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How To Control Mesquitemesquite tree

Regarded as one of the worst weeds on rangelands because of its invasiveness, potential for spread and economic and environmental impacts, mesquite have become an increasingly troublesome problem along much of the southwest United States. For cattle operations especially, mesquite provides a rather large barrier to improving grazing and wildlife habitat.

While mesquite does provide some benefits as cover and as food for wildlife and livestock, when unmanaged, it can very quickly dominate a rangeland, reducing the available space to forage for livestock. It also robs the area of moisture. It’s an invasive species and very prolific, shading out a lot of native grasses, causing a monoculture.

Mesquite is particularly hard to control because it is a prolific resprouter from the base of that plant. You can top kill mesquite by cutting it, mowing, shredding and fire and still not be able to kill that plant as it will resprout from the base. This can be quite frustrating for landowners who are having their livelihoods ruined by such a noxious plant.

If you have mesquite growing on your pasture of rangeland, Solutions Pest and Lawn can provide you with the tips and tools that can defeat this invasive weed correctly the first time around so it will no longer be an issue.

How To Get Rid of Mesquite: 3 Step Solution

As difficult and frustrating as it is to manage mesquite because of it’s tendency to return again and again, it is possible to put a stop to them reduce and completely kill off the invasive plant. Using only mechanical or manual means will leave you in disappointment when mesquite grows right back with no intention of stopping. This is when it is best to use chemical means of treatment to ensure that mesquite is not only killed, but they stay dead and not return. Check out our simple steps below to learn how to manage this irritating plant.

Step 1:To begin it is important to identify and be completely sure that the plant that you are dealing with on your land is in fact, mesquite. It is important to properly identify your problem weed If you are not totally sure via independent research, we recommend you to email us a photo at identification@solutionsstores.com and we will be able to accurately ID the plant and then present you recommendations for control.

Step 2: Once you have properly identified the plant as mesquite, we can proceed with control. We believe the best way to control a persistent plant like mesquite is be treating it at the base as much as possible via the cut-stump technique. Use cutting tools, whichever you prefer, to begin cutting down the mesquite down to a stump. Make sure it is as close to the ground as possible for best results.

Step 3: Finally it’s time to break out the apply herbicides to kill off the mesquite stumps We recommend using either brush killer or a non-selective herbicide like glyphosate. Please follow directions according to the label and apply liberally to sufficiently kill the plant and prevent resprouting. Repeated application may be necessary to ensure total eradication. If control efforts are not followed up on, mesquite will likely reinvade. Persistence is the key.

Browse our recommended mesquite control products below. If you ever have any questions, we can be reached at any time via email, online live chat or phone.

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