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Protect your bed with bed bug coversBed Bug Mattress Covers

In your fight to get rid of bed bugs, you have to take the proper precautions after steaming them out and eliminating them. The best way to do that is by protecting your belongings during the treatment process by buying bed bug covers for your bedding, your couches and your clothing.

Solutions carries a variety of bed bug protection products for mattresses, box springs and couches which are highly recommended by pest control professionals. These top-of-the-line bed bug mattress protectors and encasements are proven to protect your valuables from bed bugs and keep you bed bug bite-free.

When implementing your bed bug treatment program, we highly recommend Clean Rest Pro covers and encasements. Cleanrest mattress covers are the best bed bug mattress covers on the market and has been scientifically proven to be effective in keeping bed bugs away. Clean Rest encasements have shown through rigorous scientific tests to be 100% escape-proof and bite-proof. Whether it’s a brand new mattress or an old one that had previously been infested, these covers will make sure that bed bugs won’t be an issue any longer.

Benefits of Bed Bug Covers

Encasing the mattress and box springs with bed bug covers prevents an infestation from growing by cutting off bed bugs from accessing the hard-to-treat interior. This ensures the following two major benefits:

  1. Effective Prevention. You will easily be able to spot and remove new clusters of bed bugs on the smooth cover, thus preventing new infestations.  Perfect to use after applying an aerosol spray.  Need to use both mattress and boxspring covers to be 100% effective.

  2. Effective Control. Any existing bed bugs that happen to be inside the mattress cover at the time of encasement will be trapped inside and will die out.  No need to throw away your expensive bed and box spring, bed bug encasements can protect and save you for easy retreatments.

How To Use

Placing a bed bug cover on your beds and box springs is simple. Here are the steps below: (Note: It is recommended to do this after you have already sprayed one of our bed bug insecticides on the mattress and box springs.

  1. Before you begin, remove all bedding from your mattress. This includes all sheets, pillows, and covers, leaving it bare.

  2. Unbox and unzip the encasement. Remove it gently from its packaging, unroll it, and unzip it on all three sides.

  3. Lean the mattress and/or box spring up against the wall. With some assistance from a second person, lift the mattress off of your bed and lean it upright against your wall. Some mattresses may sag or otherwise not agree with being placed upright, so you should turn those on their side instead.

  4. Install the cover. Begin by wrapping the short, un-zippered side of the cover over the top of the standing mattress, so that both faces are partially covered with the encasement.

  5. Zip the cover closed. Lay the mattress back down on your bed, without using the encasement itself to lift (to avoid damaging your new encasement). Close the zipper on all three sides, then use the velcro sealing to block off the end of the zipper.

Once the mattress cover is in place, it should be considered the new surface exterior of the mattress and never be removed. You could use a mattress pad or fitted sheet to cover the encasement to prevent it from being damaged or stained in any way. Any bed bugs which happen to still be alive and crawling on mattress once the bed bug cover is placed on there will be entombed by the casing and will eventually die from starvation.

The bed bug mattress cover will remain effective only as long as it is not ripped or torn in any way, so be careful if your bed frame has sharp edges, bolts, or other protrusions that might damage the cover. To be on the safe side it would be wise to install felt covers over sharp edges or install additional padding.

If you need help installing the product or need bed bug advice, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.

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