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How to Control Oriental Cockroaches

Despite their name stating otherwise, the Oriental Cockroach didn’t actually originate from Asia. Entomologists believe that this cockroach is native to North Africa. Through travel and trade it has made it’s way to the USA and primarily is found in the Northern United States. Unlike most cockroach species which like to live close to human dwellings where they can easily gain access to food and water, the Oriental cockroach prefers to live outdoors. In fact, it thrives in the natural environment. However, in the north, the Oriental cockroach is slowly adapting to enjoy our indoor perks, making it a pest homeowners have to deal with.

Oriental cockroaches have smooth and shiny black bodies and are about 1.25 inches long making them one of the larger kinds of roaches. They have wings, but they are mainly there for show as neither male nor female roaches fly. Female oriental roaches are larger than male roaches, spanning about 1 ¼" compared to 1" for the male.

The oriental cockroaches prefer an outdoor habitat where they feast on decayed organic matter in mulch piles and rubbish. They also enjoy starchy foods. They are surprisingly able to withstand freezing temperature outdoors for long periods of time compared to other roaches who like warmer climates. They usually enter human homes when they are in search of water to fulfill their need to be around moisture.

Oriental cockroaches often enter structures through door thresholds, under sliding glass doors, along utility pipes and through floor drains. You may be able to detect them from their unpleasant and strong odor. If you have these roaches living amongst you, Solutions Pest and Lawn has everything you need to get rid of them.

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How to Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches: 4 Step Solution

Oriental Cockroach control doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right control approach and high-quality products directed towards cockroach elimination, you can be cockroach-free. Oriental cockroaches require persistence, patience and the right techniques in place for maximum success. We have laid out an easy to follow series of steps below which if you carry out accordingly, will kill any roaches you have in your home and keep roaches that are outdoors from coming in.

Step One: To start, it is important to keep a clean house free of food scraps that oriental roaches can scoop up and in particular water sources it can enjoy. Oriental roaches prefer cool and damp places to build nests and hang around so be sure to give your home a good inspection to see where they likely are hanging around. These roaches are often found near water sources like toilets and sinks. Make sure your plumbing pipes are tight and are not dripping or leaking and keep your home as dry as possible.

Step Two:
 Another non-chemical method of control you can put into place before breaking out the treatment products is exclusion measures that will keep oriental cockroaches out of your home. Use a caulking gun to seal off as many possible points of entries into your home. This will prevent roaches from gaining easy access into your home. Outdoors make sure to clear debris and address any damp areas or places with standing water. What you are trying to do during this phase is make your home less appealing to roaches.

Step Three:
 Once you've taken preventive measures both outside and inside you can then move on to treatment options. We suggest using a combination of baits, sprays and dusts so if roaches are resistant to one method, they will succumb to a different method of control. Baits like Apex Gel Bait or Ficam Insect bait work best indoors because of it’s delayed reaction and maximum impact of wiping out entire infestation which share the bait amongst one another. Using insect growth regulators like Gentrol Point Source is also wise to use to eliminate any eggs that have yet to be hatched on your property. Make sure to place roach baits in likely spots where roaches are likely to travel as close to nesting locations as possible. Use Fipro Foaming Aerosol indoors as a crack and crevice treatment and D-Fense Dust under appliances.

Step Four:
 Once the Oriental roach population has been eliminated, you should work to discourage those flying pests from returning through preventative measures. Regularly inspect your home for roach activity and maintain a regular cleaning routine (daily, weekly and monthly) to make sure the place is properly sanitized and unwelcoming to roaches.  Spray the exterior perimeter of the house with an insecticide like Reclaim IT to create a barrier that keeps roaches out. We also recommend using granules and spreading them across your yard as these roaches like to hang around outdoors.

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