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wild carrot weedThe Best Method to Control Wild Carrot Weed

While carrots are a favorite vegetable that many of us (including Bugs bunny) enjoy, there is another carrot that isn’t as popular, especially by lawn owners. That is the Wild Carrot which like a normal carrot, is edible but only when it’s young. While some may see it as an attractive addition to the garden, In most cases--especially when growing on turf, it is regarded as an invasive weed. Eliminating wild carrot from your yard may pose as a bit of a challenge but it can be done by implementing the correct techniques and using the proper herbicide.


Wild Carrot Background Information

Wild carrot is a biennial broadleaf weed which originated in Europe and is also popularly known by another name, Queen Anne’s lace, due to the resemblance of the plant being similar to that of the headdress that Queen Anne wore. The wild carrot name is derived from the fact that the weeds’ long white taproot, finely divided leaves and foliage is similar to that of cultivated carrots.  The leaves, petioles and flower stems are densely hairy or completely hairless. Flowering wild carrot have the potential of growing up to 4 feet tall. The seedhead usually is made up of white flowers with occasionally a purple flower in the center. When it’s crushed, the odor is similar to a carrot.


Wild carrot usually thrive in areas that are largely undisturbed such as roadsides and railways, hay fields and pastures and on lawns and around buildings. If left undisturbed the weed can very quickly take over an area with a scattering of growth. In the first year the plant forms a rosette of leaves then flowers, produces seed and then dies the second year.


Wild carrot growth may be a particularly large problem on ranges and pastures due to it’s biology. Wild carrot leaves contain nitrates and if consumed by livestock, the nitrates in the leaves act as a poison which can affect the nervous system of cattle and cause death. Also people susceptible to allergies may find this plant can easily irritate their skin. For these reasons, aside from being an eyesore on a uniform lawn, finding a permanent way of eliminating the weed is even more vital.

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Best Products to Eliminate Wild Carrot



The best time to control wild carrot weeds with herbicide is when they are young and in their basal rosette stage. Wild carrot can be quite resistant as it matures and therefore you may have to conduct repeat applications. If all else fails and the wild carrot is not taking to any of these herbicides, you may have to resort to Roundup to get a guaranteed elimination of the plant.


  • Use a hand-pump sprayer with a fan tip nozzle. Spraying a fine mist is best when applying herbicides to wild carrot.

  • Remember that the label is the law. Be sure to look towards the instructions on the label for proper application and mixing rates.

  • When handling any pesticide be sure to wear the right protective equipment to cover your skin, eyes, nasal openings and mouth.

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