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How to Control Hide BeetlesHow To Control Hide Beetles

Don’t let the name confuse you, hide beetles aren’t named as such because they like to hide. Though they do a good job of hiding, when you’re trying to look for them, they are named hide beetles because of their affinity to feast on dead animal hides. That is also why they are alternatively called skin beetles or leather beetles. These beetles are not a pretty sight as they usually are black, bumpy and warty. Hide beetles have a ferocious appetite for flesh and hair and as such they are used in forensics when there is a dead body that needs bones to be cleaned for examination. While they can be a help on that front, if they make way into your home looking for things to feed on, this can cause a considerable problem. Luckily, we here at Solutions Pest and Lawn know about this species of beetle and how to properly treat a hide beetle infestation.

Hide Beetle Background Information

Hide beetles(Dermestes maculatus) belong to the family of beetles known as trogidae. They are found throughout the world, mostly in dry environments. Adult hide beetles are almost completely black with a white underside. Adult beetles can range in size between 5-10mm with the larvae being longer (up to ½ and inch). Hide beetle larvae are reddish-brown to black in color and is slender and hairy.

Hide beetles are quite talented. In the larval stage, these pests can drill into wood, cork and wool materials to pupate. In the adult stage, they have wings and can fly and can also eat through practically any material. Hide beetles are primarily attracted to decaying or rotting flesh but also enjoy meats, pet foods and cheese.

An interesting fact about hide beetles is that they are often used by forensic crews In suicide and homicide cases. The beetles feed on human remains helping investigators estimate the time of death of bodies that have been charred in a fire or otherwise mangled. Rather than through chemical means, hide beetles are used to clean flesh and hair off of bones for investigation. As awesome as that sounds, you wouldn’t want these little monsters in your home.

Tips for Hide Beetle ControlControl Hide Beetles

When you have hide beetles in your home, it may be an indication that there is something in the home that may be rotting like perhaps a dead rodent between the walls, in the roof-space or the chimney. Scanning your home and disposing of it can be a natural form of getting rid of hide beetles. Hide beetles can also scavenge around places in the home that are rarely used like the attic or the basement.

Treating hide beetles through chemical means is simple once you know where to treat. Hide beetles is easy once you know where to treat. Scan your home closely to figure out where they are feeding, be it in your food storage, on animal hides, carpeting, furniture, or any other place that can potentially be unclean. Depending the the level of infestation, we have a variety of options we recommend for hide beetle control.

Solutions Recommendations For Hide Beetles

Hide Beetle Traps

These are a good way to catch hide beetles since they can be quite difficult to search around for. Place a trap like Pro-Pest Pantry Moth & Beetle Traps or X-lure Beetle Floor Trap in rooms where activity is suspected along with surrounding rooms just for added protection. These contain pheromones which should lure hide beetles and you can then easily dispose of them.

Aerosol Spray for Hide Beetles

For a small hide beetle infestation or if you are in an area with close quarters, an aerosol spray works great to control hide beetles. We recommend using Bedlam Aerosol  or EcoPCO ACU Contact Aerosol.  The good thing about these sprays is that they can also treat various other bugs that you may encounter in the home. Spot treat areas you suspect may have hide beetle activity and apply quarterly to work as a barrier to hide beetles and other insects.

Liquid Insecticides for Hide Beetles

For larger areas or infestations a professional-grade liquid insecticide will work best to control hide beetles like Tempo SC Ultra. This is a highly effective liquid insecticide and the active ingredient can continue to control hide beetles for several weeks.

Hide beetles may be a difficult pest to deal with in the home but they can be controlled with the right product, a little bit of patience and persistence. Browse our hide beetle products below and as always, feel free to email us or give us a call and one of our knowledgeable representatives to further assist you with your order or with any pest problems you have.

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