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Solutions Pest & Lawn is happy to carry a phenomenal product from American Bio Systems, a company which focuses on creating innovative solutions with “superior biological technology.”

American Bio Systems, Inc is based La Quinta, CA where they develop and manufacture a complete line of biological products designed to clean up even the toughest accounts in a variety of situations.

American Bio products bring benefits to both residential settings and commercial entities. Restaurants and other food preparation facilities often experience sanitation problems associated with the buildup of kitchen grease (organic waste) on floors, in drains, and under heavy equipment.

These problems include slippery floor surfaces, foul odors, and clogged (slow) drains. Mopping or hosing/power washing with standard floor cleaning products does not remove grease and organic waste – it only breaks it up pushing it into drains and under equipment where it builds up over time. These problems in the kitchen and in drainage pipes can bring about the presence of stubborn and pesky drain flies. That is why we carry one of American Bio’s leading products: DrainGel.

DrainGel is a highly concentrated bacterial gel that eats away grease buildup that accumulates over time they chasing off drain flies who are hanging around to consume the organic matter. Regular application also controls foul odors by inhibiting the biological production of odor-causing compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and rancid fatty acids that result from septic or anaerobic environments. DrainGel's advanced biological support ingredients and essential growth factors promote the rapid germination and growth of its microbial blend resulting in increased effectiveness.

Shop our American Bio manufactured products below. If you would like more information about the company, visit their official website at http://www.bio-systems.com/index.htm.

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