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"When using Orthoboric Acid in dust form, it is best to use a handheld pesticide duster for a more accurate application. You don't want to have a pile of the active ingredient anywhere because insects won't go near it."

Orthoboric Acid

Orthoboric acid, also known as simply Boric Acid, has been an important tool in pest control for many, many years and for good reason: it works! Orthoboric acid has been successful in killing a variety of irritating household pests with its natural and largely non-toxic ingredient.

Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to carry several great products that contain orthoboric acid as the main active ingredient. Shop our Orthoboric Acid products exclusively on this page as well as learn some background info and facts regarding this great pest control product.

What is Orthoboric Acid?

Orthoboric Acid, first registered for use as an insecticide in 1948, is a naturally occurring chemical found in soil, water, and plants. It's commonly used in products that control insects, spiders, fungi, and weeds. Orthoboric acid products are sold in different formulations like liquids, granules, and dusts.

How Does Orthoboric Acid Work?

Mode of Action

Orthoboric acid works to kill pests when ingested or on contact. When eaten, this ingredient disrupts stomach activity and impacts the insects central nervous system. It is also very abrasive to insects, destroying their exoskeletons and rendering them unable to function.

For certain pests like cockroaches, this ingredient may encourage systemic eliminations. When a roach affected by orthoboric acid is eliminated, the ingredient remains in its body for other roaches to consume.

Benefits of Orthoboric Acid

Ficam application outdoors

What gives Orthoboric Acid an advantage over other pesticide options is its residual effect. It can still continue to kill long after it has been applied, up to a year. It also has no repellent properties so target pests won't know to stay away from treated areas.

While Orthoboric Acid alone will not be potent enough to address heavy infestations (aside from fleas living in the carpet), it can be very effective when applied in cracks and crevices or between walls to keep insects from residing and surviving in those areas.

It can also be scattered outside structures in lawn and fields in the form of a granular bait. Orthoboric Acid is a key ingredient not only in pest control products but also can be used as an antiseptic to address medical problems, a preservative for skins, a lubricant and even for pyrotechnics.

Drawbacks of Orthoboric Acid

Overapplying Orthoboric Acid will hinder its effectiveness. You should apply in small puffs where you hardly see the dust settle by the naked eye. No piles or clearly visible lines of Orthoboric Acid should be seen.

Also, Orthoboric Acid loses effectiveness in moist areas. As long as the surface area remains dry, it will be an effective killer of insects.

Is Orthoboric Acid Safe?

Products made with orthoboric acid are some of the safest pesticides available to consumers. When applied according to the product label instructions, these products are safe to use in and around the application site. This chemical is not likely to cause cancer, nor is it likely to affect pregnancies. Be aware, however, long-term ingestion may result in stomach pain and fevers with severe cases resulting in coma or death.

Always wear the proper personal protective equipment, or PPE, when applying any pesticides and keep them out of reach of any children or pets.

How to Use Ficam; An Orthoboric Acid Granular Bait

dusting application with Boric Acid

If you are looking for a versatile pesticide that can be used to control pests indoors and outdoors, then check out Ficam Insect Bait. Ficam is a long-lasting, ready-to-use, granular insecticide bait that's weather and moisture-resistant. Use this product to kill pests in yards, garden beds, attics, crawlspaces, and in other labeled locations. This product is labeled to kill a variety of pests like cockroaches, ants, silverfish, and slugs.

Ficam is ready-to-use and can be shaken from its container, but you may also want to use a measuring cup and weighing scale to help determine the amount you will use according to its labeled application rates. You can also use a hand spreader to broadcast this product over larger areas. For crack and crevice treatments, use a handheld duster.

Before applying, determine what pest you are dealing with to find the required application method for that pest. For most pests, Ficam is typically broadcast over an area or applied as a perimeter barrier.

When broadcasting this product, you can apply 2 to 4 pounds per 1,000 square feet, depending on the pest you are treating. For perimeter treatments, apply the product in a 2 to 4-foot band around the outside of the structure. For crack and crevice treatments apply 2 to 3 puffs directly into the void you are treating.

Pests that consume or make contact with this bait will have their nervous systems impacted, and will die within a few days. It may take up to 2 weeks before you see a noticeable reduction in pest activity.

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