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Rat Sorb Odor Eliminator

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Use Rat Sorb to control those rancid, foul odors caused by decaying rodent carcasses inside walls, attics, and in other hard to reach areas. Simply use a cotton ball and soak it in Rat Sorb. Place cotton ball in wall, attic, etc. Use several cotton balls for bad odors.

Target Pests

Rat Sorb is easy to use and it quickly eliminates odors caused by dead animals waste urine feces and other obnoxious odors created by animals and rodents.

For Use In

Use several cotton balls for bad odors. Cotton balls soaked in Rat Sorb can be placed inside walls through electrical switch plates plumbing accesses or make your own small hole. Rat Sorb can also be diluted with water and sprayed on concrete carpet wood etc.


Rat Sorb is easy to use and it quickly eliminates odors caused by dead animals, waste, urine, feces and other obnoxious odors created by animals and rodents.

Rat Sorb may be easily used by liberally moistening cotton balls with Rat Sorb and placing them near the source of the odor.

Do not place on areas that could be easily stained.

When odors are severe use several cotton balls to eliminate odors.

The Cotton balls that have been soaked in Ratsorb can be placed inside walls through electrical switch plates, any utility access or make your own small hole.

Ratsorb may also be diluted with water and sprayed on and into areas like concrete, carpet or wood.

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Rat Sorb Odor Eliminator

Product Q & A

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Is rat sorb poisons to my pets?
A shopper on Apr 22, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes it works as advertised,clearing the odor. As far as being poison to pets, I don't think so but the pets probably should not consume ,licking or chewing on the area. It was not harmful to me when applied into the walls. I smelled it so I invested particles. But am I right to start with? Use it , it works
I’m a pest applicator for a school district. We’ve used your product before and it worked great! We’re can we purchase some more?
A shopper on Feb 9, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The orders can be placed on our direct website or you can call us and place an order over the phone.
What ratio should I use to dilute with water and spray on concrete?
Jack N on Feb 3, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The Rat Sorb can be mixed with 32 oz of water make sure to agitate the container frequently. It can also be used by soaking a cotton ball and placing the cotton ball in the areas that we have the odor.
Is it safe around pets?
A shopper on Nov 12, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Rat sorb is safe to use around pets, it is meant to be placed as close to the smell as possible. Applied to a cotton ball and thrown into crawls spaces, can be dropped down wall voids to help absorb and neutralize the odor from rodent carcasses.
would this get the smell of rat pee out of a car because i have a old car and rats got in it and peed in it and i need something to get the smell out
Brandon on Apr 27, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No rat sorb will not work to eliminate Urine smell, Bacazap and earthcare bags would be my recommendation.

What is it made of
j on Jan 31, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Rat Sorb is a custom and proprietary blend of fragrant oils that is specifically designed to blend with and mask the odors caused by decaying animals.
Dmitry on Jun 17, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Test Answer

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I love Rat Sorb !!!!!!
Rat sorb is a pleasant deodorant that freshens the air. I am completely satisfied with the results and I would highly recommend this to everyone, it works well in my RV too. I just put a small amount on a cotton ball,placed it in the bathroom and the toilet Oder is gone. My storage room was musty- rodent smelling,not any more! I used rat poison to control the infestation, unfortunately they died in my walls, rat sorb to the rescue!This product is worth every penny, a little goes a long way ! I would buy this product again in a heartbeat. Thank you very much for my Oder solutions!!
May 17, 2018
2 months ago
June 17, 2016
I've had a mouse smell in my basement bathroom and bedroom next to it for 2 years. I found Rat Sorb while searching the internet and read the reviews. I am so glad I did!! I finally found something that really works. I applied it 2 weeks ago and I can faintly smell the mice smell again. I will be putting more down in the basement soon. Very please with this product.
August 28, 2015
Living in Vegas is great but the rats are horrible! I purchased this kit and its almost like they disappeared. I am so happy and it only took 2 weeks! One less thing to worry about.
January 13, 2015
Rat Sorb Works!
I had an infestation of mice after the building next door did some reconstruction. I used various methods to get rid of the mice, resulting in some mice dying in the walls. I used a few drops near the smell and within a day, the smell was less noticeable and had completed disappeared by the second day.
May 30, 2014
Best product to eliminate odors
Works for rats
April 24, 2014
Works but not 100%
Yes it worked, but I didn't have as good of a experience as everyone else. I had a rat die under the house and probably in a wall. We could only narrow it down to the bathroom. So I had Rat Sorb in (3) cups in the bathroom, (1) in the bedroom and a few more through out the house. I used a total of (2) 1 oz bottles. It helped but took three weeks to completely clear up. It really stunk. We had to stay out of town a couple days. ePest Solutions is the place to buy it though. Bought my 1st bottle at the local feed store @ $15.95 a bottle. Just about twice as high as ePest. Have already ordered some rat bait boxes. I'll be a customer for the rest of my pest control products.
March 7, 2014
Smell vanished
The best product ever... the dead rat smell was unbearable...after using the rat sorb, within 10 minutes, the room was virtually dead smell free.
November 30, 2013
Eliminates Odor!!!
Our small dog was sprayed by a skunk and the odor in the house was horrible just from bringing her inside to clean her off in the shower. We put a couple tablespoons of Rat Sorb in 3 spots in the house and within a day the odor was gone. Unbelievable!
November 25, 2011

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