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Target Pests

Bifen LP Granules will kill fleas ticks roaches spiders ants scorpions and many other listed insects.

For Use In

Bifen granules are designed for outdoor application only such as lawns turf farms golf courses parks sports fields etc.


Bifen L/P is applied at a rate of 25lbs per 1/4 acre for most insects and can be applied with a granule spreader or by hand. It is a professional granular insecticide so make sure to wear protective equipment like gloves and long pants and sleeves when applying.

When spreading with a push spreader make sure to set the opening on the lowest size. Bifen LP is sand based and will fall out of the spreader quickly.

After spreading Bifen L/P, apply a light covering of water to activate the product. Be sure to keep pets and children off of the treated area until dry. Once dry, it is recommended to mow after the application of Bifen L/P.

Keep all pets and kids off of treated area until dry.

Coverage Area

Each bag will cover 1/4 acre.

Time to Kill

Bifen L/P will yield great results in 10-14 days as the target pest comes into contact

Mix Rate

Ready to use granular insecticide.

Active Ingredient

Bifenthrin 0.2%

Bifen LP Granules

Bifen LP Granules are a cheaper alternative to Talstar granules. Made by Control Solutions Inc, these insecticide granules will provide up to 90 days of insect control in your yard. Bifen Granules will kill fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, scorpions, and many other pests.

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Customer Reviews

  • Bifen LP Granules
    By on 7/3/2015
    granules help provide a residual barrier
    around the exterior of your home to help control insects .


  • Bifen LP Granules
    By on 4/24/2013
    was no smell.


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