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How To Control American Cockroaches

Usually when you put the term “American” in front of a noun, it's supposed to bring about feelings of patriotism and pride. However, when it comes to the American cockroach, the only thing it elicits is fear and grossness. German cockroaches may be one of the most annoying and troublesome pests, but it’s the American cockroach that makes homeowners jump up on their couch and reach for their brooms. While not as prolific as the German cockroach, they can become a problem in households and their rather large size and the fact that they can is startling for most.

The American Cockroach is also commonly called the Palmetto or Water bug. It is reddish-brown in color and can reach lengths of 1.5 inches and bigger. Both female and male American cockroaches have wings and have the ability to fly but they only do so in rare cases. The female roach lays egg capsules which contain around 16 in warm and humid areas which contains a protective case. When the eggs hatch, nymph roaches then come out of the capsule, shed their skins and go looking for food.

American cockroaches typically live outdoors and prefer warm, damp areas like gardens and on trees. Outdoors they like to eat leaves, tiny wood particles, algae and other smaller insects. When they venture on indoors, it’s in search for water or food and often go to bathrooms, kitchens or basements to seek nourishment and shelter.

If you have had a problem with American cockroaches trespassing on your property, Solutions Pest and Lawn has all that you need to eliminate these pests for good and keep them out.

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How to Get Rid of American Cockroaches: 4 Step Solution

American cockroaches can be very frustrating to have and if left untreated, their population can grow and get out of control. Not to worry, there are ways to tackle these stubborn pests. By following the steps we have laid out below you can get rid of American cockroaches from your home successfully.

 American Cockroach ID

Step One: Identification. Knowing how the American cockroach looks is a great help in learning how to approach control measures. One thing you will immediately notice with American cockroaches is that can get pretty large which is startling for most homeowners. They can be an inch and a half or even bigger. They are brown colored and normally like to stay outdoors but will find their way indoors when looking for food or warmth. If you have trouble correctly identifying the American cockroach, send a photo of the roach our way at identification@solutionsstores.com and we'll ID the bug for you and give you control options. 

food water and shelter

Step Two: Inspection. A thorough and detailed sanitation and exclusion conducted on your entire home is the most important step if you hope to eliminate outbreaks of American cockroaches in your home. American cockroaches need 3 things to survive in your home-food, water, and shelter. The way to eliminate these from the home requires rolling up your sleeves and getting to cleaning. Clean your home, especially the kitchen thoroughly to make sure no crumbs, grease or oils are left behind. Regularly take out trash and vacuum. Removing water sources by keeping areas dry and fixing leaks in plumbing etc. American Cockroaches prefer to live outdoors, but when they are desperate enough, they will set up residence indoors if you make it easy for them.Seal off holes, cracks and crevices with caulking to take away areas of harborage for roaches. A combination of black foam and Stuff-It Copper Mesh can help greatly in this step.


products to usewindow treatment

Step Three: Control Once the home is sanitized and you have implemented the necessary exclusion measures you can then carry out treatment methods. We suggest a multi-pronged approach as opposed to a single method of control. A combination of baits, sprays and dusts should be used so if roaches are resistant to one method, they may be more responsive to another method. Sprays like Reclaim IT should be used to create barriers and to get into hard to reach areas where roaches like to hide. Make sure to spray around windows and doors. Baits are also effective in that they contain attractants roaches enjoy and will take back to their harborage area and share amongst one another, ideally creating a domino effect that will kill off the whole population. Use Ficam Insect bait around perimeter, exterior and attics.  Indoors, use Apex gel. Spray Fipro around cracks and crevices and use D-Fense dust around appliances.


Step Four: Prevention Once the roach population has been wiped out, you should work to discourage American cockroaches from returning through preventative measures. Regularly inspect your home for roach activity and maintain a regular cleaning routine, daily, weekly and monthly to make sure the place is properly sanitized and unwelcoming to roaches.  Spray the exterior perimeter of the house with an insecticide and make sure to inspect anything before bringing it into your home for roaches. Put screens on your doors and cover cracks beneath doors and any other points of entry that roaches could use to gain access into your home.


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learn more about american cockroachesLEARN MORE ABOUT AMERICAN COCKROACHES

American cockroaches (Periplaneta americana) also known as “Palmetto Bugs”  are one of the largest roaches that could affect your home. Most Adult American cockroaches are about 1 to 1 ½  inch long and unlike most cockroaches, they possess wings which allow them to fly, but which they only use sparingly. Male cockroaches are generally longer than female cockroach due to their large wings which extend past the tip of their abdomen. They are known to be in Reddish Brownish color with yellow edges on their thorax.


They were first introduced to the United States from Africa through commerce and have been observed as early as 1625.




If this description fits the description of your cockroach problem, click the button below to buy Apex Cockroach Gel Bait.


get rid of american cockroaches call to action



They are typically found in a number of places including outdoors and commercial and residential properties. Most commonly found in buildings where food is stored and prepared like restaurants, and food processing plants, these creatures main habitat includes sewers, basements, and drainage systems. Outdoors these creatures can live in hollow trees, garbage piles, and mulch.


These cockroaches prefer habitats between 70°F and 85°F, which means warm, moist, and humid environments, however, during the cold months, these roaches will not survive temperatures below 15°F.


They could infest residential homes and apartments through plumbing or drainage and by infiltrating the home through trees found outside properties that extend to the roof of the building. They abhor well-lit areas and preferred dark and moist spaces (inside sinks, water pipes, toilets).



These roaches have a preference for decaying organic matter but like all cockroaches can feed on basically anything. This cockroach has been observed to eat paper, books, hair, rice, cloth, dead insects, and in some cases, these species of roaches have turn cannibalistic after mating, with the female eating their male partner after mating.   


Health Hazards

The cockroaches can be a danger in the home if left untreated, contaminating homes, with their nightly foraging activity when your home is dark, and passing on organisms that create diseases like bacteria, protozoa, and viruses that are found in their bodies. Food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea are some of the most common diseases passed on by these cockroaches.


These diseases are passed by these cockroaches through their foraging activity, which they spread with their limbs by stepping and moving under and on top of dishes, utensils and food preparation areas (like your kitchen).


If you believe that you’re suffering from an American Cockroach infestation you have come to the right place, we at Solutions Pest and Lawn, specialize in providing professional grade products, used by pesticide professionals on a daily basis, that will treat your American cockroach infestation for good and keep them out and away for many days. Click here to buy our 100% Guaranteed Cockroach Control Kit or click here to browse our roach products.



american cockroach life cycle solutions pest and lawnHOW LONG DO AMERICAN COCKROACHES LIVE?

A common question that homeowners might ask themselves if they happen to live with an American cockroach infestation, is how long will these creatures live in my home?


To answer that question properly, we have to take a close look at the lifecycle of American Cockroaches. American cockroaches have three life stages: The egg phase, the nymph phase, and the adult phase.



The life of the American Cockroach begins seven days after mating, when the Females lay their eggs in a hardened egg case called an ootheca. In some cases when females are at their peak reproductive period, they may create two ootheca per week. On average females will produce one egg case (or ootheca) a month for 10 months (an ootheca case will be comprised of 16 eggs per case) generating 15 to 90 egg capsules.


These egg cases or ootheca are brown in color and are about 8mm long. The female usually drops the egg capsule one day after it is formed. To protect the offspring the female will find a place where the eggs, after being born, will have enough food to grow and are adequately protected. After finding a suitable place, the females will glue to eggs to a surface using her saliva and secretions from her mouth.


 After 29 to 58 days pass, depending on room conditions, nymphs will usually hatch, with the average period from egg to nymph phase being 50 to 55 days.


american cockroach nymph solutions pest and lawnTHE NYMPH STAGE

Once the egg has hatched, our Cockroach will become a nymph. It will be of a white color as soon as it hatches and it will shed or molt, their skin and appearance about six to fourteen times until they become of Adults of a brownish color. During this stage, the cockroach will not have formed wings, until their last number of molts, where they will form wing pads. As a Nymph, the cockroach will have to fend for itself and complete all the molt transformations, which could last from 160 to 971 days, with the average being about 600 days. In their final transformation, these Nymphs will start to actively look for food sources and water.



After 600 days have passed, and the Nymphs have grown to become adults they will have undergone many changes. Their whitish color will have turned to Reddish brown with yellow edges on their thorax, they will have grown in size (most adults are about 1 to ½ an inch long) and they will have wings which makes them capable of flying, but which they rarely use. The wings in the male cockroaches will be notoriously longer extending beyond the tip of the abdomen while the females will have shorter wings. These adult cockroaches dedicate their time to finding food and water and are capable of surviving two to three months without food but only a month without water.


call to action american cockroachesSO HOW LONG DO AMERICAN COCKROACHES LIVE?

To answer this question simply, female American cockroaches can live up to 15 months or longer, while Male roaches in most cases only live about less than a year. But to be more precise, Adult females live about 225 to 440 days, depending on room conditions and climates, whereas male adults live about 200 days (with the maximum being 362 days).


The average life cycle of these cockroaches will be about 600 days from egg to nymph stage to about 400 days after they reach adulthood. Which gives them plenty of time to multiply and create a roach infestation. In fact, in the life cycle of the cockroaches, the female will be able to reproduce about 150 cockroaches before dying, and these cockroaches after they have grown to adulthood will be able to do the same.


If you’re not willing to wait how long you can live with an American cockroach infestation, click on the button below and shorten their lifespan.

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american cockroaches can they fly?Can American Cockroaches Fly?

It might be surprising for most homeowners to find that American cockroaches have wings and if given the chance they can actually fly. They have been observed to glide over a short distance when taking flight from high places, but you shouldn’t worry too much as these insects prefer to remain on the ground for most of the time.


Can American Cockroaches Bite Me?

These pesky creatures, like all cockroaches, will eat anything, from cloth to other insects, so it’s not so surprising to learn that American cockroaches can bite humans (both living and dead).


Out of all the species of cockroaches in the world, both American and Australian cockroaches have been documented and reported to bite humans. The instances were this has occurred, and probably the earliest report dates back to 1908 when researcher David George Gordon wrote that he saw:


“ships come into San Francisco … with the sailors wearing gloves on their hands when asleep in their bunks, in a desperate effort to save their fingernails from being gnawed off by the hordes of roaches which infest the whole ship.”


Most roach bites occur in legs, eyelashes, fingernails, and hands, or anywhere in the body where they can find dead skin. Although generally these creatures are reserved and easily spooked by humans, when resources are scarce they have been known to bite humans when they are asleep.


However, you should not worry, as these cases are extremely rare and don’t occur frequently. What some people might experience and get confused with cockroach bites, are often simple allergic reactions to the droppings, skin sheddings, and particles they leave behind.


Can American Cockroaches Carry Disease?

To answer this question simply, yes, American cockroaches carry disease. They are known to carry infectious bacteria in their bodies and their gut which is transferred to every item or surface they touch. The most commonly found bacteria in American cockroaches produce food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea in humans. Their skin sheddings and their fecal matter have also been known to act as allergens causing allergic reactions in children and adults.


american cockroach on white backgroundDo American Cockroaches Infest?

Sadly the simple answer to this question is yes. They have been known to thrive in large populations in manholes and sewers, and have reproduced to incredible numbers (by the thousands), sometimes growing to 5,000 in any individual sewer manhole.


The American cockroach is only second to the German cockroach in abundance. Although they mainly infest to such large quantities in dark, moist microclimates that are suitable for their survival, homeowners should be wary and alert of any American cockroach infestation in their homes.


What Attracts American Cockroaches To Your Home?

American cockroaches have been known to dwell outside but are attracted to homes, and buildings, when they need to escape harsh climate conditions (especially after a heavy rain) and when they forage for food and water.


Alternatively dark and moist places, such as basements, and attics provide an optimal habitat for these creatures which tend to shy away from light. But essentially these type of roaches are looking for easy access to food, water, and shelter, especially when weather conditions outside harshen.


How Do American Cockroaches Enter Your Home?

These roaches have been known to infiltrate homes and buildings from the outside. Alternately they can also access properties through the roof, if there are any tree branches that extend over the roof, American cockroaches will simply glide from the three to the roof where they can enter through ventilation access points.

They can also find cracks and crevices around the perimeter of your home, where plumbing is usually found, and where window and door screens have been damaged. They may even enter the home through floor drains and sinks when no flowing water is present.



Ready to get rid of them?

get rid of american cockroaches call to action





If you’re looking to get rid of your American cockroach infestation fast, you’re going to need the right arsenal and product weaponry to get to the root of the problem and treat the source of the infestation, the cockroach nest.


To do this there are a variety of products you can use, for example, our 100% Guaranteed Cockroach Control Kit, comes equipped with all the products you will ever need to eliminate a cockroach infestation in every single one of their stage and their source.


The kit also comes with a 100% money back guarantee and has been tested and proven to work by licensed Entomologists. Still, there are many other ways to control a roach infestation fast, but the first step always begins by identifying the specific type of roach infestation you have.




Before beginning your roach hunt it is very important that you first identify which species of roaches have invaded your home. Our experts at Solutions Pest and Lawn can help you identify your species of roach if you’re able to provide photo evidence of the intruders. You can reach them at (800)479-6583 or through our live chat or by emailing askapro@solutionsstores.com.


There are more 4,300 species of cockroaches, which is why it is imperative to first identify the species that are invading your home. American cockroaches are one of the largest cockroaches found in the home and are typically 1 to 1 ½ inch long and are of reddish brownish color and have wings, they also have yellow accents near their thorax.



The second step to getting rid of American cockroaches fast begins at home, with a strict schedule of cleaning and proper sanitation, to eliminate potential food supplies that cockroaches might seek, consider the following:


◙ Cleaning dishes every night, leaving no dirty utensils, plates, glasses, pots, or any objects that have been used to store food or handle food.


◙ Wipe all surfaces of any grease, liquids, spills or traces of food including crumbs and sauces or any surface where food has been used including cutting boards, countertops, sinks, stoves, tables, microwaves, takeout bags, and ovens.


◙ Taking out the garbage on daily basis.


◙ Vacuuming and mopping floors to clean accidental spills, dirt, grease, and crumbs that might be created from cooking or daily living.


◙ Making sure all food supplies are in plastic containers with a strong tight lid and in hard to reach places.


◙ Deep cleaning the bathrooms as often as possible.


◙ Cleaning places you normally wouldn’t clean and that provide possible harborage points for insects such as: behind and under appliances, inside cabinets where food utensils are stores, and even cleaning your garbage container.


Although daily cleaning is an essential part to treating your roach infestation, we know sometimes it’s unrealistic for any homeowner to clean, mop, and vacuum their home every day, however, you should at very least maintain your sink and dishes clean and have a home free from obvious food sources that roaches might seek.


Products That Kill American Cockroaches Fast


Now that you have deep cleaned your home and have left no possible food supplies available, it’s time to pick the right professional products that will get rid of your American Cockroach infestation fast. We can’t stress enough that you need products that professional pesticide technicians use on a daily basis since most big store products only kill on contact, you’re going to need products that bring lasting results and which you can only find in our store.


It’s always best to treat any roach infestation with a variety of methods and products at the same time, to kill roaches from all angles. Some products you might consider using in unison to attack the invaders quickly and at their source are the following:



apex cockroach gel baitProfessional Roach Baits: The quickest and most effective way to treat any American roach infestation at the source (their nest) are professional roach baits.


Professional roach baits work better than big store pesticide products that only kill on contact because they have the added benefit of creating secondary and tertiary killing effects that affect the whole population of roaches and can even be spread to their nest where further elimination occurs.


In our store, you can find all the best professional-grade roach baits on the market, but we recommend using Apex Roach Bait which comes with a 100% money back guarantee and has been tested and proven to work by licensed Entomologists.


Place the baits in areas where you have noticed roach activity, or close to cracks and crevices, along baseboards, near plumbing, under appliances, and anywhere where roaches may enter the home. Good placement of baits will ensure success.




d-fense dust american cockroachesProfessional Insecticidal Dusts: After properly baiting your home with professional roach baits the next step is to make their travel points uninhabitable, to do this you will need insecticidal dusts.


There are numerous professional insecticidal dusts you can use to target areas where they usually travel, but D-Fense Dust is perfect to catch cockroaches off guard when they are taking a leisurely stroll through your home, they will be given a warm welcome with this powerful formulation.


Remember to apply the dust under fridges, close to baseboards, in bathroom floors behind toilets, and under furniture, in cracks and crevices, and any other places where you have noticed cockroaches scurrying away. You can even apply dusts outside the home in cracks and crevices where insects and cockroaches might infiltrate.


A good professional dust product will provide you with residual control that can last many months.





reclaim it american cockroachesPerimeter Protection: After placing down roach baits and insecticidal dusts the next steps is to protect your home from cockroaches that might want to enter. To do this you will need a product that can last for months, and that can set up an impenetrable insecticide barrier outside your home.


One of the best products you can use to protect your home with a perimeter barrier on the outside is Reclaim IT which comes with a 100% money back guarantee and has been tested and proven to work by licensed Entomologists.


This incredible product can be sprayed all along the outside of your home, especially in cracks and crevices, but does incredible work when sprayed alongside the foundation of your property. This product should give a long residual control of up to 90 days, that will target any roach infestation from moving in your home.


Another way to roach-proof your home inside and out might seem simple, but it could prove highly effective. After using all the professional products that we offer, another simple method to get rid of cockroach fast is by simply sealing their exit and entry points.


Using our Stu-Fit Cooper Mesh you can simply block cracks and crevices that might be found outside and inside of your property. By blocking their passageways roaches will have no other option but to seek shelter somewhere else.


And that’s it, that’s the way to get rid of an American cockroach infestation fast. Remember that above all what you need to get rid of a roach infestation is patience. These creatures have remained a pest in human lives for their ability to adapt and resist most methods of extermination, but by cleaning your house daily and using the products we recommend, you should start to see results fast.


At Solutions Pest and Lawn we have offer 60+ years experience and know-how when it comes to Pest control, and have been servicing independent professional pesticide professionals and homeowners alike with the best products available on the market. When you buy a product from us you get:


 ◙ Exceptional Customer Service (email, phone, chat)


◙ Professional-Grade Products


◙ Phone Support by Professionals


◙ Free Shipping (2-4 Day Delivery)


◙ And 60 Years of Pest Control Knowledge


If you’re ready to give DIY pest control a shot and are tired of living with American cockroaches, start shopping with us today and discover why over 500,000 customers have entrusted us with their pest control needs, year after year.



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