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How To Control Bird Mitesblood sucking bird mite

There are a variety of different tiny bugs that like to bite us humans. Another one of them is the bird mite which as you can problem tell by the name, focus most of their attention feeding off of birds and only start biting humans when birds are unavailable. Bird mites are a type of mite parasite which gets its main source of food by feeding on the blood of birds and poultry. These include birds like pigeons, sparrows and other wild birds. They are also known as chicken mites when they are hanging around farms and feeding on chickens and hens.

Bird mites usually find their way inside a home when a human has a pet bird of some type that they have been using as a host. If you and/or your pet bird is suffering from these little irritating biters, there is a way to deal with them and we here at Solutions Pest and Lawn can help with our DIY advice and professional-grade products.


Bird Mite Background Information

Bird mites (Dermanyssus gallinae) are also commonly known as the red mite, poultry mite, red poultry mite, roost mite and chicken mite. They are a tiny ectoparasite mainly of birds and chickens. Mobile and hardly seen by the naked eye, bird mites are oval-shaped, have eight legs and have short hairs on their bodies.

The color of a bird mite is a transparent looking white. After they consume blood, much like a bed bug they turn a reddish burgundy or brown. Mite eggs are white in color and oval in shape, but they cannot be seen without the aid of a magnifying glass or microscope. The same applies to larvae and nymphs. The proper identification of a bird mite may be difficult to do without the help of an experienced entomologist.

Bird mites can be found in warmers regions throughout the United States and worldwide. Although bird mites aren’t picky in the kind of bird they choose to reside on, they remain loyal to and often spend their entire lives on the host they choose. Should a bird mite host die, thousands of mites migrate in search of a new host.

During this period of wandering in search of a new host, bird mites can find their way into homes by the thousands. Some of the reported ways that bird mites have invaded a home is through birds living close to humans that have abandoned their nest which may have been lodged into chimneys, attics, gutters or window mounted air conditioning units. While these wandering bird mites have been known to bite humans, they do not look towards humans as a long-term host. These bites are known to cause skin irritation similar to mosquito bites and bed bug bites but are not much more than a nuisance.

Strategies for Controlling Bird Mites

Much like a female mosquito, a female bird need requires a lot of blood to reproduce. When they have lost contact with their original host, a bird mite will aggressively go on a hunt for a new host and will bite humans. If your home becomes infested with blood-hungry bird mites, there are some helpful strategies to implement to eradicate these little irritants.

  • Find their nest: The first step in eliminating a bird mite infestation is to locate a bird nest where they frequent. Common places where the nest  can be found are in bedrooms, roof spaces, on window ledges, in walls’ cavities, in chimneys, around porches, in foundations and basements or anywhere where a bird’s nest has been. There also very well may be a dead bird somewhere on the property perhaps in the chimney, attic or a/c unit which may be the source of the bird mite infestation. If you find the nest, remove it promptly.

  • Vacuuming:  Regularly vacuuming infested rooms will dramatically reduce the number of mites. Make sure carpets, rugs, curtains and furniture are all thoroughly vacuumed and dispose of the bag as soon as vacuuming is complete or place the bag in the freezer if it’s a reuseable bag to kill the mites.

  • Sanitation measures: Washing all bed sheets, covers and pillowcases can help to deplete the bird mite population. Also general cleanliness and housecleaning practices can also go a long way in eliminating bird mites.


Solutions Recommended Products for Bird Mites

Bird Mite control can be accomplished either through the use of a broad-spectrum pesticide such as Steri-Fab or Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Killer. You can also use natural means of pest elimination by using Diatomaceous Earth(Alpine Dust Insecticide) or one of our other natural products. Make sure to evenly apply it over a wide area to give you the best chance of getting rid of all the Bird Mites that are taking infesting your home.

Feel free to browse our bird mite control products below and if you ever need any help with your order or are in need of free expert advice regarding a DIY pest control issue you have, we are always standing by to assist you.


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