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Advance 360A Dual Choice Ant Bait Stations

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The only professional ant control bait with two professional attractants. Each station contains a protein blend and a carbohydrate/oil blend in separate walled compartments, giving hard to control ants and irresistible choice. Originally developed for Pharoah ants because spraying will cause their colonies to split and bud, worsening infestations. Ants are attracted to the bait in Advance Dual Choice Ant Bait Stations. The bait food is carried back to the nest to kill the queen and destroy the entire colony.

Target Pests

Pharaoh Ants Cornfield Ants Argentine Ants and a Variety of Household Ants

For Use In

Apartments Campgrounds Food Storage Areas Homes Hospitals Hotels Meat Packing and Food Processing Plants Motels Nursing Homes Resorts Restaurants and other Food Handling Establishments Schools Supermarkets Transportation Equipment (Buses Boats Ships Trains Trucks Planes) Utilities Warehouses and other Commercial and Industrial Buildings


ADVANCE 360A Dual Choice Ant Bait Stations contain a slow acting insect bait. For best results placement of the bait should be into or near insect harborage sites.


Concentrate treatment at insect activity sites. Ants are attracted to the bait and it is carried back to the nest to kill the queen and destroy the colony. ADVANCE 360A Dual Choice baits are packaged in a child-resistant container.

1. Break bait stations apart from the plastic frame. To stick on vertical surfaces, remove peel and stick backing on reverse side of bait station.

2. For thorough ant control, use as many bait stations as necessary (normally 3-4 stations for an average size room or 6-8 stations for a heavy infestation).

3. For best results, also place bait stations along walls, baseboards, in corners, under sinks, in cabinets, pantries, near plumbing, electrical lines, potted plants, waste receptacles, sensitive electronic equipment, inside drop ceilings, wall voids, under and around equipment and appliances.

4. Replace bait stations when necessary, approximately every 3 months.

Coverage Area

Normally 3-4 stations for an average size room or 6-8 stations for a heavy infestation

Active Ingredient

Abamectin 0.011%

Advance 360A Dual Choice Ant Bait Stations



When dealing with an ant infestation, homeowners, businesses, and property management companies must be extremely vigilant. The smallest portion of food, or even the slightest spill of juice, or food-related accident will create a banquet for these creatures and make them come running.


Whether you find your ant problem indoors or in your yard, any ant infestation can be a reason for concern.


Click Here To Find Out How To Get Rid of Ants in Your Home


At Solutions Pest and Lawn, our years of experience in the professional lawn and pest control market have led us to develop a 100% Guaranteed Ant Control Kit (which you can buy here) that does wonders inside your home and outside.


The Kit is what we consider a full control system that helps to eliminate, maintain, and prevent re-infestation. Every product in the kit plays a different role and ensures cyclical treatment for every stage of an ant infestation.


The kit has also been proven and tested in a myriad of trials developed by our Entomologists to provide optimal results, and it comes with 100% money back guarantee that is proof enough of its amazing performance and reliability.


One of the products in the kit is Reclaim IT, one of the most powerful insecticides in our store. As a true broad-spectrum insecticide, it kills almost 75+ species of pests that may be found in your home, including ants (which is why its included in the kit). It works incredibly well as barrier treatment inside and outside your house and will keep more than 75+ species of pests out of your home for at least 3 months. This product has been hand picked by our Entomologists and has been tested in a myriad of trials to provide optimal results. It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee which is a testament to its reliability.


On the other hand, at Solutions Pest and Lawn we offer a myriad of professional products that when used correctly, will save you a call to an exterminator, and ultimately alleviate your ant infestation.


A reliable and professional go to product for ants is the Advance 360A Dual Choice Ant Bait Station that works completely different from any product in the market.




Developed by BASF United States, The North American branch of BASF SE a German chemical company and the largest chemical producer in the world, this product brings to the table decades of research and a unique and innovate way to battle ants (it’s also important to note that BASF is mainly marketed to pesticide professionals and pesticide companies, so you get the same tools that the pros are using).


While most ant baits rely on just one kind of bait matrix (with formulations ranging from granular and gel-based mixed in with sugars, proteins, and carbs that attract ants) this professional product contains two different types of bait matrices in a single station.


After all, the product’s number one feature is in the name, Dual Choice. By creating a bait station with two types of baits, different types of ants are targeted, and the product creates an irresistible bait buffet for ants to pick from.


Whether your ants are in a protein-based feeding cycle or a carbohydrate-based diet they will still be targeted by this product. Ants that prefer protein-based foods will gravitate to the protein-based bait, while ants that prefer carbohydrates and sugars, will pick the carbohydrate/oil blend that is positioned in a separate walled compartment.


A great feature of this product is also the flexibility it affords when being placed. Equipped with a stick and peel adhesive back, this product takes into account the foraging habits of ants, who will sometimes create their foraging trails vertically, up and down walls. Giving you the choice of placing the bait along these vertical trails.


This product targets Pharaoh ants, Argentine Ants, Cornfield Ants, and a variety of household ants.


Because of its slow-acting bait formulations, both types of bait will start working after they have been carried back to the colony and will eliminate the problem at the source, killing not only the worker ants but the queen as well.


This product is labeled good to use both indoors and outdoors, giving you the opportunity to treat your problem wherever it may be.


Compromised of 0.011% Abamectin B1, its active ingredient, the formula paralyzes the ants and disrupts their nervous system to ultimately kill them.


The baits should provide residual control for up to 3 months, which means they will provide protection even after extermination, has occurred.


One packet contains 4 small back stations that can be placed inside and outside your house.




This product is labeled to be used both indoors and outdoors in and around apartments, campgrounds, food storage areas, homes, hospitals, meat packaging and food processing plants, motels, nursing homes, resorts, restaurant and other food handling establishments, schools, supermarkets, transportation equipment (buses, boats, ships, trains, trucks, planes), utilities, warehouses and other commercial and industrial buildings.




Before using this product take the necessary precaution of reading all labeled instructions and wear protective equipment when handling the product (you can pesticide protective equipment here)


It’s important to always apply the product in hard to reach places for kids and pets, although this product has a very small percentage of its active ingredient, Abamectin, the proper care should be taken to ensure no harm is done to humans or pets.


To use this product indoors, you’ll first want to identify areas where ant activity is high. To use the product correctly is best to put it next to high traffic ant trails.


Then you’ll want to break apart the baits and simply put them in areas where ants have been sighted.


For best results, you should put about 3 to 4 bait stations per room or 6 to 8 per room depending on the severity of your infestation.


You can put the product technically anywhere. Along walls, baseboards, in corners, under the sink, in cabinets, pantries, near plumbing, electrical lines, potted plants, ceilings, crawlspaces, crevices, and behind and under appliances.


You can even use this product vertically by removing the stick and peel adhesive on the back and put it where vertical ant trails have been formed in walls, trees, or fences.


To use the product outdoors place the product where ants have been seen foraging, a good place to start would be trash compartments and bins, trees, gardens, fences, garages, the edges of driveways, and close enough to the ant mounts where secondary transmission of bait will occur.


For preventative measures ant bait stations should be replaced every 3 months, or if bait has run out.




Although there are many ant baits in the market, this is one of the prime choices for ant control and one of the few products that offer two types of bait in one station.


And because it was created by BASF you can expect only the highest quality and performance.


It also has the added benefit of its adhesive back enabling you to stick it on walls and fences. All in all, this is definitely a good tool to add to your ant-hunting arsenal.

Product Q & A

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Does the bait need to be activated after taken from packaging?
A shopper on Apr 12, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The Advance 360 A is ready to use bait and no additional steps are required after the package has been opened.
A: Yes, to the Dual Choice Ant Stations
Like a riddle, no? Simple question are both gel?
TT on Jun 19, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Dual Choice Bait station is a gel, the Advance 375 Bait is a granule.
Thanks for response, not sure what you are saying "yes" to. Gel/granular or are dual baits both in gel form?
TT on Jun 14, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, to the Dual Choice Ant Stations
Does this product contain a gel(sweet) and a granular(protein) , or are both baits in gel form?
TT on Jun 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, Advance Dual Choice will offer both food choices in the one station to your ants, no matter what they might be foraging for at the time, these stations will serve it up. Very effective dual choice formula, and it will work great. Another product to think about adding if your situation is extreme is an aerosol https://www.solutionsstores.com/alpine-pt-insecticide-aerosol that can be sprayed around openings plumbing penetrations, etc.
How many bait stations come in a package?
AW on May 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: There are 4 small black stations per package.
how many baits i ordered 16 pk last time
Greg on Feb 19, 2017
BEST ANSWER: To get 16 individual traps you would order 4 packs. A pack is the smallest size it comes in.

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