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Hose Reelshose reel from cox reel

An effective spraying rig comes with all the components that help it to run like a well-oiled machine. You have to have your motor, you need your hose, but what good are any of those items if you don’t have a durable, well-built hose reel to hold everything together and keep your skid sprayer organized for those landscape and pest control spraying jobs?

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we carry a wide assortment of the best hose reels on the market so you can custom make and maintain a top notch skid sprayer that is designed to easily tackle even the toughest landscaping and pest control applications.

Most of the reels we carry in our inventory are from CoxReels, because why bother with the rest when you have the best? Solutions Pest & Lawn has worked with CoxReels a long time and we know from experience, they know how to make a quality hose reel which is why we use them exclusively when we are putting together custom spraying rig orders for our customers.

CoxReels is a trusted manufacturer that makes hose reels that are both durable and dependable.These reels can easily roll up between 100 to 200 feet of hose, depending on how thick the hose is. When combined with a high-quality tank and pump, a CoxReel hose reel will deliver satisfying results. Having a sturdy hose reel from CoxReel will help you in tackling the largest jobs which require heavy amounts of pesticide and herbicide chemicals.

 Why Buy These Products


The Best Hose Reels On The Market

Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to have CoxReel’s full line of hose reels in stock. Whether you need a hose reel for vegetation management or to control area pests,  you can choose the best hose reel configuration that’s right for you. We have heavy-duty manual hose reels which feature brass swivels and nitrile o-rings which are built to last and perform at a high level. We also carry the popular CoxReel brand of electric motor reels that are amazingly convenient with their easy automated windup and release. You can rest assured that you will find the best hose reel for the job when you shop with Solutions.


Solutions Knows How To Create Excellent Spraying Rigs                         

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we specialize in assembling custom made skid sprayers and spraying rigs totally from scratch with the finest quality components that can be found to build the ideal final product. We also have sell spraying rig components individually for when you need to repair and replace worn parts and keep your skid sprayer in tip top shape. We have nearly 80 years of combined experience from our team of pest control industry experts and the people who benefit the most from that are our customers. Shop our selection of spraying rig hose reels today.

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