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Atrix International

Atrix International Inc Manufactured Products

A large part of pest control is sanitation and keeping things clean. One of the best ways to conduct sanitation is by using a vacuum clearner. Vacuuming is an instrumental component in cleaning and that is why you need top notch vacuuming materials. 

Insects like cockroaches like to leave their droppings wherever they are active and they these unsanitary droppings actually contain pheromones to attract more cokroaches to congregate to those active hot spots. An indoor flea infestation can also be problematic because fleas like to leave their eggs in carpeting so they won't be disturbed. It's situations like these when a heavy duty vacuum cleaner can come in handy by cleaning up the droppings and sucking up the eggs so the infestations don't grow larger.

Atrix International Inc carries some of the best vacuums around and at a great value such as their HEPA vacuums. HEPA vacuums are not only effective in sucking up insects and their unsanitary droppings but they are also good for the environment and that is why we are proud to sell vacuums from Atrix International and have added them in our inventory of great pest control and sanitation products.

Learn more about Atrix International

Atrix has been in business since 1981. Over the years, they have introduced numerous models of Industrial Vacuums including the Omega Plus, the Green Supreme, the HEPA Express, the High Capacity, IPM (Pest), Abatement and HEPA Backpack Vacuums.

As a company, Atrix takes great pride in producing products of the utmost quality and providing our customers with excellent service. Thanks to these efforts, they have been able to build a strong brand with a reputable name.

Atrix manufactures the finest filtration, ESD Safe vacuums that are available. Atrix are one of the few companies that manufacture patented HEPA and ULPA Filters. We also distribute a wide range of Tools, Complete Tool Kits, ESD Safety Products, Smocks and Cleaning Supplies.

Being a manufacturer, Atrix has a unique ability to customize our products to your needs or specifications, or manufacture special products to fit specific applications and requirements. With more than 35 years of manufacturing experience, Atrix can help with your custom vacuum requirements, or custom filter requirements, whether working with you on a new product or an adaptation to an existing Atrix product.

In addition, Atrix has the ability to provide custom corporate colors, or custom labeling to help further your corporate identity, or to capture more market share within your customer or market segment.


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