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How To Control DobsonfliesDobsonfly

Dobsonflies may look threatening to us humans due to their scary appearance and the fact that they have pinchers, they are in fact harmless. They do not carry any harmful diseases and perhaps the worst thing they can do when threatened is emit an unpleasant odor.

Dobsonflies are actually aquatic insects which are essential to the ecosystem and are commonly found around fast moving streams. Adult dobsonflies are among the largest-sized insects in the U.S., and the males have large mandibles up to 1-inch or more in length, making them appear to be quite frightening.

Female dobsonflies deposit their eggs near the water or on vegetation that hangs above a stream. When the eggs hatch, the larvae move into the water. The Dobsonfly larvae are called hellgrammites or dobsons. These hellgrammites live under stones in the stream. Their diet mainly consists of other larvae and small animals. Adult dobsonflies don’t eat anything and mainly mate as their lifespan is complete shortly thereafter.

Dobsonflies are normally not a problem to humans because they rarely if ever venture indoors. If a person does encounter a problem with dobsonflies it may be because they were attracted by lights coming from homes and will leave the comfort zone of water by the allure of outdoor lights that they gravitate towards.

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How To Get Rid of Dobsonflies - Solutions 4 Step Process


At Solutions Pest and Lawn, we have all the tools necessary to eliminate any kind of frustrating pest which includes the dobsonfly. Not only do we have professional-grade products proven to be effective, we can also provide you helpful advice online, live in person at our stores or over the phone to guide you through an effective treatment process to get rid of dobsonflies from your property.


Getting rid of dobsonflies is usually quite easy and often times using pest control chemicals is largely unnecessary as they are harmless and are mainly a curiosity. You can choose to ignore the dobsonfly as they have short life spans and won’t be much of a bother. However, if there are large numbers flocking your home, you may want to do something to repel them from your property.


Step 1: Discourage dobsonflies from hanging around your home by reducing or changing the lighting. Dobsonflies have an affinity for bright and especially incandescent white light. If you live in an area prone to infestations, we recommended managing light as much as possible around your home around night time or replacing white lights with yellow diffused bug light bulbs or light made from high-pressure sodium vapor. You should also do what you can to reduce the amount of light that escape through windows by closing curtains and your shutters tightly.


Step 2: Reduce standing water as much as you can around your home. Dobsonflies like to gather around water sources, mainly to drop their eggs. If you have a pool, keep it covered at night.


Step 3: Vacuuming up dobsonflies which are gathering outside of your home or trying to get in is also an effective way of getting rid of them. Make sure to use a disposable vacuum bag and replace it immediately.


Step 4: If you have a large swarm of dobsonflies near your home or lakeside where you are residing, we recommend using a spray like Essentria IC3 Natural Pesticide. Essentria has a quick contact kill and can be sprayed freely without worry about harming any other aquatic life. Spray Essentria around bushes, trees, your lawns walkways and banisters and all around the lights they tend to gather at.


If your dobsonfly activity is in a place where there aren’t bodies of water, we recommend using a product like Talstar Pro instead. This product will do a great job and will dry clear on the surfaces you treat, however the Essentria because it is all natural, will have a stronger odor of peppermint/spearmint when you do the application and may linger for a few hours after treatment. Talstar, on the other hand, is odorless.


Browse our dobsonfly control products below. If you have any questions or concerns, we are available via phone or online chat to help you with your order or give you advice on control methods.


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