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How to Use Ready To Use (RTU) Pesticides

Perhaps the most convenient and diverse type of pesticide formulation are those which come ready-to-use. Ready-to-use pesticides, also known as RTU or ready-to-spray RTS pesticides, are specially made for residential homes and pest control novices that just want a quick, easy and hassle-free solution to their pest problems without mixing any pesticide themselves.

Solutions Pest & Lawn is your home for a wide selection of professional quality ready-to-use insecticide, fungicide and herbicide products that work effectively to eliminate whatever problem you have in your home or yard. On this page you will learn about ready-to-use products, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to properly apply ready-to-use products around your home to treat for pests. You can also shop the best ready-to-use products we house in our inventory

What Is A Ready-To-Use Pesticide?

Ready-to-use (abbreviated as RTUs) pesticide formulations are just like their label states, they are ready to use right out of the packaging. RTU products are also known as “low-concentrate solutions” because they require no further dilution before application. The product contains a pesticide active ingredient that is pre-diluted with deionized water or other solvents so all you have to do is apply according to the label directions. 

RTUs consist of a small amount of active ingredient (often 1% or less per unit volume). Some ready-to-use products contain petroleum-based solvents; others are water-based. While most ready-to-use products are made for the convenience of the homeowner who is a novice when it comes to pest control, there are also RTU products which are produced for pest management professionals (who treat structural and institutional pests).

A variety of different pest control products can come ready to use, from aerosols, dusts and liquid barrier treatment sprays (often advertised as “home defense” sprays).

Ideal Conditions For Using Ready To Spray Pesticides
 RTU benefits

Ready-to-use insecticides are best for those that want a quick convenient method of pest control. Not everyone wants to get overly technical about a pest problem they have and not everyone has the time for mixing products and using the equipment the professionals use, so ready-to-use products are best for those people that want a DIY solution that is easy and hasslefree as well as have a small treatment area.

Some examples of conditions where ready-to-use products would be ideal are aerosol sprays being used to kill bed bugs on a bed or couch, using ready-to-use baits for cockroaches and ants and simply applying the bait in areas where these insects are likely to feed. There are also broad spectrum ready to use insecticides that can be used to repel unwanted bugs from coming into the home or hanging around your garden.


There’s no need to get too complicated with ready-to-use products. All you have to do is follow the label for the proper application and then apply, it’s as simple as that.

Benefits of Ready To Use Pesticide Products 

The biggest benefit of RTU products is convenience. As stated earlier, ready to use products require no mixing or measuring of products. The active ingredient is already diluted and simply needs to be applied. They are also convenient for homeowners and managers of businesses because they can address a wide variety of common pest control issues.


Most ready-to-use products are either package in or come with the proper application device so there's also no need for any pest control equipment, the RTU product is also a piece of equipment (sprayer, dust applicator, aerosol can with applicator tip for cracks and crevices etc)


Ready-to-use products are also usually much safer to use with less risk of exposure due to the applicator not having to mix up concentrated product., thus there is reduced potential for exposure.

Drawbacks of Ready To Spray Pesticide Products

Some disadvantages of RTU products mostly have to do with the fact that they are low-concentrate. There is less active ingredient in the product and it is more watered down and thus they may not always be the most effective product of choice when eliminating a pest problem, especially one that is firmly established and the infestation is heavy or in need of stronger chemicals to knock out the population.


RTU products also have limited availability and a high cost per unit of active ingredient. A RTU product may be cheaper at first glance but over time may be more expensive if you simply stick to RTU products because you would have to continuously repurchase products to deal with a heavy infestation when it would make more sense to get a professional insecticide concentrate.


RTU pesticides are also not good for large applications since they are packaged in small single use application bottles.


Many RTU products can be harmful to foliage so they cannot be used as plant sprays.

Popular RTU Pesticide we have in stock.


Fluridone RTU- A herbicide for management of aquatic vegetation in fresh water ponds, lakes, reservoirs, potable water sources, drainage canals and irrigation canals. The active ingredient of Alligare Fluridone RTU is fluridone which is absorbed quickly by aquatic plant species, while any surplus product is broken down by sunlight. Alligare Fluridone RTU is effective because it controls the weed in its entirety, including the roots. Aquatic plants treated with Alligare Fluridone RTU will wilt and/or turn white in 3 to 6 weeks following application.


Systemic Fungicide RTS - Once the Systemic Fungicide RTS is applied it will be absorbed by the plant or lawn making sure to cover the area as a whole. The product can not be washed off by rain or water once it has fully dried. Will provide a broad spectrum coverage of bacterial and fungal diseases.


Cyonara RTS - Cyonara 9.7 contains 9.7% Lambda-Cyhalothrin. It is a low odor water based concentrate that is used for roaches, ants, fleas and many other pests. Labeled for use in and around structures, lawns and ornamentals, Cyonara 9.7 has a long lasting residual that continues working for months.


Tordon RTU - Tordon® RTU herbicide is a ready-to-use product that is effective in cut surface applications for killing unwanted trees and preventing undesirable sprouting of cut trees in forest and other non-crop areas such as fence rows, roadsides and rights-of-way.


Viper RTU Bed Bug Insecticide - Viper RTU contains Permethrin and is safe for use on dogs, livestock, and poultry. Viper RTU has a country fresh scent and provides a 60-day control of fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, and stored product pests.

RTU how toHow to use an RTS Pesticide

1. Take the RTU product out of it’s packaging


2. Follow the instruction and safety label closely to get directions on how to properly apply the product


3. Apply the product according to the directions.


Note: Please use the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) when using ready-to-use products. Though the active ingredient is much lower in these types of products, it is still recommended to wear gloves, a mask and long sleeve clothing when applying ready to use products.


Shop our selection of ready to use insecticide products on this page and if you ever need help selecting the best product for your particular pest issue, call us at (800) 479-6583 or contact us at askapro@solutionsstores.com and our helpful representatives will point you in the right direction.

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