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AboutSolutions Pest & Lawn in Cypress Texas has been offering professional pest control and lawn care for over 40 years. Started in the 1970's as a local pest control company, Solutions Pest & Lawn grew into a large chemical manufacturing company. Since the beginning Solutions has been selling professional pest control chemicals to exterminators and homeowners who want to do it themselves. 

PeopleThis store was managed by Charlie Byrd for over 25 years and now is in the capable hands of 18-year veteran Mario Quinteros. He is an expert in all things pest and lawn and knows more about pesticide application equipment than just about anyone. He is assisted by Jorge Valdez and Charlie Byrd (part time). Together they can teach you everything there is to know about pest control and lawn care.

Service Area: This store services customers from Cypress, Humble, Kingwood, Magnolia all the way to Katy and Copperfield near the 529.

EventsThe Cypress location currently offers pet flea treatment on Saturdays from 10 to 4.


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Solutions Pest & Lawn Will Keep You Coming Back!

Solutions Pest & Lawn’s Cypress location has been providing homeowners and pest control professionals with our outstanding selection of professional pest control products and lawn care equipment for over 40 years. Customers from all over the Cypress as well as towns like Humble, Kingwood have been steadily coming to this location for answers to their pest control and lawn maintenance concerns because no other place delivers high-quality professional grade products with helpful, passionate customer service

DIY Pest Control Made Safe and Easy

DIY home projects have become all the rage in the age of social media. Whether you’re on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook or checking out videos on YouTube you are sure to find a DIY project on practically anything and how easy it looks to accomplish. Whether it is home improvement, cooking an elaborate dish or landscaping, there’s something you’ll find online on how to easily do it yourself. However, there’s a right way to do it that is usually explained by professionals in the industry and then there’s a wrong way to do it which amateurs usually post. It’s best to look at the credentials behind the DIYer when engaging in a DIY project and this is especially true when tackling DIY pest control.

Surprisingly, the form of DIY project that people tend to tackle with a bit of trepidation is DIY pest control. Homeowners are often intimidated by the prospect of tackling a large infestation of roaches, ants, spiders or rodents in their home and shy away from trying to tackle such a task the DIY way and instead turn to pest control professionals to do the job. Some of the reasons which cause people to hesitate tackling insect and rodent infestations in their home is due to the feeling that dealing with bugs is “gross” or they fear the riskiness of handling toxic chemicals.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has been doing our best to break these misconceptions by educating our customers on just how easy and safe it is to conduct pest control and lawn maintenance without the need of hiring a professional.

At your Cypress Solutions Pest & Lawn store, we have been transforming homeowners into DIY experts and helping pest control service companies improve their business by providing answers and solutions to the toughest of pest and lawn issues in a simple, easy to execute fashion. While we do carry a broad  selection of the best pest control products, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers and professional pool chemicals on the market, what keeps our customers coming back is the valuable information and how-to guidance they gain through our helpful DIY advice from our technicians.

You don't need to have years of  DIY experience to conduct DIY pest control. The techniques passed on by our store representatives can be easily learned at any level, even if you don’t know the first thing about pest control. Solutions Pest & Lawn can equip you with the DIY know-how you need to use professional pest control products in a safe and secure manner that will deliver the results you’re looking for: a completely bug-free property.

Stop by the Solutions Pest & Lawn Cypress location today and let our experienced sales reps and DIY experts like Mario Quinteros, Charlie Byrd and Jorge Valdez guide you on how to apply treatment and carry out tried and true techniques to inspect, control and prevent any pest issue you have. We promise you that anytime you step foot into a Solutions Pest & Lawn store, you will be made totally prepared for the task of eliminating your pest control problem.

Products that you Won’t Find at The Big Box Stores

What image comes to mind when you hear the phrase “do-it-yourself pest control”? Usually, the picture that comes to mind are pest control products you’d see while walking the aisles at a WalMart, Home Depot or other department store retailer which doesn’t specialize in pest control.

As convenient as it seems to be able to purchase pest control products to deal with annoying household pests at the same place you buy your other household items and groceries, it doesn’t mean its the wisest decision to shop for pest control products and lawn care supplies at places which don’t specialize in such areas.

What many novice DIYers don’t know is that the pest control products sold on store shelves are a very inferior product and lack the quality compared to options you would find in a store which specializes in pest control, like Solutions Pest & Lawn. If you were to hire a pest control exterminator or talk with a pest control expert about what the best products are to deal with common household pests, you’ll find out that they stay far away from the products you’d find at those department stores.

Solutions Pest & Lawn carries pest control products which professionals highly recommend and use frequently to eliminate pests or obliterate lawn weeds, because these products are proven to work. In fact, the insecticides, herbicides, equipment and supplies Solutions Pest and Lawn has in stock are the same products which exterminators, landscapers, and pest control services purchase on a regular basis when they need to restock their supply.

Solutions Pest & Lawn understands that for most homeowners, they are looking to save money and so they frequent big box stores and purchase the pest control products they carry when they have pest issues because they are cheaper.  Solutions Pest & Lawn agrees that when it comes to price, you may not find lower prices for pest control products than at big box stores and retailers. However, cheaper doesn’t always mean better and more often than not you will find yourself disappointed with the results or the cheap brand of insecticide you find at those stores as they will usually not even create a dent in your pest infestation.

Solutions Pest & Lawn products, however, are powerful professional grade insecticide concentrates which often need to be mixed with a little bit of water and will deliver a deadly knockout blow to any problem pest which is unfortunate enough to come in contact with the mixture.

While you will be spending a little bit more money buying the products we carry in stock, we promise you  that our products will work the first time around and will accomplish your goal of having a pest free home or a weed free lawn. Solutions Pest & Lawn only carries products in stock that have been scientifically tested and proven to kill rodents and insects as well as eliminate lawn weeds.


Save Lots of $$$$ With DIY Pest Control

A large reason a lot of people choose to go DIY is that they either have had poor experiences hiring professionals to tackle pest control jobs or feel that their last pest control hire was too expensive. If you choose to go DIY and use the recommended professional products from Solutions Pest & Lawn rather than hiring a professional exterminator, you can save on average up to 70%!

Solutions Pest & Lawn wants to empower homeowners to be able to take on the responsibility of protecting your home from unsightly weeds and damaging pests and we have over 50+ years of professional pest control experience behind us to assure you that we are more than qualified to give helpful advice. By using our products based on expert recommendations and carrying out our easy to follow instructions, you may never have to hire an exterminator ever again.

Come Visit Our Cypress Store Today!

If you are considering giving DIY pest control a try or if you have a few questions about a particular pest or lawn problem you’ve been having, feel free to visit our Solutions Pest & Lawn location in Cypress today.

Our staff of trained pest control technicians and lawn care experts are here to help answer any of your questions you have and give you advice on how to get rid of whatever problem pest that has been bugging you! We look forward to seeing you at our store soon.


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