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MistAway Nozzles and FittingsNozzles and Fittings

When nozzles and fittings suffer through wear and tear, this can halt the effectiveness of your mosquito misting system and place a roadblock in front of a much-needed mosquito control treatment. Rather than frantically searching the internet looking for specific parts that you may not even be completely sure is the right part you need, use Solutions Pest and Lawn as your one-stop-shop for those hard to find misting equipment nozzles and fittings.

When your MistAway Mosquito Misting System is in need of repair, Solutions Pest and Lawn has your back covered for whatever part you need big or small. Tubing clamps are an important part of the misting system because through the tubing, the misting solution travels from the housing container and out into the air to eliminate mosquitos. Nozzles are also a vital component of a misting system and makes sure that the misting chemicals is safely transferred and moved throughout the machine.

Professional-Quality Equipment at Affordable Prices

We are one of the largest suppliers of MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems, parts and accessories. Likewise we carry any replacement nozzles and accessories needed in the event that a part wears out or accidently breaks. We aim to provide mosquito misting system nozzles and fittings and other types of professional pest control supplies at the lowest prices possible.

We Will Find Hard-To-Find Parts For You

Why waste money buying an entirely new mosquito misting system when you can simply replace the nozzle and/or fitting and get it up and running again? We're here to help you save time and money, and get the most out of your equipment. If we don’t have the part you need, we will do our best to find it for you, order it out and get it to you in convenient fashion.

Expert Knowledge

One of the main reasons why so many professionals and businesses in the pest control industry come to us is because of our level of expertise in the industry and our extensive knowledge base. We are well regarded in pest control circles for our experience with mosquito misting systems and we are always constantly expanding our knowledge and improving upon ourselves so we can deliver knowledge and helpful advice to our loyal customers.

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Feel free to browse our parts below and take a look at the rest of our website which we have painstakingly crafted so it is easy to navigate for visitors. You can find all of the equipment and parts that you need for any pest control or lawn care task here. Also be sure to peruse our knowledge base where we have a wealth of information to help you conduct DIY pest control and lawn care applications. Do not hesitate to call us at (800) 479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com where an expert will be happy to assist you.


Why Buy These Products

Nozzles and Fittings: Essential Parts of A Mosquito Misting System

By pressurizing water up to 1000 psi and forcing it through a specially designed nozzle, billions of tiny water droplets can be created. Each water droplet is smaller than a grain of salt and can measure as small as 5 microns in diameter. The droplets are so light they actually suspend themselves in the air.


Misting nozzles are among the most vital parts of the mosquito misting system because it is through the nozzles that the mosquito misting insecticide is released into the air for the purpose of killing or repelling mosquitos in the area. Mosquito misting systems take the labor out of a mosquito control program outside of your home and allows you to enjoy your backyard again in those prime summer months where outdoor activity with your family can be appreciated.


We carry a variety of different nozzles such as the Slimline straits. We also have the slimline 45s and T nozzles which allows you to split a line or make multiple runs. We also have 90 degree angle fittings which allow you to end a run with a seamless nozzle or cut a sharp corner.


We also have a straight union which allows you to extend tubing a bit so you measure your tubing just right. These variety of misting nozzle options gives you more versatility and allows you to customize your misting system lines to your liking and to the specifications of the area where you are setting up the misting system.


How to Set Up A Misting Nozzle

All you would really need to set up a misting nozzle is your tubing, a tubing cutter and the nozzles themselves. With the help of a tubing cutter, you can cut the tubing to size. Typically, for best results we recommend setting up nozzles 10 feet apart from one another.


Once the tubing is cut, you’re going to get your nozzle and simply line the tubing in the nozzle opening and push it in. The next step would be to use the nylon clamps to secure the nozzle and tubing in place. After then you can drill a hole on the surface the misting line will be placed and secure it.


Maintaining a Misting Nozzle

If a clog in a misting nozzle happens, not to worry! Mosquito misting nozzles are super simple to maintain. Nozzles are comprised of a few components, one being the filter, and the other being the check valve.


The tip of the nozzle can actually unscrew just by twisting it loose. If it is harder, a pair of pliers will do in removing the tip. Once it is off, you can use a paper clip to push out the spring, check valve and the filter and you can replace them accordingly. Typically this maintenance should be done once a year if a drop in performance shows that it is necessary.

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