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Custom Pesticide Skid Sprayers

If you own a pest control company or landscaping company, a spraying rig (also known as a skid sprayer) can greatly enhance your business. Owning a spraying rig can allow your company to perform weed management and pest management on a large scale as opposed to doing manual treatments by hand.

A custom spraying rig is a smart investment for a professional company to expand their services and rake in more high-profile clientele with its ability to tackle even the toughest of jobs.

Spraying rigs are ideal for fertilizer and pesticide spraying, weed spraying, high-pressure mobile cleaning and whatever else you see fit.

The custom spraying rigs we build at Solutions Pest & Lawn can cover large areas fast and effectively.

Solutions brings a combined 60 plus years of experience to the table when it comes to spraying rigs and can deliver to you a satisfying product that will produce results for you for years to come.


Spraying Rig Components

Frames: You can either purchase a traditional spraying rig frame (pump-engine reel, in front of tank), or a custom frame (elevated hose reel, spread out, compact).

Pump: We have four pumps to choose from (Pumptec 35OU Electric Unit, Honda GX-160 w/ Roller Pump, Honda GX-160 w/ D252 Pump or Maruyama MSD41 Piston Pump) Our personal preference is the roller pump.Low Pressure. High Volume. Perfect for vegetation management.

We have both manual and electric options for reels. Manual reels are cheaper but they could wear out your arms when operating the reel. Electric reels work great but are more expensive.

Honda Engine:
Our spraying rigs come with a Honda GX-160 motor with a 1 year warranty. This motor is built to last for a long long time.

Our rigs come with a high pressure spray hose made to withstand 600lb working pressure and a 1800lb burst. They are excellent quality spray hoses made with premium quality PVC compounds, ideally-suited for lawn and ornamental spray applications.

Benefits of a Spraying Rig

Compact Design: Short on space? We can assemble a sprayer which gives you plenty of room for your other equipment or materials. All components will be conveniently placed for easy operation and maintenance.

Versatility: No matter what your set up is, our spraying rigs can be adjusted and adapted without a problem. Our spraying rigs come with special universal mounting brackets which allow for the hose reel to be mounted opposite the pump and engine for pickup trucks, or beneath the pump and engine for vans and enclosed body trucks.

Expandability: If you need to store more spray chemicals, it won’t be a problem with our expandable spraying rigs which allow for a modular tank to easily be added to an existing sprayer at any time to increase capacity and/or provide for two separate spray solutions.

Portability: The hose reels are pre-wired and come with a battery cable that can quickly be disconnected. When you need to remove your sprayer from your truck, you simply unplug the cable. This allows for convenient installation and removal to take the spraying rig where ever you want it to go.

custom spray rig infographic

The Custom Spraying Rig Building Process

Getting a custom spraying rig designed specifically for your operation is easier than you think.  It all begins by getting in touch with Solutions Pest & Lawn and having a conversation with our spraying rig experts about what you hope to accomplish with your new spraying rig, how you plan on using it and what features you prefer.


From there we will present you with options and then you can choose your pump, hose, reels and tank that you want assembled for your spraying rig.Once your prefered design is finalized we will schedule an custom spraying rig assembly at our headquarters.


We will keep you posted every step of the way of our progress and will even email you photos of the spraying rig so you can be assured that the spraying rig is indeed laid out to your specifications. From there, all that’s left is shipping it to you or having you or your company come pick it up. It’s that simple!

Why Buy From Solutions?

When you buy from Solutions Pest & Lawn, you are guaranteed to receive superior performance and the absolute best in customer service. We have been in the pest control industry a long time with a combined 60 years of trained experience, so we know our stuff. Our Custom Spraying Rigs are built to last and ensure maximum effective results. Whether you use it for spraying herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizer or any other hard-to-handle fluids, you can rest assured that you have quality on your side.


Make Your Rig Last With Solutions Spraying Rig Services

Solutions Pest & Lawn is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and you will receive exactly that by simply purchasing a spraying rig from us. As special service to those who are local to our location, we will help to make sure it lasts with you for a long, long time.

If you have the benefit of residing locally to our facility we can assist you with a host of awesome maintenance services for your custom spraying rig:

  • Oil changes

  • Carb cleaning

  • Engine tune-up

  • Pump tune-up

  • Replace seals

  • Check fittings

  • Fastener hardware

  • Grease hose/swivel

  • Replace in-line strainer/hoses

  • Check quick disconnect

  • Gas draining

Order Your Custom Spraying Rig Today

Solutions Pest & Lawn will do the best we can to ensure you are more than satisfied with the end result of your custom spraying rig. Order your custom spraying rig today and let us work with you on making it the best investment you can make. Give us a call and let us know your preference in a custom spraying rig and we’ll give you a fair quote. We are available via phone at 800-479-6583 and via email at askapro@solutionsstores.com


What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Custom Spraying Rig 

Order NOW Every business has special needs they want to be met and Solutions Pest & Lawn will do the best we can to ensure you are more than satisfied with the end result of your custom spraying rig. Our custom spraying rigs are built by pros, for pros!


Order your custom spraying rig today and let us work with you on making it the best investment you can make.


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