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Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to offer professional grade pesticide spraying guns for any size spraying job. When conducting a pest control job, you need quality sprayers that are built to last and are exceptional when it comes to spraying performance and accuracy. Unfortunately,  like any other product, pesticide spraying hoses will go through some wear and tear over time no matter how delicately you handle and use the equipment. Parts get rusted and worn out and there will come a point where it won’t work as well or as effectively until a part is changed.

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we want to be your main store for affordable DIY pest control wholesale products and equipment parts. There’s no need for you to call the manufacturer and wait for long periods of time to get assistance on a replacement spray gun because we have all the parts that you are looking for and if we don’t we’ll find them and order them for you so you can focus on bigger things such as eliminating pests like a pro.

Many of our pesticide spray guns are not found in big box retail stores nor will you be able to find the replacement parts for your pest control equipment at your local hardware store. Most pesticide sprayer guns are specially designed and unique to the specific spraying equipment it was made for so without the help of Solutions Pest & Lawn, it would be very difficult and time-consuming to find and replace a part on your own.


When trying to buy replacement parts online, the biggest worry for most is waiting time. You're not sure how long you will have to wait for a product to come in the mail even when companies promise to get it to you quickly. This can be especially stressful for someone in the pest control industry or a DIYer who is trying to overcome an urgent pest issue. Sitting on your hands and waiting only leads infestations to get worse and for professionals, it means they are out of commission until the products have been fixed. Whether you need to repair a worn out sprayer system or a different spraying piece of equipment we have all the parts you need and we can deliver to you fast with our shipping options. 


All you have to do is give us a call or send us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com, let us know what product you have and which part of your piece of equipment needs replacing. If we have the spraying gun in stock, we will simply point you in the direction on this page to where you can find and order that specific part and schedule it to be delivered to your doorstep with ease. If we don’t have the spray gun stock, we will track that part down and find it for you so you don’t have to. Browse our selection of pesticide spray guns below.

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