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How to Get Rid of Rose Slugs


About rose slugs

Rose slugs are commonly found in three kinds: one is a yellowish green larvae with brown head, the other is green larvae with bristles on its body, while the third is curled up slug that coils behind the leaves. Both these larva are the early lifecycle stage of plants eating wasps called Sawflies. These slugs stay on the underside of the leaves.

Damage caused by rose slugs

The rose slugs chew off the leaves of the rose and cause defoliation of the rose plants and decay or foliage of the leaves. The curled up rose slugs curl up into a coil under the leaves and chew holes into the rose leaves. It removes the soft tissue of the leaves and turns the leaf scorched and brown. This causes the rose plants leaf lost and subsequently damages the rose itself.


  1. Picking the rose slugs

Keep an eye on your roses if you see the chewed holes; try to observe the kind of pest that is damaging your leaves.  Once you have identified the pest as rose slugs appropriate measures can be taken. Use tweezers or some other device and wear gloves while plucking or picking the larvae out of the rose leaves and dispose them in solution of insecticidal soap.  This will curb the infestation of the rose slugs and limit the damage that will be caused to your rose plants.

  1. Water hosing the rose slugs

Use water hose over the rose plants. Use the valve with pressure and open the water hose and water the rose slugs. The pressure of the water will let the slugs fall of the leaves. You can pick them and spray insecticidal soap over the slug to dehydrate and kill them. The pressure of the water will also kill a few of the slugs. Use 3 tablespoons of insecticidal soap with 1 quart of water and spray it direct on the rose slugs that have fallen down. It will kill the larva immediately and control the infestation on the rose plants. A bug blaster can be used, it is a special device that creates a wall of water and the jet of water comes with pressure eradicating the rose slugs from the leaves.

  1. Applying chemicals on the rose

Wear gloves and mask before applying the chemicals. Read the instruction and labels before using the insecticides. The suggested chemicals that will be effecting in eradicating the rose slugs are Bifenthrin, Carbaryl, Malathion, Permethrin, Cyfluthrin, Imidacloprid and Acephate. These are usually more effective in terminating the Sawflies. By terminating rose flies population indirect you can limit the population and infestation of rose slugs. If the sawflies decrease so will the rose slugs that will minimize

infestation and decay of the rose plants. Spray the chemicals from summer till spring to exterminate the growth of the slugs.  

MICROBIAL INSECTICIDES: SPINOSAD and other such insecticide sprays destroy the rose slugs. It has toxins that can kill the rose slugs immediately.

DUST INSECTICIDES:  scattering some Diatomaceous earth powder helps in eliminating the rose slugs and the saw flies.

SURROUND WP: It provides a barrier against the rose slugs. A coated layer of the chemical will repel or ward the rose slugs away from the roses and protects them from foliage and decay.

AZATROL EC:  It contains azadirachtin and is quite effective in getting rid of the rose slugs.

PYRETHRUM SPRAY:  Spray pyrethrum based insecticides like, VITAX PY spray garden. It paralyzes the rose slugs. It is a contact insecticide so make sure to apply it directly on the larva to be effective in removing them.

SYSTEMIC SPRAYS: Few suggestions of such sprays are BAYER PROVADO ULTIMATE BUG KILLER and BUG CLEAR ULTRA. These chemicals enter the soft tissue of the rose leaves and when the rose slug are preying on it the insecticide like, THIACLOPRID kills them.

  1. Using row covers

Cover the rose plants with row covers before the saw flies lays its eggs that will lead to a rose slug infestation. Row covers will safeguard the rose plants from sawflies. It will not allow it to lay eggs or any slugs to wiggle or crawl its way into the rose plants. The chemicals can be sprayed regularly over the row covers to take more caution against the rose slugs.

  1. Trapping the rose slugs

Place duct tapes on the back side of the leaves the sawflies and rose slugs will get stuck on the duct tape. Once the larva is stuck, it can be disposed. Use insecticide spray to make sure the slugs do not return back to the roses.

Other king of sticky traps like, placing a band and applying sticky substance will cause the rose slugs to get stuck and trapped. Discard them immediately and keep changing the bands.

  1. Tending to the roses

Keep the roses fresh and clean. Make sure to prune and remove all decayed leaves from surrounding and from the rose plants itself. Keeping it with the rest of the rose plants together and taking care of the soil, fertilizer and other treatments that rose need will keep the sawflies away. Thus, removal of decayed leaves will ward away the rose slugs. Dispose the compost pile and keep the whole garden clean.

Fresh fragrant roses in your garden

If all proper measures are taken to keep the rose slugs away from your rose garden bed and all needs are taken care of. It will avoid the rose plants from withering and prevent the rose slugs from decaying the rose leaves. You will have fresh fragrant roses to pick for your home instead of the slugs.


We hope this guide has helped you when it comes to a plan of approach to eliminate rose slugs from your yard. For more helpful DIY advice, don’t hesitate to call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us online.


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