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Ghost ant

How To Control Ghost Ants

An ant infestation can be quite creepy to have but one type of ant invasion that’s particularly creepy is an invasion of Ghost ants. Ghost ants get their name due to their tiny size and that fact that they have pale legs and bodies which makes them tough to see. These ants can disappear and reappear without homeowners noticing which can be even more ghost-like.

Ghost ants are originally from the tropical areas of the world (most likely Africa or Asia) but in recent years have appeared in the southeastern part of the United States. The way they got here most likely through hitching a ride on boxes, crates, and other household goods being shipped from overseas. In northern parts of the country, Ghost ants have been known to survive only in buildings that are sufficiently heated or in greenhouses.

The Ghost ant diet consists of honeydew collected from insects which feeds on plants such as aphids. When they venture into indoor dwellings in search of food, they usually target various sweets.

If you have a problem with Ghost ants on your property, there are ways to eliminate this spooky pest. Whether you’re looking for control products or free advice from DIY experts, Solutions Pest and Lawn has everything you need to get rid of ghost ants the right way.

How To Get Rid of Ghost Ants: Solutions 4 Step Process

Controlling ants, especially one as sneaky and hard to see as the ghost ant, can be quite difficult without a solid plan of action. To achieve the best possible results, you will need a multi-faceted plan which tackles the infestation in more than one way. We here at Solutions recommend a combination of baits, granules and sprays for controlling ghost ants along with carrying out regular sanitation and exclusion measures to make your home less welcoming to ghost ants. Below are some simple steps we put together for you to follow when addressing this problem pest.

Step 1: Every good ant control program starts with a thorough inspection. When it comes to ghost ants, you need to start your inspection outdoors and then work your way indoors. Pay particularly close attention to the soil and check underneath objects like rocks and firewood for ant colonies. Examine the ants themselves to make note of their trails and runways. Indoors, ghost ants can be found along walls and voids, and around wherever there is dampness and moisture like plumbing areas or around potted plants.

Step 2: Destroy ant nesting sites. Once nesting sites are located treat them immediately by applying an insecticide such as Reclaim IT InsecticideSpray to the point of drenching the nest, the insecticide will then work to kill the entire population. Make sure to keep pets and children away until the treated area has been dried.

Step 3: Once the nest has been treated, there are likely many ants still out foraging. We recommend using granules such as Bifen LP Granules to take care of the remaining outdoor population by treating the perimeter of your property.

Step 4: For ants that have made their way indoors, we recommend using baits over sprays. Try a slow-acting bait like Terro PCO Liquid Ant BaitPlease be patient during this process and allow the bait time to do it's job. We recommend at least waiting two weeks and then checkingg if the ant activity has been reduced.

Browse our ghost ant control products below. If you have any questions or concerns call or email us or chat with us live online and we will be happy to help you.

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