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How To Control Fairy Ringfairy ring

While not as serious as other lawn diseases and fungi, fairy rings can cause an ugly eyesore on your lawn and be annoying to homeowners who want their turf to be nice and uniform. There are between 30 to 60 different types of fairy ring fungi and when present on your lawn they have the potential to become very dense and kill grass.

Fairy rings are caused by a fungus which tends to inhabit soils called basidiomycetes and affects many lawns, parks and sports fields. This fungal growth as it moves throughout the soil feeds on organic matter that is in the soil and this is releasing nutrients on your lawn. As a result, the “fairy ring” appears in the form of dark green grass growing in a circular pattern. Mushrooms also grow as a result of the fungal growth and are clear indicator of the fairy ring fungus on your property.

It is not known for sure how this kind of lawn disease makes itself established or what conditions favor their development. However, they seem to be more prevalent on sandy under-watered soils or turf that is poorly fertilized. Like most other types of turf diseases, fairy rings usually don’t develop as often in highly maintained lawns.

If you have a case of fairy ring on your lawn, Solutions Pest and Lawn can provide an assist in the form of professional grade fungicide products and free expert advice.

How To Get Rid of Fairy Ring: 3 Step Solution

Controlling fairy rings can prove to be a difficult task. As is the case with most outbreaks of lawn disease, a healthy, well-maintained lawn is the best defense against many lawn diseases such as fairy ring. The most important factor in treating a lawn disease is timing. Identifying and treating a fungus like fairy ring early can save your lawn and garden. Below we have outline 3 simple steps you can implement to treat fairy ring.

Step One: For starters, be sure that the disease or fungus that is occuring on your lawn is indeed fairy ring. Identifying the disease correctly will help you to treat the problem properly as there are some fungicides which specifically target fairy ring while other fungicides will fail to sufficiently take care of the problem. If you’re not entirely sure or confident in self-identifying, get in touch with us and take a photo of the grass and send to identification@solutionsstores.com and we will respond back with a correct ID of the fungus and recommend you products and tips to treat the disease correctly.

Step Two: Once you are for certain that the problem on your lawn is fairy ring, you can then proceed with treatment. We have a variety of professional grade fungicides which can adequately take care of a fairy ring outbreak.  Equip yourself with a pump-sprayer and mix the fungicide with water and apply liberally on the affected areas. The key is to act quickly and apply the fungicide where fairy rings have been observed in the past or at the first sign of fairy ring development. Carefully follow the instructions according to the label and retreat if you begin to see symptoms again.

Step Three: Once fairy ring has been cleared from your lawn, you will want to keep it that way. The best way to prevent fairy ring and other lawn diseases from re-emerging on your lawn is to implement organic practices which promote a healthy lawn. Keep your lawn well watered, mow your lawn regularly and at the correct height, aerate your lawn at least once a year and apply fertilizer in the spring.

Browse our fairy ring control products below. If you have any questions or concerns, send them our way via email, phone, or online live chat and we will be sure to get back to you with the help you need.

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