odors and keeps you safe from potential health risks. Instead of pouring the liquid on the surface, you can also keep the mixture of vinegar and water in plastic cups to introduce a pleasant smell in your surroundings.

  • Spray Baking Soda Solution

Baking soda acts as a great deodorant to get rid of smells. After throwing away the carcass, clean the surface with baking soda. Mix it with water and keep the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray the whole area 2 to 3 times a day. Keep it away from the reach of young children and your pets, since its consumption can be harmful.

  • Place Coffee Grounds

Coffee is present in almost every household. Use some coffee grounds or coffee filter packs to get rid of the unpleasant odor. Enclose them in small plastic packets and keep them in the affected space. It will overcome the smell of dead animal. It is a convenient way of refreshing the air without hassle.

  • Make Use of Organic Cleaners

It’s a common practice to use chemical cleaners in order to get rid of smell from dead animals. However, you should opt for alternative methods, owing to their negative consequences. If young children or even adults consume these chemicals, their lives will be at stake. Nowadays, natural cleaning products are widely available in market. These products are safe to use and improve the hygiene conditions in your house.

Organic cleaning products are prepared from natural ingredients and are citrus or pine scented. These cleaners disinfect the space and replace the odor with a fresh scent. Moreover, they keep you from worrying about the safety of your family by maintaining a healthy environment.

  • Keep Charcoal Briquettes

Using a charcoal briquette is another simple method of getting rid of the smell from dead animals. Get some briquettes and keep them at different locations in your home. It eliminates all sorts of stubborn odors from your home and keeps the air fresh and healthy.

Preventive Measures to Keep Small Animals Away from Your Home

Here are some measures to prevent the entry of animals in your house in the first place.

  • Seal holes and cracks, since they are the main entry points for small animals.

  • Take immediate actions if you hear sounds of scratching or tapping behind walls.

  • Keep your surroundings clean. Don’t let water stand outside your house.

  • Don’t leave fallen fruits or vegetables in your garden. They’ll attract rodents and other wildlife.

  • Regularly trim the plants and grass in your garden so that these animals don’t have any hiding places.

Solutions Pest & Lawn Can Help You Eliminate Animal Smells

Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn, we have a broad selection of problems that can deal with foul animal odors—from skunks to rodents and everything in between. To clear up the smell of a dead mouse, we recommend Rat Sorb Odor Eliminator for rodents. Other highly suggested products we have in stock are Nature's Air Sponge Odor Eliminator or Earth Care Odor Removal Bag. These products are easy to use and work quickly to take that terrible odor away.


While a dead animal may be no longer creating a problem in your home after death, their odor can definitely linger if nothing is done about it. With the help of our tips and product recommendations, you should no longer have to deal with the stench of a dead animal. For more helpful information, please reach out to us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us on our website.


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