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Solutions Pest & Lawn holds in stock a number of professional quality insecticides which contain the chemical compound Cyfluthrin. Cyfluthrin is a powerful key active ingredient used in some of our more popular pest control products. On this page, you can shop our array of Cyfluthrin based products and also learn more about this pyrethroid and why it is such a sought after chemical for those looking to get rid of problem pests.

What Is Cyfluthrin?

Cyfluthrin is classified as a synthetic pyrethroid. Synthetic pyrethroids are insecticides that are artificially manufactured to imitate a natural insecticide chemical known as pyrethrum, which is extracted from the crushed petals of the Chrysanthemum flower. The great thing about synthetic pyrethroids compared to natural pyrethrum is that pyrethroids have the advantage of remaining effective for much longer, sometimes up to 90 days of killing power after application. Cyfluthrin was first developed and used in a range of products by Bayer, most notably Temprid.

Cyfluthrin comes in a variety of different formulations--from wettable powders to liquids, emulsifiable concentrates, granules, and crack and crevice aerosol treatments. Cyfluthrin is a general household spray which can successfully control pests both inside and outside such as roaches, silverfish, fleas, spiders, ants, crickets, houseflies, ticks, black carpet beetles, small flying moths, saw-toothed grain beetles, rice weevils, pillbugs, mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, gnats, earwigs and more:

How Cyfluthrin Works

Cyfluthrin is unique in that it presents a dual action effect. The chemical begins working as a poison either through physical contact via an insect or ingestion. This allows for a faster knockdown of the target pest and a quicker kill. Cyfluthrin kills pests by behaving like a powerful poison which detrimentally effects their central nervous system. Once they ingest or come into contact with Cyfluthrin, the insect’s nerve cells become excited, eventually leading to paralysis thus the insect will not be able to perform the necessary bodily functions for survival such as feeding or grooming. Before long, the insect will then starve to death because of their catatonic state.

Featured Products Which Contain Cyfluthrin

  •  Cy-Kick CS Cyfluthrin Insecticide- One of the most popular products containing Cyfluthrin. A suspended concentrate from BASF and can eliminate a large number of pests as well as scorpions. Also comes in Aerosol form.
  • Tempo Dust - Tempo Dust is a ready to use insecticide that contains 1% cyfluthrin and can be used to kill bedbugs and pests. This dust has a low odor and is non-staining.
  • Tempo WP Insecticide- is a wettable powder and contains the active ingredient beta cyfluthrin. Its the fastest acting insect control on the market. This product delivers consistent results with fast knockdown and long residual.
  • And more!

View our selection of Cyfluthrin active ingredient products below. For more information about Cyfluthrin or other active ingredients in our pesticides, please call us with your questions at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com

Why Buy These Products

Is Cyfluthrin Safe To Use?

Rest easy because Cyfluthrin is a safe chemical to use around your home and yard. As mentioned above, cyfluthrin is a synthetic pyrethroid, so in small amounts it is relatively harmless to humans and has low toxicity. However, like most pyrethroids, cyfluthrin has demonstrated that it can be somewhat toxic to birds and highly toxic to fish. However, cyfluthrin  is safe around pets and children when the product application has dried. Cyfluthrin is is also safe to use in your yard because it cannot be absorbed by plant foliage and breaks down well in the environment.


When handling cyfluthrin, or any other pesticide for that matter, always exercise caution and put on protective gear before handling chemicals. This can include gloves, a protective masks and long sleeve clothing.


When cyfluthrin comes into contact with skin it can cause stinging, burning, itching, and tingling of the skin particularly common on the face. These symptoms usually cease within 48 hours. Inhaling cyfluthrin can irritate the nose, throat, and lungs. People who have accidently consumed large amounts of bifenthrin experienced sore throat, nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting almost immediately.


Again we stress that you should always practice standard safety procedures when applying or handling pesticides and always apply cyfluthrin products according to the instructions found on the label.

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