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How to Get Rid of Wood Roaches From The House 

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Cockroaches are disgusting, period. Wood roaches are quite similar to the common American roach. With their flat, oval shaped bodies, spiny legs, long antennae, and brown bodies, they are slightly smaller than the American cockroach. A wood roach measures about three quarters of an inch long to almost an inch and a half.

Male wood roaches have wings and can fly over long distances, whereas females have smaller non-functioning wings. They eat almost about anything in their path but are attracted to trash and unhygienic conditions.

Wood roaches are easiest to spot according to their behavior patterns. Their natural habitat is the outdoors, forests and jungles. They do not usually crawl in buildings and do not breed indoors but one may occasionally enter your home.

Biology of Woods Cockroaches

Wood roaches are drawn towards the light and this makes them different from other roaches. Females can lay more than 950 eggs in a year. Eggs hatch in the warm summer months and nymphs mature by the end of spring. Wood roaches live up to 2 years at most. They are most active during winters and often find their way inside opens on firewood.  They need consistent moist conditions such as decaying logs and wood piles o reproduce.

Getting rid of wood roaches

Wood roaches are not as difficult to get rid off as other insect infestations. Regular cockroaches infest homes in search of warmth and food, but wood roaches often accidentally stumble in, and cannot figure out how to escape. Use the following techniques to get rid of wood roaches:

Sweep them away – use a broom and dustpan and sweep away the roaches out of your home. This does not require you to kill them and is fast and effective. It does however require you to man up and not be afraid of the little creatures. Look out though, because male wood roaches can fly and catch you by surprise.

Using wood roach baits Only small amounts of baits are required to get rid of wood roaches. Place the poisonous bait in places and corners where roach activity has been observed. Leave it for some time but check regularly for success. If any roach bodies are found, dispose them off immediately before they start to decay. Roaches often eat the bait and also spread it to other roaches, wiping out the entire masses of roaches altogether. Dead roaches make good food for living roaches that die also if they consume a poisonous dead roach.

Using roach traps specialized traps can be purchased or you can just use double-sided sticky tape. Placing traps has to be the easiest technique by far to catch wood roaches. Place the traps in strategic positions and wait for them to catch the perpetrators. Empty out traps and discard dead roaches to catch new ones. Ensure that roaches are dead to avoid a re-infestation and properly dispose the remains in sealed plastic bags.

Prevention measures

The best way to deal with a wood roach infestation is to take preemptive measures to prevent an infestation in the first place. Here are 6 possible DIY techniques you can apply to protect your home:

  1. Sealing cracks – wood roaches can enter the premises through the cracks and crevices in the walls, doors and windows. It is important to seal these openings with wire mesh, wood, putty or caulking compounds. This stops other infestations too such as mice and centipedes.

  2. Tight fittings – these include screens, doors and windows which are perfectly fitted not to allow any sorts of gaps in between the frame and the wall for insects to make their way inside the building.

  3. Storing firewood - piles should be stored away from the house preferably in the garage or shed. Firewood should only be brought in at the time that it is needed and put directly on the fire. Try to avoid carrying larger quantities of firewood every season to reduce potential breeding opportunities.

  4. Switch off unnecessary lights – male wood roaches can fly and are attracted to lights during the mating season. Female wood roaches are drawn towards yard and porch lights thus attracting other male wood roaches.

  5. Discard dead roaches carefully – once killed, the dead roaches can be discarded using a vacuum cleaner or a broom and a dustpan. Although a vacuum cleaner is not recommended as roach bodies will get crushed inside the appliance and you will have to clean it later. It also leaves a bad odor in the trash bag attracting flies and other insects.

  6. Fix leakages – leaking pipes and drains may attract more wood roaches. Fix these as soon as possible. Make sure you cover the drains in the house and get rid of any excess moisture.

  7. Measures outside the house - remove debris and rotting leaves from the outside of your home. This includes gutters, vents, pipes and window wells.

  8. Placing garbage cans – keep garbage cans away from the house. That mean out near the curb and not in your backyard. Make the extra trip to get rid of all the necessary garbage knowing that it saves you from a roach infestation.

Final word

Wood roaches are not the most common type of infestation in America but if you happen to encounter one in your home, follow the prescribed methods to get rid of the problem.


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