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“Discourage dobsonflies from hanging around your home by reducing or changing the lighting. Dobsonflies love bright and incandescent white light. If you live in an area prone to infestations, we recommended managing light as much as possible around your home at night time or replacing white lights with yellow diffused bug light bulbs or light made from high-pressure sodium vapor.”

Dobsonfly Control: How To Get Rid of Dobsonflies

This page is a general Dobsonfly control guide. Using the products and methods suggested you will reduce the likelihood of Dobsonflies. Follow this guide and use the recommended products and we guarantee a great reduction in the population of Dobsonflies.

Dobsonflies are aquatic insects commonly found along streams and rivers and you might find them hanging around in your structure, especially if you live close a running body of water. The main reason why these insects enter into homes is their attraction to lights. The closer you live to a river or stream, the more likely it is that you will come across these insects.

While their large mandibles might seem terrifying, Dobsonflies are harmless to humans, as they do not cause any structural damage, bite or sting, or even transmit diseases. The females are able to bite, but these cases are very rare, and their bite has no lasting effects. They are nuisance pests due to their tendency to invade in large numbers.

If you are dealing with an infestation of Dobsonflies on your property, our DIY control guide below will tell you how to get rid of the invasion using professional-grade control products and expert techniques.


Dobsonfly on Leaf

The Dobsonfly is easily recognized by its long, thin appearance. They are normally a dull brown with dark and dim markings, though lighter-colored Dobsonflies are not uncommon. They can grow up to 5 inches long, from the mandible to the end of their collapsed wings. These wings can be up to two times the length of the body.

Large mandibles are typical of male dobsonflies while shorter pinchers are found in females. The antennae of the Dobsonfly is long and curved and usually segmented. The body of the Dobsonfly has a twig-like appearance and is mostly brown which helps it to blend well in the forest and woodsy areas though it is mostly an aquatic insect.

The Dobsonfly spends most of its life as a larva. The adult stage of its development is only a fraction of its entire life compared to other phases. Between one and five years are spent in the larvae cycle for the dobsonfly. This stage generally happens in aquatic areas.

Use the image and description above to identify Dobsonflies on your property. If you are having trouble with identification, you can contact us for assistance.


dobsonflies inspection

Where To Inspect

Since most infestations occur outdoors, begin your inspection outside. Search around the outside of your structure, wherever there is a light fixture, in patios, porches, front doors, and driveways. Around the yard, search for any areas that might have standing water or excess moisture.

What To Look For

You're looking for standing water, excess moisture, and lights that might be attracting Dobsonflies. If you have a pool, make sure to keep it covered in the season when Dobsonflies hatch, as they will be looking for bodies of water to drop their eggs.

In outdoor light fixtures, switch the light bulbs, to yellow bug bulbs to deter flying insects like Dobsonflies from congregating. If you have identified areas where moisture builds up, or wherever lights illuminate in your home, this is where you will apply the treatment. 


Once you have confirmed the conducive conditions that attract Dobsonflies, you're ready for treatment. Remember to first read all product labels and follow the application instructions on these labels, and stay safe by wearing personal protective equipment.

Our top recommendation for treating Dobsonflies is Supreme IT Insecticide. Supreme IT a powerful insecticide that will be used to create a protective barrier around the perimeter of your structure to kill and repel more than 80+ insects, and it will have residual (or it will keep working) for up to 90 days. 

Step 1 - Mix and Apply Supreme IT

dobsonfly control reclaim it

Determine how much Supreme IT Insecticide you will need to mix by first calculating the square footage of the treatment area. To do this, you will need to measure and multiply the area length times the width (length x width = square footage). For general treatment, 1 ounce of Supreme IT mixed in a gallon of water can treat 1,000 square feet.  Add the appropriate amount of Supreme IT into a pump sprayer with water based on your calculations.

Once mixed, you will do a perimeter treatment around your structure. To do this, you will need to spray three feet up and three feet out from the foundation of your structure. Spray in this manner, all around the perimeter of your property. You will also spray in window frames, door frames, eaves, soffits, rain gutters, and electrical/plumbing penetrations.

Do not let people or pets enter areas treated until 2 to 4 hours have passed.


Dobsonfly control prevention

Once the Dobsonfly problem has been treated, you will want to make sure that they don't make a return. By maintaining all outdoor light fixtures turned off you will not attract Dobsonflies. If this is not possible, consider switching the light bulbs for yellow bug bulbs which attract fewer insects. Also remember to keep curtains closed in all windows, especially at night. 

Do your best to eliminate bodies of water near your property. If you live close to a river or stream this is impossible, but, if you have a pool, keep it covered during the months when Dobsonflies hatch, as they will search for bodies of water to drop their eggs. And finally, spray Supreme IT a month in advance, before the Dobsonflies hatch, this will give you added protection during the season when they are most likely to invade.

Key Takeaways

  • Dobsonflies are an aquatic insect that frequents streams, lakes and rivers to breed and feed. They may be a nuisance pest inside a home due to their attraction to light.
  • We recommend using Supreme IT Insecticide as a perimeter treatment to keep Dobsonflies away from the home.
  • Prevent Dobsonfly infestations in the future by changing outdoor lighting to yellow bug light bulbs, covering bodies of water like pools and spraying preventative applications of Supreme IT.
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