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"Remember that half the battle is eliminating the source of the infestation. Eliminating the rotten fruit or spoiled goods or standing water that attracted to them to your house is the first order of business."

Phorid Fly Control: How To Get Rid of Phorid Flies

This page is a general Phorid Fly control guide. Using the products and methods suggested you will successfully get control of Phorid Flies. 

Phorid Flies can become a cause for concern when they appear around homes and businesses. Also known as Humpback Flies, Phorid Flies are small, dull brown in color, but there are some species that are brightly colored. They are also prolific breeders and can lay 40 eggs in a 12-hour span.

Phorid flies are found around moisture, near kitchens, bathrooms, near drains, spoiled food, trash cans, potted plants, leaky sinks or pipes, or even litter boxes. They are also attracted to decomposing food and organic materials which is why they will not hesitate to set up shop in a home where sanitation is poor.

Because of their habit of dwelling inside rotting and decomposing materials, this makes Phorid Flies liable to spread diseases and transfer bacteria to food serving surfaces and utensils that are later used by humans.

If you are experiencing an infestation of Phorid Flies, follow our guide below to learn the best methods and products to use for Phorid Fly control.


phorid flies identification how to get rid of phorid flies

Before you can carry out treatment, you need to make sure you're dealing with Phorid Flies. Misidentification can lead to using the wrong treatment methods which can be a waste of time and money. Below we'll describe some of the characteristics that set them apart.

  • Phorid Flies are usually about 1/8 of an inch in size (or 3mm)
  • They can range in a variety of colors, from light brown, to yellowish or a dull brown.
  • They are mistaken for fruit flies or drain flies, but do not have the hairy appearance that Drain Flies have, or the bright red eyes that Fruit Flies have.
  • Phorid flies have dull and dark-colored eyes.
  • Their identifying characteristic is the hump on their thorax, which why they are also called Humpback Flies.
  • Phorid flies often move erratically and quickly in a jerking fashion. While they are able to travel through flight, phorid flies often like to walk or run along counters, walls and other surfaces more than flying. This is why they’ve been also known as the scuttle fly, for this very behavior.
  • Phorid flies breed in drains and lay their eggs, which give birth to Phorid Fly Larvae
  • Phorid Fly larvae are a dirty white color and cylinder-shaped.

Use the image and description above to identify Phorid Flies on your property. If you are not entirely sure, contact us and we will have one of our pros assist you with correct identification.


garbage can phorid flies

After you have confirmed that you are dealing with Phorid Flies, proceed with an inspection to figure out where they are infesting so you can determine where to focus your treatment. During the inspection, you will focus on finding problem areas where Phorid Flies are found.

Where To Inspect

Most infestations occur indoors so inspect there. Start in kitchens and bathrooms. Near sinks, drains (floor drains as well), near spoiled food, near trash cans, near potted plants, leaky sinks or pipes or faucets, or litter boxes (feces in the yard if you have a dog).

What To Look For

You're looking for Phorid Flies and the decaying organic matter that is attracting them. Inspect all the areas and items mentioned above, looking for decomposing materials. In garbage cans, inspect the bottom of the garbage can to make sure there are no old spills or garbage that has remained unseen at the bottom.

Once you have discovered Phorid Flies or the decomposing materials attracting them you can move forward to treatment.


Once you have confirmed the hotspots of activity, it is time to begin Phorid Fly treatment. Remember to read all product labels and follow the application instructions on these labels and stay safe by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

Phorid Fly treatment involves removing the decomposing breeding source and conducting sanitation measures and then applying products like Pyrid Aerosol and Musca-Stik to knockdown and capture lingering flies. You should also apply Forid Drain Gel Cleaner to eliminate breeding sources in drains.

Step 1 - Sanitize Your Home

preparation phorid flies

Begin by thoroughly sanitizing your home. In this step, you will get rid of decomposing materials or any possible items that are attracting them.

Wipe countertops, mop, and vacuum to get rid of unseen spills of food crumbs. Make sure to check under and around appliances for possible spills. Check the bottom of your garbage can for any possible spills or material that might have remained unseen.

Get rid of any rotten or spoiled fruits and vegetables. Seal all food goods in plastic containers. Clean up after your pets and empty litter boxes if you have them. Fix and repair any areas prone to creating moisture like leaky plumbing or pipes.

Step 2 - Indoor Treatment

Now you're ready to start treatment indoors. You will use three products, Forid, Pyrid, and Musca-Stik Fly Traps. Forid is an organic microbial grease degrader that will break down organic materials inside drains, which might be the source of the infestation.

Pyrid will be used as a space and contact spray to any Phorid Flies you're able to find. Musca-Stik Fly traps are a sticky fly trap that will attract Flies with pheromones and which will make the Phorid Flies fly directly into it, where they will become stuck and eventually die.

Forid Drain Gel Cleaner

Drain cleaner

Forid Drain Gel Cleaner is a natural Microbial Grease Degrader (MGD) which breaks down the decaying matter accumulated inside the drain, eliminating the breeding grounds that attract Phorid Flies.

To apply, first allow 1 to 2 gallons of hot water to run and flow through the drain to be treated. Next, simply measure 4 ounces on the tip and measure bottle, and apply 4 ounces to each drain. Make sure to apply to the sides and edges of the drain and do not apply directly down the drain.

Repeat this application for 5 to 7 consecutive days to clear the drain and put an end to Phorid Fly drain activity.

Pyrid Aerosol

pyrid treatment phorid flies

You can use Pyrid as both a contact spray and as a space spray. To use as a space spray make sure there are no pets or people inside the rooms where Pyrid will be applied. Make sure to turn off the air conditioner, closed all windows, and doors.

Apply at the rate of 1-3 seconds per 1,000 cubic feet. If applying in the kitchen make sure that no food serving items (plates, bowls, pots,etc.) or eating utensils are exposed.

Do not let people or pets enter rooms sprayed until 15 minutes have gone by and the rooms have been properly ventilated. If applying in the kitchen make sure to wipe all counter clean.


Musca-Stik traps are an affordable and effective fly trap that attract flies visually and via Musca-lure pheromone attractants. Simply sprinkle the Musca-Lure attractant into the catch basin of the trap and then place the trap in a high location and where Phorid Flies have been most prevalent. 

Flies will get stuck on the trap and you can easily dispose of it after it's full.  


forid treatment phorid flies

After you have eliminated the Phorid Flies from your home, you want to make sure they don't make a return. Keep them away by implementing the following preventative measures.

  • Start by periodically cleaning drains by using Forid drain gel.
  • Practice good hygiene and maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Clean counter countertops and stoves. Take out the garbage frequently and do not let it build up in your home.
  • Use a spray bottle to water potted plants to prevent overwatering. And finally, eliminate any moisture issues around your property. Fix any leaky faucets or faulty plumbing and make sure there is no standing water anywhere on the property.

Key Takeaways

What are Phorid Flies?

  • Phorid Flies are flies that are attracted to filth and decomposing matter. Infestations occur when the area is not properly sanitized.

How to Get Rid of Phorid Flies

  • After clearing up the filth source, apply Pyrid Aerosol, Musca-Stik Traps and Forid Drain Cleaner to address any lingering flies. 

Phorid Fly Reinfestation

  • Maintain a regular sanitation schedule and you won't have Phorid Flies causing a problem again.
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