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Tree and BrushTree and Brush Control: Tips & Tricks

While some trees and brush on your property can be beneficial to the overall health of your lawn, if these plants get out of control things can become unsightly on your yard or lawn very quick. Invasive out-of-control growth of trees and brush can also be an obstacle for someone in the agricultural industry, it is time for a brush killer.

Brush killer herbicide treatment is the best and safest way to control trees and brush from your property. Solutions Pest and Lawn carries the best professional-grade brush killer herbicide products out on the market and these would very likely be the same products that would be used by any professional you would hire. We have a vast selection to choose from, from selective and non-selective types of herbicide to ones that are systemic and non-systemic, to ones that are liquid or dry and granular so you can select the right herbicide fine-tailored for your specific situation.

How to Get Rid of Trees and Brush: 3 Step Solution

Woody weeds like trees and brush regularly interfere with the productivity and efficiency of both agrarian and residential lands. Methods of trying to get rid of these invasive species can be quite difficult to control. However, there is a "Solution" and that is something we can provide through our fantastic selection of control products and easy to implement strategies that we can inform you on with step-by-step instructions.


Step One: Identify which invasive tree or brush you are dealing with. Knowing the species will help you in selecting the correct product as some our our herbicide products work more effectively on certain types of plants. If you have trouble identifying which type of tree or brush you have, contact us by sending us a photo at identification@solutionsstores.com and we’ll not only identify the invasive plant for you, we’ll suggest options on how to rid the it as well as what products would be best.


Step Two: To kill small trees and other brush, spray at the highest recommended concentration as indicated on the label of the product you use. This concentration may vary by species, but is generally 1 to 2 percent when using a hand-held sprayer. Apply the herbicide when trees are in full leaf for the greatest coverage such as Remedy.  Cover all the leaf area thoroughly. Symptoms of damage should be visible within seven to 14 days.


Step Three: For tree stumps from trees that have been cut down, cut the trees down to as close to the soil as possible to prevent resprouting and coat the surface of the stump with the proper herbicide, such as Tordon. It may be necessary to reapply treatment 2 weeks later.


It’s that simple! You can find more detailed how-to guides and even video tutorials by heading to our knowledge base. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to call us or contact us via email at askapro@solutionsstores.com. Our experienced experts are standing by to help you when you need it.

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